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1,377 Possible Causes for Abdominal Pain Worsens after Meals, Dental Caries, Focal Keratoderma of Soles

  • Gastrointestinal Disorder

    Necrolytic migratory erythema due to glucagonoma Tylosis Tylosis is an autosomal dominant form of focal, non-frictional and nonepidermolytic, palmoplantar keratoderma.[] By far the most common oral conditions are plaque-induced diseases (e.g. gingivitis, periodontitis, dental caries).[] It involves more than 50% of the surface of palms and soles.[]

  • Gastric Ulcer

    Caries Research, January-February 2004. Cleveland Clinic: "What Teeth Whitening Options Are Available?" Delta Dental: "Oral Health Myths & Realities."[] American Dental Association: "Statement on Toothbrush Care: Cleaning, Storage and Replacement," "Mouthrinses."[]

    Missing: Focal Keratoderma of Soles
  • Abdominal Visceral Abscess

    It is usually the result of necrosis and infection of dental pulp following dental caries.[] Synonym: periproctic abscess periapical abscess An abscess at the apex of a tooth, usually resulting from dental caries or tooth trauma.[]

    Missing: Focal Keratoderma of Soles
  • Ulcerative Colitis

    caries ( Watanabe 2013 ), and worsening ulcerative colitis ( Kamm 2008 ; Prantera 2009 ; Kruis 2011 ; D'Haens 2012 ). 5‐ASA versus Comparator 5‐ASA Formulation Four studies[] D'Haens 2012 ), nasopharyngitis ( Kamm 2008 ; Dignass 2009 ; Watanabe 2013 ), inflammation of the upper respiratory tract ( Watanabe 2013 ), gastroenteritis ( Watanabe 2013 ), dental[]

    Missing: Focal Keratoderma of Soles
  • Pancreatic Pseudocyst

    They are the most common odontogenic (relating to the formation and development of teeth) cyst and are usually caused by inflammation of the pulp, pulp death, or dental caries[]

    Missing: Focal Keratoderma of Soles
  • Epidermolysis Bullosa

    ., belt line) Generalized Generalized Generalized Grouped (herpetiform) No No Sometimes Yes Mucosal Rare Occasionally Occasionally Often Hyperkeratosis of palms & soles (keratoderma[] Extracutaneous 4 manifestations include: dystrophy or absence of nails, sparse head hair or alopecia, excessive dental caries, microstomia, mouth ulcers, lingual tip fixation[] Good dental hygiene and regular dental checks are recommended. Many patients with JEB and DEB develop dental caries because of enamel defects.[]

    Missing: Abdominal Pain Worsens after Meals
  • Papillon Lefevre Disease

    Focal keratodermas mainly affect pressure areas. Punctate-type keratodermas result in tiny bumps on the palms and soles.[] Palmar-plantar hyperkeratosis Group of disorders known as palmar plantar keratodermas (PPK) are characterized by diffuse or localized hyperkeratosis of the palms and soles[] Classification of keratodermas depends on whether or not it is inherited, and its clinical features. Diffuse keratodermas affect most of the palms and soles.[]

    Missing: Abdominal Pain Worsens after Meals
  • Intestinal Disease

    By far the most common oral conditions are plaque -induced diseases (e.g. gingivitis, periodontitis, dental caries ).[]

    Missing: Focal Keratoderma of Soles
  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) is known to be causative agent of mild to severe upper and lower respiratory illnesses in sporadic cases and outbreaks. We present a case report of a 3-month-old child with acute gastroenteritis who visited a pediatric clinic in Kyushu area in Japan in 2015. A stool sample collected from[…][]

    Missing: Dental Caries Focal Keratoderma of Soles
  • Food Allergy

    There is a general consensus that allergic reactions are increasing in the developed world. However, there are few precise statistics, and a general confusion about what an allergy actually is. Strictly speaking, an allergy is a condition caused by an abnormal reaction of the body’s immune system to particular[…][]

    Missing: Dental Caries Focal Keratoderma of Soles

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