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11 Possible Causes for Abdominal Pain Worsens after Meals, Right Flank Pain

  • Cholelithiasis

    Charcot triad: fever, jaundice, right upper quadrant pain Reynolds pentad: fever, jaundice, right upper quadrant pain, hemodynamic instability, mental status changes; classically[] […] associated with ascending cholangitis Flank and periumbilical ecchymoses (Cullen sign and Grey Turner sign) in patients with acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis Courvoisier sign[]

  • Choledocholithiasis

    After treatment, not right flank pain relief, so the inventors to seek treatment.[] Patients such as those with right flank pain and suspected renal stones had CT performed without any contrast material administration, patients such as those with suspected[] [0049] After treatment I week, right flank pain disappeared, significantly reduced abdominal distention, nausea and vomiting disappeared, normal stool transfer.[]

  • Appendicitis

    As the clinical course progresses, discomfort migrates to the right lower quadrant. Flank pain, ...[] […] and tenderness dominate in the first trimester, but in the latter half of pregnancy, right upper quadrant (RUQ) or right flank pain may occur The following accessory signs[] For example, a retrocecal appendix can produce right flank or pelvic pain, whereas malrotation of the colon results in transposition of the appendix and, subsequently, pain[]

  • Intestinal Obstruction

    The most common cause of intestinal obstruction in children is postsurgical adhesions. Internal herniation through the falciform ligament is very rare, but frequently causes small bowel obstruction when it occurs. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first case report regarding large bowel obstruction[…][]

  • Acute Cholecystitis

    Abstract Cholangitis and cholecystitis are intra-abdominal infections that show poor prognosis upon progression to sepsis and multiorgan failure. Administration of antibiotics with high antimicrobial susceptibility and removal of infected bile at the initial treatment are important. After undergoing ERCP for diagnostic[…][]

  • Crohn's Disease

    After delivery, she continued to complain of severe right flank pain and was admitted to the hospital 1 month later.[] CASE REPORT We present the case of a 29-year-old woman with CD who complained of right hip and flank pain that began when she was 6-months pregnant.[] CT scan imaging revealed a complicated retroperitoneal and right flank abscess, possibly due to a colonic intramural fistula.[]

  • Abdominal Visceral Abscess

    Small stone in right ureter (arrow) causing right flank pain.[] For example: Right upper quadrant pain (cholecystitis, cholangitis, hepatic abscess). Right lower quadrant (appendicitis and peri-appendiceal abscess).[] […] scapular area c. flank -- groin on same side 4. a. intermittent severe, cramping, colicky pain, with pain-free intervals b. the bowel sounds are loud, booming, rhythmical[]

  • Abdominal Angina

    pain that worsened after meals.[] Gallbladder pain tends to radiate around to the right side.[] pain that worsened after the meals.[]

  • Ulcerative Colitis

    (RUQ), right rib pain, right flank pain, right shoulder pain Clinical (history & physical exam) Imaging: FAST examination, CT of abdomen and pelvis Diagnostic peritoneal[] […] blood pressure ( sodium nitroprusside plus beta blocker or calcium channel blocker ) Surgery consultation Liver injury [14] After trauma ( blunt or penetrating ), abdominal pain[]

  • Pancreatic Phlegmon

    The clinician caring for patients with acute pancreatitis should be aware of this important complication, since the presentation of pyelonephritis – flank pain and fever –[] The pain may radiate to the back, chest, flanks, and lower abdomen.[] The present case report, to our knowledge, is the first to describe clinical and laboratory evidence of pyelonephritis secondary to partial obstruction of the right upper[]

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