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17 Possible Causes for Abnormal Behavior, Anemia, Excessive Masturbation

  • Homocystinuria

    His anemia improved on oral pyridoxine and folic acid therapy. Homocystinuria should be remembered as a cause of megaloblastic anemia.[] , rather than excessive masturbation.[] A young child with homocystinuria is discussed, who presented with behavioral abnormalities, involuntary movement, mental retardation, and decreased vision since birth.[]

  • Excessive Masturbation

    […] physician conduct a complete workup from a conventional medicine perspective is absolutely necessary to make sure there are no underlying medical issues, including infection, anemia[] Both her excessive masturbation behavior and depressive symptoms remitted within 2 months of psychoeducative intervention and treatment with citalopram 20mg/day.[] It classifies this "failure to control" as an abnormal mental health condition. [59] [60] Treatment [ edit ] Hypersexuality may negatively impact an individual.[]

  • Kleine-Levin Syndrome

    Anemia, hypothyroidism, low iron status, infection (viral or Lyme disease), and general causes of fatigue must have been excluded.[] This hypersexual behaviour includes excessive masturbation, promiscuity, inappropriate sexual advances, and other risqué behavior.[] It is important that the diagnosis is suspected early, especially in adolescent males who present with recurrent episodes of somnolence, increased appetite, and abnormal behavior[]

  • Chronic Anxiety

    Medical causes of a fast resting pulse include an overactive thyroid, anemia, infection and pain, says Dr. Denier.[] […] sweating headaches problems sleeping (insomnia) or drowsiness low sex drive difficulty achieving orgasm during sex or masturbation in men, difficulty obtaining or maintaining[] Dohan FC, Levitt DR, Kushnir LD: Abnormal behavior after intracerebral injection of polypeptides from wheat gliadin: Possible relevance to schizophrenia.[]

  • Organic Personality Disorder

    Hypoxia Anemia, Cardiac / Pulmonary Failure, Carbon Monoxide.[] masturbation Nail-biting Nose-picking Thumb-sucking ( F98.9 ) Unspecified behavioural and emotional disorders with onset usually occurring in childhood and adolescence (F99[] The SSA defines Organic Mental Disorders as “psychological or behavioral abnormalities associated with a dysfunction of the brain” and requires that when you apply for disability[]

  • Narcolepsy

    No cases described a prior history of pancytopenia or aplastic anemia. Eleven cases of aplastic anemia were confirmed by biopsy.[] Later, after a terrifying emotional experience and illicit excesses (abuse of coitus, masturbation, and alcoholic beverages), he suffered hallucination and meningitic delirium[] Symptoms of Narcolepsy Symptoms of narcolepsy may include disturbed sleep, waking up often and abnormal behavior.[]

  • Gender Identity Disorder

    (apparently not to be confused with the existing "Benjamin Syndrome," which is a form of anemia).[] […] and fantasy, poor body image, excessive anger and rebelliousness and severe psychopathology in a parent. (4) SRS does not accomplish what it claims to accomplish.[] Behavior Statistical infrequency Violation of norms Unexpectedness Personal distress* Disability/dysfunction* * GID not controversial but not considered a DX in all cultures[]

  • Uterine Subinvolution

    […] postpartum hemorrhage in a later pregnancy Anemia and fatigue after birth also increase the chances of a mother having postpartum depression.[] These are : Displacements, chronic endometritis, pressure of pelvic or abdominal tumors ; chronic cardiac or hepatic disease ; excessive sexual indulgence, especially when[] 1671 and Irisomy 13 1677 Nursing Management 1687 CHAPTER 57 1693 Developmental and Behavioral Disorders 1699 Anxiety Disorders 1710 CHAPTER 52 1718 Nursing Management of[]

  • Iris Disorder

    Wilson disease can also cause other symptoms such as: Weak, fragile bones (osteoporosis) Pain and swelling in joints (arthritis) Not having enough healthy red blood cells (anemia[] Sexual Acting Out Behaviours (all ages) Excessive Masturbation Inappropriate Sexualized Behaviour Toward Children Inappropriate Sexualized Behaviour Toward Parental Figure[] It is inspiring a host of cutting-edge studies on brain abnormalities and behavioral conditions.[]

  • Impotence

    Men with medical conditions that may cause a sustained erection, such as sickle cell anemia, leukemia, or multiple myeloma, or a man who has an abnormally-shaped penis, may[] He highlighted this point by including the purportedly factual case study of a French shepherd who masturbated so excessively and with such dangerously unorthodox objects[] ., those with sickle cell anemia), as well as in those with an anatomical deformity of the penis or a penile implant. Phentolamine (2 mg) is often added.[]

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