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87 Possible Causes for Absent Knee Reflex, Back Pain, Decreased Ankle Reflex

  • Cauda Equina Syndrome

    Back pain prevalence in the pediatric age group is less compared with adults.[] .  Physical Exam:  Right plantar flexor weakness, absent right ankle reflex, and decreased anal sphincter tone.  Findings consistent w/ CES  Referral:  Medically evacuated[] Also, there may be decreased anal tone; sexual dysfunction; saddle anesthesia; bilateral leg pain and weakness; and bilateral absence of ankle reflexes.[]

  • Tabes Dorsalis

    The deep tendon reflexes are also diminished or absent; for example, the “knee jerk” or patellar reflex may be lacking ( Westphal’s sign ).[] A 28-year-old man was hospitalized with lightning back pain, nausea, and bladder bowel dysfunction.[] The deep tendon reflexes are also diminished or absent; for example, the "knee jerk" or patellar reflex may be lacking ( Westphal's sign ).[]

  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome

    In GBS, deep tendon reflexes in the legs, such as knee jerks, are usually lost. Reflexes may also be absent in the arms.[] After 6 months, she came back with acute onset of weakness in lower limbs, back pain, fever and urinary incontinence.[] […] correlates with decreased/absent ankle reflex MRI cauda equina gandolinium enhancement in acute cases DIfferential Diagnosis Myasthenia gravis, ALS, infectious myelitis ([]

  • Lumbar Plexus Neoplasm

    However this may also be an artifact due more specific symptom based evaluation of the brachial plexus.The lumbar plexus can present with low back pain [ 17 ].[] […] in the back, due to compression of the nerve If the sacral plexus nerve of the lower back is affected, it can cause back pain, alteration in bowel movements and bowel control[] If the sacral plexus nerve of the lower back is affected, it can cause back pain, alteration in bowel movements and bowel control, alteration in urinary bladder control, etc[]

  • Charcot Marie Tooth Disease

    In order to identify sensory loss the neurologist will test for deep tendon reflexes, such as the knee jerk, which are reduced or absent in CMT.[] Two siblings with Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) 1B due to a c.517G C (p.Gly173Arg) mutation in the MPZ gene both developed an acute cauda syndrome with unbearable back pain radiating[] On neurological examination, deep tendon reflexes (DTR's) are markedly diminished or absent.[]

  • Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy

    Knee and ankle jerk reflexes were absent. No abnormalities involving the cranial nerves were found.[] […] injection site), headache, diarrhea, fatigue, back pain, nausea, extremity pain, cough, rash, pruritus, vomiting, upper abdominal pain, migraine and pain.[] Some patients may have sudden onset of back pain or neck pain radiating down the extremities, usually diagnosed as radicular pain .[]

  • Poliomyelitis

    On admission, the abdominal skin reflexes, knee jerks, cremaster and anal reflexes were absent and power in the lower extremities was reduced.[] , muscle stiffness, muscle tenderness and spasm in any area of the body, neck pain and stiffness, pain in front part of neck, pain or stiffness of the back, arms, legs, abdomen[] The symptoms of nonparalytic infections are: back pain diarrhea fatigue irritability headache leg pain moderate fewer muscle stiffness neck pain stiffness of the arms skin[]

  • Lumbar Disk Herniation

    Diminished Knee and Ankle Joint Reflexes Knee Reflex - L2 and L3 nerve damage causes abnormal knee joint reflex.[] The patient initially suffered from unilateral low back pain and nonradicular/nonlancinating referral to the ipsilateral lower extremity.[] reflexes at the knee or ankle Changes in bladder or bowel function The symptoms of lumbar disc disease may look like other conditions or medical problems.[]

  • Diabetic Polyneuropathy

    Ankle reflexes are usually reduced or absent, and knee reflexes may also be reduced in some cases.[] An 80-year-old man with a history of diabetes mellitus complained of low back pain along with burning pains in the lower extremities and poor balance.[] […] but are less sensitive. 2, 7,9,12 Decreased ankle reflexes are also common, as well as the electrodiagnostic equivalent, H reflexes.[]

  • Alcoholic Neuropathy

    pain (%) 6 (3.6) 4 (2.6) 11 (5.9) Dyspepsia (%) * 0 11 (7.1) 2 (1.1) Data presented are for the Safety population.[] Pain (2 Viewing) For discussion of all spinal cord injuries, spinal issues, back-related pain or problems.[] Don’t wait until your pain is unbearable, call (856) 334-9009 today to get back on your feet today. Call (856) 334-9009 now![]

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