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985 Possible Causes for abnormalities drug induced

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  • Influenza

    Thereafter her abnormal chest shadow spontaneously improved. Based on these findings, the patient was diagnosed with drug-induced pneumonitis due to an influenza vaccine.[] Drug Reaction with Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms (DRESS) syndrome, also known as drug-induced hypersensitivity syndrome (DHIS), is an acute, potentially life-threatening[] Her bronchoalveolar lavage fluid contained an unusually high number of lymphocytes, and a drug-induced lymphocyte stimulation test for seasonal influenza vaccine was positive[]

  • Endocrine Dysfunction

    More sophisticated and expensive investigations should be reserved for patients with a history of drug use known to induce hormonal abnormalities or with somatic evidence[]

  • Estramustine

    EM treatment induced spindle abnormalities in MCF-7 cells, and a major population of the arrested mitotic cells was multipolar.[] Furthermore, the microtubules were found highly acetylated, supporting the conclusion that they were stabilized by the drug.[]

  • Lomustine

    […] contraindication 166603001 Drug-induced hepatitis contraindication 235876009 Pregnancy, function contraindication 289908002 Thrombocytopenic disorder contraindication 302215000[] Bacterial infectious disease contraindication 87628006 DOID:104 Kidney disease contraindication 90708001 DOID:2527 Bleeding contraindication 131148009 Liver function tests abnormal[]

  • Etretinate

    Common sites for drug-induced hyperostosis (abnormal growth of bone tissue) in adults are in the ankles, pelvis, and knees.[] Promptly report similar pain and limitation of motion when drug is prescribed for child.[] Notify physician immediately of pain and limitation of motion; drug will be discontinued.[]

  • Fetal Warfarin Syndrome

    Keywords : Drug Induced Abnormalities, Cataract, Pregnancy, Rheumatic Heart Disease, Vitamin K Deficiency, Warfarin.[]

  • Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory Drug

    Abstract Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are capable of inducing a variety of renal function abnormalities, particularly in high-risk patients with decreased[] Consequently, an appreciation for the risk factors and pathophysiology of NSAID-induced renal function abnormalities is required for optimal use of these drugs.[]

  • Chlorambucil

    Biological tests like MTT assay, finding IC50, evaluating the induced mechanism of the death of our novel CBL-Glutamine conjugate on HT29 cells, testing abnormal toxicity[] […] of this conjugate on mice in comparison with CBL drug were careid out.[]

  • Ifosfamide

    Thirty-six days after the initiation of chemotherapy, the patient died of irreversible nonobstructive renal failure, pancytopenia, and drug-induced mucositis.[] Electroencephalography performed five days later showed that the previous abnormalities had resolved.[]

  • Griseofulvin

    As griseofulvin induces abnormalities in murine sperm, fertile men should be advised not to father children during therapy or for six months after the drug is stopped.[]

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