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70 Possible Causes for Abnormal X-Ray of the Wrist

  • Wrist Fracture

    Often, your doctor will order an x-ray to confirm the condition, location, and severity of the break.[] With these types of fractures, the wrist may bend in an awkward way or look abnormal.[] […] need to seek medical attention right away : Severe pain Numbness Discolored fingers Colles’ fracture diagnosis Your doctor may be able to tell that you've fractured your wrist[]

  • Kienbock's Disease

    X-rays may show no specific abnormality in the early stages and MRI scans may be required.[] X-rays may show no specific abnormality in the early stages and so MRI scans are essential if early Kienbock's disease is suspected [ 5 ] .[] Eventually, degenerative changes may involve the whole wrist. Plain films must also be examined to determine the amount of ulnar variance.[]

  • Systemic Scleroderma

    This study was performed on seven children with systemic scleroderma, three with the diffuse and four with the limited type. All three patients with diffuse scleroderma had high titers of clumpy pattern antinucleolar antibody on HEp-2 cells. The course of the disease was severe, and two children died. Four children[…][]

  • Carpal Instability

    Fracture displacement and carpal instability were documented in patients by abnormal x-rays showing fragment displacement, abnormal scapholunate and radiolunate angles, etc[] We concluded that intercarpal ligamentous instability is consistently present and, therefore, the critical factor in wrists with ununited scaphoid fractures.[]

  • Ligament Tear

    These x-rays may show gapping or abnormal angulation that only occurs during activities, but not when the wrist is at rest.[] To perform stress x-rays, the athlete simple makes a tight fist for one x-ray, then bends the wrist forcefully towards the small finger for another x-ray, then bends the wrist[] The physician may also order an x-ray during which your fingers are gently pulled on.[]

  • Superficial Epidermolytic Schthyosis

    X-rays of the knee and wrist revealed marked splaying, fraying and cupping of the distal metaphyses and widening of the growth plate [Figure 2] .[] Figure 2: X-ray wrist showing splaying, fraying and cupping of the distal metaphyses and widening of the growth plate Click here to view In view of the above findings, a diagnosis[] Hearing and vision assessment revealed no abnormality.[]

  • Familial Keratoacanthoma

    A chest X-ray and ECG showed no abnormality. An X-ray of the left hand including wrist and elbow joints showed no bony involvement.[]

  • Tuberculous Tenosynovitis

    The wrist x-ray may not show any abnormality, except chronic cases with sequel.[] Ultrasonography showed a synovial cyst in the wrist. Plain X -rays revealed no abnormal findings in bone, joint, and soft tissue.[] As comorbidities, she had hypothyroidism and a history of previous surgery of a giant cell tumour located volarly on her left wrist, which demanded tendon sheath excision.[]

  • Hereditary Corneal Dystrophy

    The fundus was not clearly seen but. no gross abnormality was detected. The VDRL was negative. X-rays of skull, wrist, and chest were normal.[]

  • Holt Oram Syndrome

    All people with this Holt-Oram syndrome have at least one limb abnormality that affects carpal bones) (wrist bones) which can be detected only by X-ray.[] Often, these wrist bone abnormalities can be detected only by x-ray.[] The signs and symptoms of Holt-Oram Syndrome may include: Abnormalities in the bones of the wrists are always present, although they may be detected only by an x-ray Abnormalities[]

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