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3,068 Possible Causes for Abdominal Wall Edema, Ascites, Edema of the Penis

  • Ascites

    Mild ascites is hard to notice, but severe ascites leads to abdominal distension.[] Cirrhosis - muscle mass loss, icteric sclera, spider angioma, palmar erythema, pedal edema, gynecomastia, prominent abdominal wall veins (caput medusae), palpable firm liver[] Massive ascites causes tautness of the abdominal wall and flattening of the umbilicus.[]

  • Anasarca

    After draining of ascites, her tachypnea improved.[] Over the past 6 months he gained 30 lbs with worsening lower extremity, abdominal wall, and scrotal edema.[] The examiner tests for pitting edema of the abdominal wall. Image Source: Just In Time Medicine. Michigan Stage University.[]

  • Nephrotic Syndrome

    Examination revealed bilateral pedal edema and mild ascites.[] . • Some present with scrotal,labial edema n respiratory compromise.rarely there is diarrhoea secondary to edema of the bowel wall • Occasionlly,NS presents critically ill[] […] signs may develop, including peripheral edema and ascites.[]

    Missing: Edema of the Penis
  • Malignant Ascites

    Malignant ascites accounts for only 10% of all cases of ascites. 80% cases of malignant ascites are secondary to epithelial malignancies of the breast, ovaries, endometrium[] RESULTS: CEA, AFP and CA19-9 in both serum and ascites as well as CA125 in ascites were evidently higher in the malignant ascites group than in the benign ascites group (P[] ascites); Group 2, patient with ascites due to non-portal hypertensive etiology (low-gradient ascites).[]

    Missing: Edema of the Penis
  • Portal Cirrhosis

    Hi there, My mom has been diagnosed with Cirrhosis and I've narrowed it down to being stage 4 based off of her having Portal Hypertension, Ascites.[] […] with ascites Liver cirrhosis: Liver cirrhosis with ascites and splenomegaly Liver cirrhosis: Liver cirrhosis with an irregular liver contour and ascites Liver cirrhosis:[] Ascites is a frequent complication of patients with portal hypertension. As portal hypertension progresses, a percentage of these patients develop refractory ascites.[]

    Missing: Abdominal Wall Edema
  • Chronic Right-Sided Congestive Heart Failure

    Abdominal examination elicited pain during superficial palpation on the right upper quadrant with hepatomegaly identification, with no signs of ascites.[] Abdominal ultrasonography revealed liver parenchymal echo thickening; widening of the hepatic vein, the right hepatic vein, and the inferior vena cava; gallbladder wall edema[] Ascites will be caused in severe cases, which will further lead to liver enlargement and impaired liver functioning. Other symptoms are jaundice and coagulopathy.[]

    Missing: Edema of the Penis
  • Heart Failure

    41-year-old female patient admitted to the Department of Cardiology with clinical signs of right heart failure: congested jugular veins, hepatomegaly, peripheral edema, ascites[] Minor criteria are acceptable only if they can not be attributed to another medical condition (such as pulmonary hypertension, chronic lung disease, cirrhosis, ascites , or[]

    Missing: Edema of the Penis
  • Eosinophilic Peritonitis

    Cytological examination of the ascites and the increased eosinophil count in the peripheral blood led to the diagnosis of eosinophilic peritonitis.[] abdominal or chest wall edema that follows laparotomy or thoracotomy in ascitic cirrhotic patients (56).[] Antimicrobial therapy resulted in both clinical improvement and resolution of the eosinophilia in the ascitic fluid.[]

  • Inferior Vena Cava Syndrome

    This obstruction is debilitating due to the development of ascites and anasarca.[] In addition, if the thrombus is confined to the cava and does not involve the iliac or femoral system, the collateral pathways form along the posterior abdominal wall.[] Clinical outcome was assessed from patients' records using a score based on leg swelling, scrotal/vulvar edema, ascites and anasarca before and after stent placement, as well[]

    Missing: Edema of the Penis
  • Appendicitis

    […] appendiceal wall thickening and enhancement) and of indirect signs of appendicitis (periappendiceal fat stranding, periappendiceal abscess, bowel obstruction, free air or ascites[] Comorbidities included diabetes mellitus, renal disease, dyspnea, ascites, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, current pneumonia, ventilator dependence, long-term steroid[]

    Missing: Abdominal Wall Edema Edema of the Penis

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