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20 Possible Causes for Absent Minded, Excessive Tearing, Irritability

  • Hay Fever

    tear production; Dennie-Morgan lines (prominent creases below the inferior eyelid); and dark circles around the eyes (“allergic shiners”), which are related to vasodilation[] In allergic persons contact with pollen releases histamine from the tissues, which irritates the small blood vessels and mucus-secreting glands; symptoms may be aggravated[] David Bliss David, Judith’s husband and Simon and Sorel’s father, is an absent-minded writer, wrapped up in his latest book.[]

  • Conjunctivitis

    tearing from one or both eyes Build-up or crusting overnight that makes it difficult to open your eyes Swollen eyelids Your doctor will determine the exact cause of why your[] It can make your eyes sticky and irritated.[] […] when a "full house" of clinical features is absent.[]

  • Childhood Depression

    Here are some of the things we watch for in our house: Excessive Tearfulness, Irritability, Anger We saw this recently in one of our children.[] This illness manifests as a depressed or irritable mood and/or anhedonia.[] […] not governed by notions of a mind/body split (Krause, 1989; Jackson, 1985; Currer, 1986; Obeyesekere, 1985).[]

  • Chronic Generalized Exfoliative Dermatitis

    tearing), and ectropion[ɛk'tropɪən] (eyelid eversion). particularly prominent in patients with chronic erythroderma secondary to Sézary syndrome 13 CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS[] […] dermatitis due to plants, except food L24.8 Irritant contact dermatitis due to other agents Dyes L24.9 Irritant contact dermatitis, unspecified cause Irritant contact eczema[] Patient is also absent minded. He is very revengeful, has suspicion on other. Patient has intense itching. Complaints of eczema. Swelling is seen in body.[]

  • Congenital Herpes Simplex Infection

    tearing, or painful eye symptoms Evaluation HSV grows readily in cell culture.[] Symptoms of congenital herpes simplex include seizures, difficulty breathing, jaundice, bleeding problems, shock and irritability.[] People still inspire a request of and trust CNET because they give their honest opinion of products plus zephyr become absent-minded they may receive a payment from seniority[]

  • Coccyx Disorder

    GV 24 Spirit Court Local point for frontal headache, chronic sinusitis, nosebleeds, nasal discharge, excessive tearing.[] Often it is difficult to determine if the nerve irritation came first, causing the muscles to spasm, or if the tight muscles irritated the nerve.[] And every time the pelvic floor muscles contract, they are tugging on the tailbone causing further irritation.[]

  • Veratrum Album

    Excessive praying. -Precocity. Asks may questions. -Mania with desire to cut and tear everything, especially clothes.[] Disposed to silence, but if irritated gets mad. Scolds, calls names and talks of faults of others.[] […] regretting evening unhappy; sadness, mental depression weeping, crying, tearful mood (lamenting) Hysteria Uncooperative; refuses to eat Intellectual faculties; impaired thinking; absent-minded[]

  • Hereditary Corneal Dystrophy

    Excessive tearing. A feeling that something is in your eye Most patients with this condition require no treatment.[] If you have a sudden vision change or experience severe irritation, visit your VSP network eye doctor right away.[] […] one has to keep in mind that the lattice pattern is very much dependent on age and mutation.[]

  • Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution

    In the test group side effects included darkening of eyelid color, reddening due to increased blood flow to the inner and outer eyelids and excessive tear production.[] Ocular pain (3-10%) Pigmentation of the periocular skin (3-10%) Blepharitis (3-10%) Cataract (3-10%) Superficial punctate keratitis (3-10%) Eyelid erythema (3-10%) Ocular irritation[] Keep in mind that I had a really dramatic chunk of lashes absent from the center of my lash line when I started.[]

  • Hereditary Nystagmus

    The effects on vision include excessive tearing, photophobia, opacity or haze on the lens, buphthalmos, poor visual acuity, and constricted visual fields.[] See Caloric nystagmus, Irritative nystagmus, Paralytic nystagmus, Recovery nystagmus, Opticokinetic nystagmus, Seesaw nystagmus. nys·tag·mus ( nis-tag'mŭs ) Rhythmic oscillation[] For children in school, this may lead their teachers to think that the child is absent-minded or uninterested, resulting in a wrong appraisal of the pupil’s attention.[]

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