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133 Possible Causes for Abdominal Wall Hematoma

  • Abdominal Injury

    Such collections of blood are called hematomas. Uncontained bleeding into the abdominal cavity, in the space surrounding the organs, is called hemoperitoneum.[] Most common in this situation are mesenteric hematoma, devascularization of the bowel, severe damage leading to rupture of the bowel wall, bruising, and hemorrhage of the[] Blunt injury may cause blood to collect inside the structure of a solid organ (for example, the liver) or in the wall of a hollow organ (such as the small intestine).[]

  • Abdominal Wall Hematoma

    wall hematomas.[] The etiologies, presenting findings, diagnostic studies, and modes of therapy reported for abdominal wall hematomas are reviewed.[] We found a lateral abdominal wall hematoma caused by rupture of the abdominal epigastric artery after trocar insertion.[]

  • Renal Tuberculosis

    Two patients (13%) with evidence of tuberculosis had minor self-limiting complications from the fine-needle aspiration: one perirenal hematoma and one abdominal wall intramuscular[] hematoma.[]

  • Pulmonary Contusion

    , mild perihepatic hematoma, and anterior abdominal wall/rectus sheath hematoma.[] Figure 1 Left flank abrasion/hematoma from bean bag round. Figure 2 Abdominal wall abrasion/hematoma from bean bag round.[] […] left 12 th rib, trace left anterior inferior pneumothorax, American Association for the Surgery of Trauma grade 4 splenic laceration (Figure 4) with moderate perisplenic hematoma[]

  • Abdominal Surgery

    To test postoperative serum albumin drop (ΔAlb) as a marker of surgical stress response and early predictor of clinical outcomes. Prospective cohort study (NCT02356484). Albumin was prospectively measured in 138 patients undergoing major abdominal surgery. Blood samples were collected before surgery and on[…][]

  • Hemophilia A

    Photograph depicting extensive spontaneous abdominal wall hematoma and thigh hemorrhage in an older, previously unaffected man with an acquired factor VIII inhibitor.[]

  • Seat Belt Injury

    Seat belts uncommonly result in various injuries to the abdominal area, such as mesenteric tears, bowel perforations, and abdominal aortic ruptures. We describe a case of a massive subcutaneous hematoma causing hemorrhagic shock from significant lacerations to the inguinal region, related to the use of a seat belt.[…][]

  • Factor X Deficiency

    Subcutaneous hemorrhage was seen in 5 patients; 1 of these patients had developed an abdominal wall hematoma subsequent to a laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy and required a[]

  • Complication of Peritoneal Dialysis

    . - Abdominal wall hematoma Noninfectious complications of catheter dysfunction: - Abdominal hernias: The protrusion of an organ or tissue outside the abdominal cavity.[] wall hematoma and failure of ultrafiltration (high transporter type), and migration of the catheter ( Table 5 ).[] wall hematoma 1 3.1% Ultrafiltration failure, high transporter type 1 3.1% Migration of the catheter 1 3.1% Total 32 100% Table 5: Frequency of non-infectious complications[]

  • Cefoperazone

    Abdominal computed tomography (CT) showed possible hematoma at the lower left abdominal wall (Fig. 1 a).[] Fig. 1 a Hematoma at lower left abdominal wall was suggested by abdominal CT. b Mixed masses at left lower abdominal wall was revealed by the abdomen B ultrasound. c Absorbed[] Here, a case of abdominal wall hematoma most likely induced by cefoperazone/sulbactam is reported and cefoperazone-induced hemorrhage is reviewed.[]

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