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227 Possible Causes for Abdominal Wall Edema

  • Anasarca

    Over the past 6 months he gained 30 lbs with worsening lower extremity, abdominal wall, and scrotal edema.[] The examiner tests for pitting edema of the abdominal wall. Image Source: Just In Time Medicine. Michigan Stage University.[] A recent workup for cardiac, renal, and liver disease, including two-dimensional echocardiogram, liver and renal function tests, and abdominal ultrasound, was unremarkable[]

  • Ascites

    Cirrhosis - muscle mass loss, icteric sclera, spider angioma, palmar erythema, pedal edema, gynecomastia, prominent abdominal wall veins (caput medusae), palpable firm liver[]

  • Inferior Vena Cava Syndrome

    In addition, if the thrombus is confined to the cava and does not involve the iliac or femoral system, the collateral pathways form along the posterior abdominal wall.[] In one study, almost 60% of patients did not have bilateral leg edema.[]

  • Nephrotic Syndrome

    . • Some present with scrotal,labial edema n respiratory compromise.rarely there is diarrhoea secondary to edema of the bowel wall • Occasionlly,NS presents critically ill[] […] due to peritonitis,bacretemia,pneumonia or rarely due to thrombotic episode • Some may have hypotensive symptoms like abdominal pain,persistent vomiting,dizziness and cold[]

  • Chronic Right-Sided Congestive Heart Failure

    In severe cases of HF, peripheral edema can extend to the thighs or even the sacrum, scrotum, lower abdominal wall, and occasionally even higher.[] Abdominal ultrasonography revealed liver parenchymal echo thickening; widening of the hepatic vein, the right hepatic vein, and the inferior vena cava; gallbladder wall edema[] Swelling may be so severe as to reach up to the hips, scrotum, abdominal wall, and eventually, the abdominal cavity (ascites).[]

  • Heart Failure

    Swelling may be so severe as to reach up to the hips, scrotum, abdominal wall, and eventually, the abdominal cavity (ascites).[] Nonpitting edema is generally not caused by heart failure.[]

  • Omphalitis

    Fifteen of these patients died soon after emergence of anterior abdominal wall edema and cellulitis.[] Discoloration Crepitance Rapidly expanding erythema or other changes Systemic toxicity and signs of shock OF NOTE – they do not need to have severe abdominal wall changes[] Extensive local disease is characterized by necrotizing fasciitis or myonecrosis, spreading from the periumbilical area to adjacent regions of the abdominal wall and into[]

  • Water Intoxication

    The authors report a case of a 15-year-old girl with hypopituitarism due to pituitary stalk interruption syndrome diagnosed in the neonatal period. The patient was admitted to the emergency room with impaired consciousness and hypoglycaemia. The day before, she increased her water intake to about 1.5 L to perform[…][]

  • Non-immune Hydrops fetalis

    Figure 1 : Fetal USG image (transverse view) showing scalp edema (arrow) Click here to view Figure 2 : Fetal USG image (transverse view) showing ascites with abdominal wall[] edema Click here to view Figure 3 : Fetal USG image (longitudinal view) showing ascites (arrow) and pleural effusion (arrowhead) Click here to view Cord blood was submitted[]

  • Inferior Vena Cava Plication

    […] plication of inferior vena cava 解釋 下腔靜脈折術 plication : n. 1. 褶,摺疊。2. 【植物;植物學】摺扇式。3. 【地質學;地理學】皺紋,細褶皺。 of : OF Old French 古法語。 inferior : adj (opp superior)1 (位置在)下部的,下面的。2 (身份)低下的,下級的。3 (質量等)低劣的,次... vena : n. (pl. venae ) 〈拉丁語〉靜脈。 cava : 卡瓦 ※英文詞彙 plication of inferior vena cava 在字典百科 英英字典 中的解釋。 例句 Compression[…][]

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