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46 Possible Causes for Abdominal Pain, Lactate Dehydrogenase Increased, Painful Erection

  • Sickle Cell Crisis

    In boys, an erection that doesn't go away Pain that does not go away with treatment Abnormal speech, weakness in arms or legs, or uneven face that may mean a stroke Treatment[] Abdominal pain is quite common in sickle cell crisis, although the cause of abdominal pain is seldom determined and remains controversial.[] Fever Pain Weakness or fatigue Abdominal pain and swelling Headaches A painful, erect penis (priapism) in men Fast heartbeats Shortness of breath What can trigger a sickle[]

  • Sickle Cell Disease

    erections.[] pain 2 weeks later and subsequently tested positive for Plasmodium falciparum.[] The most common were abdominal pain (24.5%), diarrhea (8.0%), and nausea (7.8%). AEs were predominantly transient and mild to moderate in nature.[]

  • Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria

    The effect of eculizumab on intravascular hemolysis was demonstrated by a reduction in lactate dehydrogenase levels at all measurements after baseline.[] Have pale or yellowish skin Bruise easily Men may have trouble getting or keeping an erection Continued The symptoms of blood clots depend on where the clot happens: Skin[] INTRODUCTION: Abdominal pain in PNH has never been investigated by in-vivo imaging studies.[]

  • Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

    […] serum lactate dehydrogenase level, anemia, and palpable splenomegaly.[] Abstract Priapism is a painful medical condition in which the erect penis does not return to its flaccid state, despite the absence of both physical and psychological stimulation[] Approximately 5 months after the initiation of nilotinib for CML, he developed upper abdominal distension with intermitting abdominal pain, and based on abdominal computed[]

  • Hemoglobin SC Disease

    […] crises, bone degeneration, and priapism (prolonged, painful erections).[] We present a case of fulminant ASSC in an adult with hemoglobin SC who developed high fever, intense abdominal pain, leukocytosis, and jaundice.[] A case is reported of a previously healthy 52-year-old African American male who presented with acute onset of abdominal pain.[]

  • Carcinoma of the Prostate

    […] or burning urination Difficulty having an erection Painful ejaculation Blood in urine or semen Frequent pain or stiffness in the lower back, hips, or upper thighs Diagnosis[] The results of this type of surgery include less pain for patients, faster recovery, fewer side effects, and better treatment results than those associated with open abdominal[] […] or epigastric discomfort were the common presenting symptoms in case of gastric metastasis. [1], [2], [3], [4] Our patient also had gastric discomfort and epigastric pain[]

  • Hemoglobin C Disease

    Priapism Priapism is a lingering, painful erection that can be seen in some men with sickle cell disease. This happens when the blood vessels in the penis are blocked.[] The patient's initial complaints were generalized weakness, weight loss, and left upper abdominal pain.[] pain, moderate splenomegaly; unique to SC disease is an risk of retinal disease–proliferative retinopathy, retinal vascular disease, aseptic necrosis of femoral head, acute[]

  • Volvulus

    Cell destruction leads to increases in amylase, lactic dehydrogenase, creatine phosphokinase and transaminase levels.[] Figure 17c Figure 18 “Northern exposure” sign in a 52-year-old man with abdominal pain.[] […] of paediatric acute abdominal pain.[]

  • Red Blood Cell Disorder

    Priapism: Guys with sickle cell disease can have painful, long-lasting erections. If it's not treated quickly, damage can cause problems with getting erections later on.[] […] with sickle cell anemia by newborn screening was admitted to the hospital with abdominal pain.[] A 5-year-old girl was brought to the emergency department with bloody diarrhea and severe abdominal pain. A complete blood count produced these result...[]

  • Myeloproliferative Disease

    Proposed revised WHO criteria for primary myelofibrosis: Minor criteria:  Leukoerythroblastosis  Increase in serum lactate dehydrogenase level  Anemia  Palpable splenomegaly[] […] and swelling of the joints Ringing in the ears Prolonged penile erection Complications include: Heart attack Stroke Infection Hemorrhage Anemia Kidney failure Liver failure[] When anemia develops, it can cause fatigue, weakness, and abdominal pain from an enlarged spleen. Myelofibrosis can occur by itself or with other blood disorders.[]

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