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559 Possible Causes for Abnormal Eyebrows

  • Jacobsen Syndrome

    Abstract A 45,X karyotype was found in a boy with dysmorphic features, hypoglycaemia and pancytopenia. DNA analysis showed the presence of the Y-chromosomal DNA sequences SRY, ZFY, DYZ4, DYZ3 and DYS1. Using fluorescent in situ hybridization, we located DYZ4 and DYZ3 on chromosome 11qter and concluded that a de[…][]

  • Setleis Syndrome

    […] of the eyebrows; (4) anomalles of the eyelashes; (5) flattening of the nasal bridge with a bulbous nasal tip; (6) increased mobility of the skin, associated with severely[] They had large bitemporal discolored dermal depressions, sparse lateral eyebrows, abnormal eyelashes, and dysplastic and low-set ears.[] The striking features include the following: (1) bitemporal scarring, an anomaly that resembles forceps marks; (2) periorbital puffiness with wrinkling of the skin; (3) abnormalities[]

  • Rombo Syndrome

    Showing of 5 Percent of people who have these symptoms is not available through HPO Abnormal eyebrow morphology Abnormality of the eyebrow 0000534 Abnormal eyelash morphology[] AD ARHGAP31 bilateral temporal ACC abnormal eyelashes, leonine faces, upward slanting eyebrows TWIST2 gene early: -- syphilitic pemphigus rhagades (radial furrows/fissures[] […] dominant dystrophic) ACC on scalp (with skull ossification defect) extensive CMTC (cutis marmorata telangiectatic congenita) limb defects (reductions, syndactyly) cardiac abnormalities[]

  • Piebald Trait - Neurologic Defects Syndrome

    eyebrow morphology Abnormality of the eyebrow 0000534 Ataxia 0001251 Intellectual disability Mental deficiency Mental retardation Mental retardation, nonspecific Mental-retardation[] […] of the eyebrow 59 Frequent (79-30%) 15 hearing impairment 32 HP:0000365 16 white forelock 32 HP:0002211 17 absent pigmentation of the ventral chest 32 HP:0007542 18 abnormal[] […] of the face Leukodystrophy Progressive spastic paraplegia Intestinal obstruction Abnormality of the mouth Abnormal eyebrow morphology Abnormality of the gastrointestinal[]

  • Eyebrow Duplication - Syndactyly Syndrome

    Eyebrows duplication of, with stretchable skin and syndactyly 0 *Skin Diseases *Syndactyly Eyebrows/abnormalities.[] […] of the pancreas Choanal stenosis Hypoplasia of the zygomatic bone Bifid scrotum Hearing abnormality White eyebrow Anteriorly placed anus Abnormality of the face Underdeveloped[] Symptoms - Eyebrows duplication of- with stretchable skin and syndactyly * Long eyelashes * Increased skin elasticity * Webbed fingers * Webbed toes * Abnormal skin wrinkling[]

  • Pilotto Syndrome

    Rib abnormality Eyebrow anomaly Low hairline at back of neck Retinal coloboma Wide set eyes Small head Small eyes Sunken chest Note that Pilotto syndrome symptoms usually[] […] of the eyebrow 59 Frequent (79-30%) 21 malformation of the heart and great vessels 59 Very frequent (99-80%) 22 abnormal eyebrow morphology 32 frequent (33%) HP:0000534 23[] : Short head Cleft lip Cleft palate Short stature Short neck Mental retardation Scoliosis Large ear Low set ear Asymmetrical facial structure Congenital heart defect Ear abnormality[]

  • Ichthyosis-Cheek-Eyebrow Syndrome

    Ichthyosis cheek eyebrow syndrome 0 *Ichthyosis *Craniofacial Abnormalities Cheek/abnormalities Eyebrows/abnormalities.[] Links Publisher Full Text Authors , , Source MeSH Abnormalities, Multiple Cheek Child Eyebrows Face Facial Bones Female Genes, Dominant Humans Ichthyosis Pedigree Syndrome[] Signs and Symptoms Abnormality of the palate ... ...[]

  • Rothmund Thomson Syndrome

    Children and adults with Rothmund-Thomson syndrome also may have one or more of the following problems: Sparse hair, eyebrows or eyelashes Small stature Bone deformities Dental[] It is characterized by distinctive abnormalities of the skin; sparse hair, eyelashes and/or eyebrows; small stature; skeletal and dental abnormalities; and an increased risk[] […] or scanty eyelashes and eyebrows and short stature.[]

  • Waardenburg Syndrome Type 2E

    […] or neck Anosmia White eyebrow Abnormality of the integument Cafe-au-lait spot Hypopigmented skin patches Premature graying of hair White eyebrow White eyelashes White forelock[] , eyelashes Pigmentation abnormality of the iris Complete heterochromia iridum (irides of different color) Partial or segmental heterochromia (two different colors in same[] abnormalities Abnormalities of hair pigmentation, such as white forelock, eyebrows, or eyelashes Dystopia canthorum – lateral displacement of inner canthi First degree relative[]

  • Pure Hair-Nail Ectodermal Dysplasia

    Absent eyebrow Abnormality of the integument Abnormality of the sweat gland Absent eyebrow Absent eyelashes Alopecia Brittle hair Congenital onychodystrophy Hair-nail ectodermal[] abnormal teeth, and thin body hair.[] Eyebrows, eyelashes, and body hair were completely absent. Nails were distally dystrophic.[]

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