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26 Possible Causes for Abnormal Dentition, Epileptiform Activity, Respiratory Disorders

  • Hyponatremia

    […] tooth formation loss of teeth Presentation Clinical findings presentation similar to rickets genu varum short stature abnormal dentition Imaging Radiographs recommended AP[] Hypercapnic respiratory failure is due to central respiratory depression and is often the first sign of impending herniation.[] Craniosynostosis and abnormal dentition are also well-described features of hypophopsphatasia, but it is not known that therapy with asfotase alfa alters their natural history[]

  • Kohlschütter-Tönz Syndrome

    […] of the dentition Flat occiput Postnatal microcephaly Microretrognathia Short nose Progressive neurologic deterioration Hypsarrhythmia Cerebellar vermis hypoplasia Broad thumb[] Electroencephalography (EEG) typically shows epileptiformic activities and a loss of normal background activities.[] […] background activity that was abnormal, focal discharges over the temporal lobe, and multifocial epileptiform activity. [9] Several patients showed a loss of normal background[]

  • Congenital Muscular Dystrophy

    They are mouth breathers and this has been shown to cause abnormal mandibular growth and an open bite. 24 It is also possible that the facial muscle weakness influences jaw[] Adherence to respiratory therapies in children with neuromuscular disorders is unknown.[] activity without clinically overt seizures (n   2), dilated cardiomyopathy (n   2), decreased left ventricular systolic function (n   2), congenital heart defects (n   3)[]

  • Celiac Disease

    ., before 7 years of age, abnormalities in the structure of the dental enamel can occur.[] The spectrum of gluten-related disorders has recently acquired a new member, represented by non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS). 1, 2 Patients with NCGS test negative for[] Sedat IŞIKAY, Şamil HIZLI, Serkan ÇOŞKUN and Kutluhan YILMAZ, INCREASED TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE LEVELS ARE ASSOCIATED WITH INCREASED EPILEPTIFORM ACTIVITY IN ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY[]

  • Pseudohypoparathyroidism

    , delayed dentition and enamel hypoplasia.[] Metabolic Bone Diseases Musculoskeletal Diseases Metal Metabolism, Inborn Errors Metabolism, Inborn Errors Genetic Diseases, Inborn Metabolic Diseases Calcium Metabolism Disorders[] Laboratory investigations demonstrated epileptiform seizure activity in the brain but also revealed severe hypocalcemia, hyperphosphatemia, and elevated serum parathyroid[]

  • Kleiner Holmes Syndrome

    […] of the dentition Blindness Cognitive impairment Cryptorchidism Autistic behavior Gonadal dysgenesis Gynecomastia Anterior plagiocephaly Decreased testicular size Cleft lip[] The baby died of respiratory infections within the first few days of life.[] The cortex is sliced in parallel lines to the midtemporal gyrus and perisylvian area to attenuate the spread of the epileptiform activity without causing cortical dysfunction[]

  • Oculocerebral Hypopigmentation Syndrome Type Cross

    Ataxia Abnormal dentition ? ? - ? ? Nystagmus ? ? Fundal appearance of albinism ? ? ? ? - - ?[] In many cases, terms such as disease, disorder, morbidity, there are situations, however, when specific terms are considered preferable.[] Epileptiform Activity (SSEA) Unknown status NCT00393614 Phase 4 levetiracetam 28 Physiological Response to Heliox21 and Air O2 Unknown status NCT01498432 Phase 4 Heliox21[]

  • Multiple Congenital Anomalies - Hypotonia - Seizures Type 3

    dentition syndrome Spondyloepimetaphyseal dysplasia-hypotrichosis syndrome Spondyloepimetaphyseal dysplasia-short limb-abnormal calcification syndrome Spondyloepiphyseal[] The patient is currently undergoing hospitalization for treatment of respiratory failure and recurrent seizures.[] An electroencephalogram showed epileptiform activity with asynchronous changes suggesting “lack of major commissural tracts.”[]

  • Meningeal Disorder

    , and skeletal abnormalities (osteopenia, irregular ossification, multiple fractures).[] respiratory disorders.[] […] and multiple areas of epileptiform activity; associated with infantile spasms ice cream headache nickname given to headaches that are cold induced; common in migraine ice-pick[]

  • Congenital Ankyloblepharon

    This autosomal dominant disorder is associated with partial or complete hair loss, absent or dystrophic nails, abnormal dentition, anhidrosis, blocked tear ducts, webbed fingers[] Use cautiously with cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disorders, hematologic disorders, leukopenia, kidney disease, liver disease, respiratory disorders, cancer, hypertyraminemia[] […] paroxysmal fast activity), which became transiently ... 107 Congenital myasthenic syndrome: a case report.[]