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23 Possible Causes for Absent Ankle Reflex, Buttock Pain, Heel Pain

  • Lumbar Disk Herniation

    When pinched, sciatic pain may be experienced anywhere along these branches, radiating from the buttocks down the back of the leg and sometimes through the shin and foot.[] […] that spreads from the back down through the bottom and through the back of the leg and even into the heel Again, you may have weakness when trying to flex the foot, but in[] Test your reflexes at the knee and ankle. These may sometimes be absent if there is a compressed nerve root in your spine. Straight leg raise (SLR) test.[]

  • Spinal Stenosis

    pain , buttock pain , and leg pain and numbness that is made worse with walking and relieved by resting.[] Your pain may worsen with these movements. Lift your legs straight up while lying down.[] pain, buttock pain, and leg pain and numbness that is made worse with walking and relieved by resting.[]

  • Cauda Equina Syndrome

     Left buttock pain  Posterior left thigh pain  Goal: Decrease pain during work Images Courtesy of 6.  Pain: 4/10 resting and 7/10 at worst  Hx: 3-4 prior[] These areas include between the legs, the inner thighs, the back of the legs, over the buttocks, and around the feet and heels.[] Sciatica-type pain on one side or both sides, although pain may be wholly absent Weakness of the muscles of the lower legs (often paraplegia) Achilles (ankle) reflex absent[]

  • Sciatica

    Patients typically have sciatica, buttocks pain, and worse pain with sitting.[] Cigarette smoking may also predispose people to pain, and should be discontinued.[] Other physical findings specific for lumbar disk herniation include weak ankle dorsiflexion and absent ankle reflex, although most patients with acute lumbar disk herniation[]

  • Diabetic Polyneuropathy

    (usually on one side) in the thighs, hips, or buttocks.[] Management of Pain in Diabetic Neuropathy Anticonvulsants: Gabapentin Pregabalin Valproate Antidepressants: Amitriptyline Duloxetine Venlafaxine Opioids Dextromethorphan[] The ankle tendon reflex was absent in almost half of our patients (40.4 %).[]

  • Lumbosacral Plexus Disorder

    Patients complain of pain (often severe), dysaesthesiae and paraesthesiae in the proximal lower limbs - usually the front of the thigh, hip or buttock.[] […] disc herniation at the L4-5 interspace; weakness affecting the peroneus, toe extensors, possibly the tibialis anterior; the patient has trouble supporting weight on the heel[] Patellar tendon reflex and ankle jerk were absent on the right leg. Sensory function could not be examined properly.[]

  • Poliomyelitis

    , a painful and involved undertaking.[] Abnormal biomechanics can often be modified with fairly simple and practical interventions such as cervical pillows, lumbar rolls, gluteal pads, dorsal-lumbar corsets, and heel[] […] immediate and would represent no danger to any child.” 10 (p702) He did not acknowledge that passive immunization would require up to 10 cc of gamma globulin given in the buttocks[]

  • Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

    SYMPTOMS OF Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis can include: Lower back pain Leg pain Thigh or buttock pain Calf cramping or tightness Numbness in the[] Additionally, a neurological assessment may show absent or reduced ankle reflexes as well as sensory deficits.[] Your pain may worsen with these movements. Lift your legs straight up while lying down.[]

  • Sciatic Neuropathy

    We describe a female patient with left buttock pain radiating down the thigh after an uncomplicated induction delivery.[] A person's reflexes may be abnormal, with weak or absent ankle-jerk reflex. Several different tests can be performed to find the cause of sciatic nerve dysfunction.[] The tibial nerves pass in front of the knee and downward into the foot (heel, sole, toes).[]

  • Entrapment Neuropathy

    PATIENTS AND METHODS: Between April 2013 and March 2015, we treated 17 consecutive elders with LBP, buttock pain, and leg pain.[] […] lead to chronic heel pain.[] Classically, ankle jerk reflex is absent in peripheral neuropathy.[]

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