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2,460 Possible Causes for Abdominal Pain, Syphilis

  • Influenza

    Syphilis can cause long-term health complications if left untreated.[] Abdominal pain, often severe enough to require differentiation from acute appendicitis, emerged as a dominant symptom, especially in older children.[] He was immediately hospitalized after developing fever, abdominal pain, malaise, and shock 16 hours after the commencement of the treatment.[]

  • Gonorrhea

    METHODS: Data from the City Institute for Skin and Venereal Diseases to which all gonorrhea and syphilis cases are referred were analyzed.[] Symptoms of gonorrhea in women include vaginal discharge, dysuria, intermenstrual bleeding, dyspareunia and abdominal pain. In men, gonorrhea causes anterior urethritis.[] A recent case investigation of secondary syphilis in a 27-year-old heterosexual Micronesian male and his 19-year-old chlamydia and syphilis co-infected female partner, conducted[]

  • Behçet Disease

    Remenovsky, in Archiv für Dermatologie und Syphilis, Berlin, 1922, 140: 162-188. Gilberts summarizing description was first published in 1925.[] Ovarian vein thrombosis is a rare cause of abdominal pain that should be considered in patients with Behçet disease.[] ) Type 1 Excludes ulceration of vulva in gonococcal infection ( A54.02 ) ulceration of vulva in herpesviral [herpes simplex] infection ( A60.04 ) ulceration of vulva in syphilis[]

  • Proctitis

    Unusual manifestations of secondary syphilis completely resolved after 4 weeks of antibiotic therapy.[] A 16-year-old female presented with 5 months of chronic, episodic abdominal pain of increasing severity with associated mucoid stools, constipation, encopresis, and a 15-25[] However, she subsequently presented with abdominal pain and diarrhea on day 8 of admission.[]

  • Listeriosis

    Other sexually transmitted diseases, such as syphilis, may be associated.[] Symptoms can include fever, fatigue, chills, headache, backache, general aches, upset stomach, abdominal pain and diarrhea.[] pain and diarrhea. — Sierra Brown[]

  • Tabes Dorsalis

    Kipling seems aware of the association between sexual promiscuity, syphilis, and locomotor ataxia.[] […] in the legs, paralysis of the leg muscles, acute abdominal pain, etc Etymology: New Latin, literally: tabes of the back; see tabes , dorsal ' tabes dorsalis ' also found[] Muscular function impairment, abdominal pains, and severe gastrointestinal/excretory system crisis (sudden onset with rapid subsidence) are observed.[]

  • Trichomonas Infection

    […] transmitted infection on at least one occasion during the study; baseline rates were 21% for T. vaginalis, 4.3% for Chlamydia trachomatis, 0.6% for N. gonorrhea, and 8% for syphilis[] […] rare cases, lower abdominal pain.[] Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Chlamydia Gonorrhea Herpes (HSV) Trichomonas Syphilis Hepatitis A, B and C HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) Trichomonas So…What’s Trichomonas[]

  • Vaginitis

    Taiwan HIV and Syphilis Study Group.[] Both came to our emergency department with complaints or symptoms of abdominal pain, fever, hypotension, and multi-organ failure.[] Four women who all presented with abdominal pain were diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease.[]

  • Chlamydia

    A recent case investigation of secondary syphilis in a 27-year-old heterosexual Micronesian male and his 19-year-old chlamydia and syphilis co-infected female partner, conducted[] Lower abdominal pain Especially if the infection has been left untreated for a while and has caused PID, you may experience lower abdominal pain. 5.[] What is syphilis? What are the symptoms of syphilis? How do I get tested for syphilis? How is syphilis treated? What complications are associated with syphilis?[]

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease

    […] for syphilis.[] In women, the reported symptoms were 80% vaginal discharge and 12% abdominal pain. Forty-four percent of men had a genital ulcer and 29% of men had genital discharge.[] It can cause lower abdominal pain.[]

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