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1,289 Possible Causes for Abdominal Pain Worsens after Meals, Eschar Formation, Hematemesis

  • Gastritis

    If a person’s symptoms worsen including frequent vomiting, vomiting after every meal, high fevers, rectal bleeding, mucous discharge, severe abdominal pain and faint, he should[] […] proton pump inhibitor use iatrogenic: forceful procedures including upper GI endoscopy and nasogastric tube insertion 2 Upper central abdominal pain (maybe severe), nausea, hematemesis[] […] occasionally with vomiting, that may last 24 to 48 hours Distress that may appear as fatigue or restlessness Grimacing Loss of appetite Swollen abdomen Cramping Vomiting blood or hematemesis[]

    Missing: Eschar Formation
  • Duodenal Ulcer

    The authors present the case of a 5-y-old boy having hematemesis, gastric outlet obstruction and multiple duodenal ulcers.[] The 69-year-old patient was transferred due to massive hematemesis, hypotension and loss of consciousness.[] The lesion was successfully cauterized with a bipolar gold probe, achieving hemostatic control. 75 year-old man with hematemesis and melena.[]

    Missing: Eschar Formation
  • Gastric Ulcer

    We report the case of a 67 year old male who presented with a nine year history of a gastric ulcer with symptoms of hematemesis and melena.[] A 1-year-old female toddler who was under a great amount of psychological stress presented with acute hematemesis.[] She came to our emergency room 3 months later with hematemesis due to a large gastric ulcer, despite management with medication for over 3 months at a local clinic.[]

    Missing: Eschar Formation
  • Alcoholic Gastritis

    […] shock, acid/alkali ingestion as part of suicide attempts, gastric irradiation or freezing, mechanical trauma (nasogastric tube), distal gastrectomy Major cause of massive hematemesis[] Often, the first sign is hematemesis, melena, or blood in the nasogastric aspirate, usually within 2 to 5 days of the inciting event.[] It can occasionally be severe enough to cause gastrointestinal bleeding with melena or hematemesis (see above).[]

    Missing: Eschar Formation
  • Gastropathy

    RESULTS: Despite prophylactic acid suppressive therapy, upper GI bleeding findings were consistently present in high risk patients, 69.4% presenting hematemesis and 55.6%[] Besides, PHG is known to present as chest pain, with or without hematemesis.[] If the bleeding is rapid and of adequate volume it may even result in vomiting of bright red blood (hematemesis).[]

    Missing: Eschar Formation
  • Malignant Gastric Neoplasm

    Case 1 in an 11-year-old girl presented with hematemesis. A gastroscopic examination was performed, and a pathological diagnosis of signet ring cell carcinoma was made.[] […] of difficult or painful swallowing (i.e. dysphagia, odynophagia) Heartburn Retrosternal discomfort or pain Nausea, vomiting Fever, sepsis Abdominal pain Epigastric pain Hematemesis[] Also, melena, hematemesis. peritoneal and pleural effusions and jaundice may develop.[]

    Missing: Eschar Formation
  • Gastric Adenocarcinoma

    A 13-year-old boy presented with complaints of abdominal pain, hematemesis, headache, and leg pain.[] A 55-year-old male presented with upper abdominal bloating followed by modest hematemesis that led to the diagnosis of an ulcerated poorly differentiated (with signet ring[] With increasing progression, bleeding occurs, and the blood is expelled as hematemesis, melena or hematochezia.[]

    Missing: Eschar Formation
  • Peptic Ulcer

    In a recent report, nearly all AGF patients died of massive hemorrhage or aspiration of massive hematemesis.[] We present a case of a 52-year-old male patient who died from massive hematemesis as a result of perforation of a benign peptic ulcer into the descending thoracic aorta, 1[] He was referred to our hospital in a state of shock, with hematemesis. The bleeding site was not detected with studies of emergent endoscopy and angiography.[]

    Missing: Eschar Formation
  • Acute Cholecystitis

    formation, since scrub typhus may present with acute cholecystitis.[] Assess for unusual bleeding : oozing from injection sites, epistaxis, bleeding gums, ecchymosis, petechiae, hematemesis or melena.[] […] cholecystitis but do not respond to traditional treatment should be tested for scrub typhus and leptospirosis and should have a careful admission physical examination looking for eschar[]

  • Penetrating Duodenal or Gastric Ulcer

    72 year-old woman with hematemesis (vomiting blood) and melena (black, tarry stools).[] (30%) both melena and hematemesis (50%) perforation affects up to 6% of ulcer patients 1 generalized acute abdominal pain, peritonism and shock 2 pain may radiate to the[] […] commonly experienced signs and symptoms of peptic ulcer disease are: Pallor Tachycardia (increased heart rate) or hypotension (low blood pressure) Nausea and/or vomiting; hematemesis[]

    Missing: Eschar Formation