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83 Possible Causes for Abnormal Dentition, Micrognathism, Respiratory Disorders

  • Mandibulofacial Dysostosis

    dentition, choanal atresia and mandibular retrusion, external ear malformations and conductive hearing loss. [2] [3] Ocular findings in Treacher Collins syndrome include:[] Upper airway obstruction may be a complication from craniofacial disorders and may be responsible for life-threatening sleep apnea that may result in pneumonia or respiratory[] In some patients, mandibular growth after birth is good, in contrast to those who remain significantly micrognathic.[]

  • Cleidocranial Dysplasia

    dentition).[] Causes Cleidocranial dysplasia is a rare disorder that is usually inherited as an autosomal dominant genetic trait.[] […] and hypoplasia of the proximal phalanx of the big toe, pelvic dysplasia, bilateral hip dislocation, a constant facial dysmorphism with sparse hair, peculiar ears, severe micrognathism[]

  • Sanjad-Sakati Syndrome

    dentition and increased susceptibility to infection.[] respiratory infections, and constipation.[] Oral findings included micrognathic mandible and maxilla, microdontia, enamel hypoplasia as well as severely decayed teeth.[]

  • Hallermann-Streiff Syndrome

    The Hallermann-Streiff syndrome is characterized by bird-like face, micropthalmia, cataracts, micrognathia, beaked nose, abnormal dentition, hypotrichosis, cutaneous atrophy[] Disability Male Pneumonia Respiratory Insufficiency Pub Type(s) Journal Article Review Language eng PubMed ID 1776643 TY - JOUR T1 - Hallermann-Streiff syndrome: a review[] Variations cause: Oculodentodigital dysplasia (ODDD, OMIM:164200 ) Abnormal facial appearance and variable involvement of the eyes, dentition, and fingers Narrow, pinched[]

  • Congenital Muscular Dystrophy

    They are mouth breathers and this has been shown to cause abnormal mandibular growth and an open bite. 24 It is also possible that the facial muscle weakness influences jaw[] Adherence to respiratory therapies in children with neuromuscular disorders is unknown.[] Respiratory dysfunction, along with cardiomyopathy, can be life-threatening in patients with advanced-stage FCMD. However, few reports have focused on this issue.[]

  • Micrognathism

    […] morphology; Deciduous dentition shows enamel attrition RESPIRATORY: [Lung]; Neonatal pneumothorax ABDOMEN: [External features]; Umbilical hernia GENITOURINARY: [External[] […] which affects the skeletal system, ectodermal tissue, heart and respiratory system.[] Micrognathism Other names Micrognathia, strawberry chin, hypognathia[1] hypognathism Girl with Wolf–Hirschhorn syndrome Specialty Medical genetics Micrognathism is a condition[]

  • Seckel Syndrome

    Due to this fact, some patients have additional clinical findings, such as large bulging skull, cleft palate, atresia palate, abnormalities in dentition, among these, dental[] Growth failure is seen in chromosomal disorders and endocrine, metabolic, or gastrointestinal disorders, including malnutrition.[] […] retardation. bird-headed dwarfism A popular term for Seckel syndrome, an autosomal recessive condition characterised by growth and mental retardation, a beak-like nose, micrognathism[]

  • Goldenhar Syndrome

    If a type I deformity presents late in adulthood, then bilateral mandibular osteotomies are required to prevent abnormal forces from acting on the normal TMJ.[] Because of spine curves, short trunks and respiratory issues, some children with Goldenhar syndrome will develop thoracic insufficiency syndrome, a very rare disorder characterized[] If the appliance fails to prevent obliquity of the occlusal plane, then elongation of the ramus or mandibular distraction is indicated at age 6-12 years during mixed dentition[]

  • Bruxism

    There can be other indications for rebuilding a patient’s dentition.[] PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the association between respiratory disorders and sleep bruxism, with an evaluation of demographic/socioeconomic factors and[] ) Hyperdontia (supernumerary teeth) Hypocalcification Hypodontia Impacted tooth (tooth impaction) Leukoplakia Lichen planus Malocclusion (Misaligned Teeth) Micrognathia (micrognathism[]

  • Periodontitis

    These characteristics are important to be early identified and treated in order to prevent possible progression into the permanent dentition.[] […] and infectious diseases, immunological, bacterial, viral and fungal diseases, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, central nervous system diseases and disorders, urological[] ) Hyperdontia (supernumerary teeth) Hypocalcification Hypodontia Impacted tooth (tooth impaction) Leukoplakia Lichen planus Malocclusion (Misaligned Teeth) Micrognathia (micrognathism[]

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