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217 Possible Causes for Abdominal Rebound Tenderness, Liver Abscess, Severe Abdominal Pain

  • Appendicitis

    Such fluids may come from a perforated duodenal ulcer, gallbladder disease, or inflammatory diseases of the liver, for example, a liver abscess.[] Abdominal examination revealed rebound tenderness at the McBurney's point.[] A history of anal pruritus is the most characteristic symptom, but the parasites can cause severe abdominal pain mimicking appendicitis.[]

  • Acute Peritonitis

    Abdominal Rebound tenderness with guarding May have referred pain to shoulder Rigid, distended abdomen Bowel sounds decrease to absent Acute Care Management Nursing Diagnosis[] […] mass  Portal pyemia/ Liver abscess  Adhesions  Small bowel obstruction 22.[] On post-operative day (POD) 3, the severe abdominal pain redeveloped, but responded well to steroid pulse therapy.[]

  • Acute Cholecystitis

    abscess For a more extensive differential, please refer to the article on differential diagnosis of diffuse gallbladder wall thickening . cholecystitis chronic cholecystitis[] Increasing abdominal pain, high fever, and rigors with rebound tenderness or ileus suggest empyema (pus) in the gallbladder, gangrene, or perforation.[] Severe abdominal pain may need immediate treatment. You should always see your doctor if you begin to have severe, unexplained abdominal pain.[]

  • Intestinal Infarction

    […] of patients recover and do not progress beyond this phase Paralytic phase Shock phase Acute abd omen with abdominal guarding and rebound tenderness Signs of septic shock[] This disease is difficult to be diagnosed in the early period, and frequently leads to the progression of intestinal necrosis, liver abscess, and septic shock.[] A patient with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria of 14 years duration presented with severe abdominal pain and fever.[]

  • Diverticulitis of the Colon

    Anatomical variants, inflammatory cancers, complicated forms (perforation, secondary occlusion of the small intestine, peripheral abscesses, fistulae, pylephlebitis, liver[] abdominal pain with rebound and guarding (perforation) Urinary tract findings (colovesicular/colovaginal fistula) include suprapubic, flank, costovertebral tenderness; pneumaturia[] […] cavity resulting from perforation, manifested by severe abdominal pain).[]

  • Perforated Viscus

    Owing to the status of peritonitis, computed tomography (CT) of the abdomen was performed and revealed an air-containing liver abscess in the right lobe of the liver.[] An 80-year-old woman with hypertension presents to the emergency department with the sudden onset of severe abdominal pain.[] Classic Presentation The patient with a perforated viscus classically presents with sudden and severe abdominal pain.[]

  • Duodenal Ulcer Perforation

    A 54-year-old man visited our emergency department with severe upper abdominal pain. Physical examination revealed muscle guarding and rebound tenderness.[] abscess .[] On admission, the patient complained of severe acute abdominal pain, with physical examination findings suspicious for a perforated peptic ulcer.[]

  • Penetrating Abdominal Trauma

    Only one of these had a subsequent complication: a psoas abscess that required percutaneous drainage.[] […] trauma Past events of damage to the abdominal cavity Pale, clammy skin Evident injuries, such as bleeding wounds Severe pain possibly supplemented by muscle contractions[] […] distention) Narrow pulse pressure Tachycardia High or low respiratory rate Signs of inadequate end organ perfusion Peritoneal signs (eg, pain, guarding, rebound tenderness[]

  • Diverticular Abscess

    tenderness R10822Left upper quadrant rebound abdominal tenderness R10823Right lower quadrant rebound abdominal tenderness R10824Left lower quadrant rebound abdominal tenderness[] Liver abscesses may be caused by bacteria or by amebas (single-celled parasites).[] abdominal pain that may localise to the left iliac fossa.[]

  • Choledocholithiasis

    Abdominal exam demonstrates right upper quadrant and epigastric tenderness without guarding or rebound.[] Ascaris-Induced Liver Abscess. World J. Surgery 1999; 23: 1191-1194.[] A 7-year-old girl was referred to our hospital for severe abdominal pain and elevated serum levels of amylase and aminotransferase.[]

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