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7,285 Possible Causes for Abdominal Tenderness, Mutation in the CDK6 Gene, Personality Change

  • Liver Metastasis

    Breast cancer cells that have spread to the brain cause persistent, progressively worsening headache, visual changes, seizures, nausea, vomiting, vertigo, behavioral and personality[] A 50-year-old woman complained of abdominal pain beneath the xiphoid process for 1 day. Physical checkup revealed tenderness at the right upper abdomen.[] On abdominal examination liver was found to be enlarged around 3 cm from below the lower costal margin, sharp regular margin, smooth surface, mild tenderness of right hypochondrium[]

    Missing: Mutation in the CDK6 Gene
  • Malignant Neoplasm of Pancreas

    Psychosocial Assess for the presence of irritability, depression, and personality changes.[] Symptoms The signs and symptoms of precancerous conditions of the pancreas include: vague abdominal pain or discomfort a firm, but not tender, lump in the abdomen yellowing[] I changed my diet and exercise consistently which minimizes a reoccurance.[]

    Missing: Mutation in the CDK6 Gene
  • Malignant Gastric Neoplasm

    Most cancers are caused by gene changes that happen during a person’s lifetime, but a person’s cancer risk can be higher if they have one of these rare inherited mutations[] Figure 5: Integrated molecular description of gastric cancer. a , Mutations, copy-number changes and translocations for select genes are shown across samples organized by[] Abdominal examination revealed that the liver dullness was on the left side. There was a little tenderness in the epigastrium, but no mass was felt.[]

  • Gastric Adenocarcinoma

    Because there is no one risk factor directly associated with gastric cancer, there is no strict lifestyle change that can greatly decrease a person's risk of developing gastric[] In Pt2, the SETBP1 gene (p.S944N) was mutated, as it is in myeloid malignancies ( 20 ), together with amplification of AKAP9 and CDK6 (cyclin-dependent kinase 6).[] On examination, she had generalized abdominal tenderness.[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Prevention Changing personal hygiene habits can help prevent recurrent UTIs.[] Examination findings may include the following: Fever Tachycardia Flank pain/costovertebral angle tenderness Abdominal tenderness in the suprapubic area Scrotal hematoma,[]

    Missing: Mutation in the CDK6 Gene
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    If you choose to take the conventional approach, you need to work on the underlying causes and lifestyle changes at the same time.'[] In more severe cases fluid from the bloodstream leaks into the abdominal cavity, causing it to swell, and making the blood thicker.[] Cyst-related changes to the ovaries were described in 1844. In 2005, 4 million cases of PCOS were reported in the USA, costing 4.36 billion in healthcare costs.[]

    Missing: Mutation in the CDK6 Gene
  • Colitis

    These foods are different for each person, but may include: Dairy foods (due to lactose intolerance) Highly seasoned foods High-fiber foods Surgery Surgery for ulcerative[] On examination, she was noted to be afebrile, hypotensive, and tachycardic with abdominal tenderness.[] Although other serious adverse events are rare, some research has identified occasional side effects associated with FMT in adults, including fevers, abdominal tenderness[]

    Missing: Mutation in the CDK6 Gene
  • Gastric Ulcer

    What is the prognosis for a person with peptic ulcer disease?[] RESULTS: Of the 183 patients, 57 who were treated conservatively had less abdominal tenderness, lower levels of serum C-reactive protein, and shorter time to presentation[] Generalized abdominal tenderness, rebound tenderness, board-like abdominal wall rigidity, and hypoactive bowel sounds (clinical signs of peritonitis) may be masked in older[]

    Missing: Mutation in the CDK6 Gene
  • Duodenal Ulcer

    Other dietary changes related to duodenal ulcers are based on your personal tolerances.[] His blood pressure was 154/65 mmHg and he had no abdominal tenderness.[] Update data, right to repair Because personal data may change over time (for example, changing Surname), we will be glad to inform you that you have made any changes so that[]

    Missing: Mutation in the CDK6 Gene
  • Appendicitis

    The person may have constipation or diarrhea , or there may be no change in bowel habits.[] Physical examination revealed an abdominal tenderness in the right lower quadrant without rebound tenderness or muscular tension.[] It is important to note that the figure appendix shows YLDs per person and not age-standardised YLD rates; therefore, changes in YLD rates were affected by changes in population[]

    Missing: Mutation in the CDK6 Gene

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