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1,448 Possible Causes for Absent Pulp Chambers, Delayed Milestone

  • Singleton Merten Syndrome

    Another related syndrome "familial otodentodysplasia" is characterized by the posterior teeth with abnormal morphology, large pulp chambers, short root length compared to[] Notably, developmental milestones are usually timely although mild cognitive delays are rarely seen and speech may be delayed. Inguinal hernias are part of the syndrome.[] […] crown height, and the absent or small premolars in association with high frequency hearing loss. [20] Short Roots Associated with Short Stature but No Syndrome Generalized[]

  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    All patients have symptoms by age 3 years but diagnosis is often delayed. Presenting features are: Motor milestones delayed.[] Clinical description Onset occurs in early childhood, and affected boys may show a delay in motor milestones or global developmental delay.[] delay.[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Mental Retardation

    In mental retardation, the child tends to have delayed milestones and will be slow in talking and walking.[] milestones, especially language development Behavioral phenotype may also aid diagnosis as course evolves Cytogenetic studies; brain imaging; metabolic studies Will vary[] Unknown cause of MR 30 to 50% of all cases of MR Variable; diagnosis may evolve over time, so repeated evaluations may be helpful Nonspecific cluster of minor malformations; delayed[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Mucopolysaccharidosis

    However, some children can have delays in reaching developmental milestones or learning disabilities because of certain symptoms, particularly spinal problems, related to[] Initial symptoms of the four types of Sanfilippo syndrome include hyperactivity, sleep disorders, and delays in attaining developmental milestones (e.g., crawling and walking[] Some children with mucopolysaccharidosis type I (MPS I) have developmental delays.[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Niemann-Pick Disease Type C

    Neurological symptoms were generally more common in NP-C cases 4years of age than in younger patients, with the exception of hypotonia and delayed developmental milestones[] […] development milestones childhood presentation: ataxia, falls, poor school performance adolescent and adult prestenation: psychiatric illnesses, ataxia Radiographic features[] […] developmental milestones.[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Down Syndrome

    One study found that mice with Down syndrome who were treated in the womb with specific chemicals had no delay in achieving several developmental milestones. 1 Another study[] If your baby has poor muscle tone, she may have delays in meeting developmental milestones, like rolling over, sitting up, crawling and walking.[] Babies with Down syndrome may reach developmental milestones later than other babies.[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • CHARGE Syndrome

    Developmental delayDelayed motor milestones, language delay, mental retardation Educational, behavioural, social adjustment issues; Autistic-like problems; Obsessive compulsive[] ; self-image Growth deficiency Growth deficiencies – Short stature Borderline growth hormone (GH) stimulation tests Growth hormone (GH) replacement Obesity Developmental delay[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type 2

    The main clinical findings include floppy baby appearance, delayed motor milestones and feeding difficulties. Moderate hepatomegaly may be present.[] […] motor milestones Progressive proximal muscle weakness (esp. trunk and lower limbs) Gait abnormalities Muscle pain Difficulty climbing stairs Frequent falls Scapular winging[] Macroglossia, mild hepatomegaly, feeding difficulties, and significantly delayed motor milestones are also typical manifestations of this rapidly progressive form; most patients[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Long Chain Hydroxyacyl-CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency

    Some children with LCHAD have developmental delays.[] If you think that your baby is not meeting their developmental milestones, ask your baby’s doctor about the next steps in accessing a developmental evaluation and care.[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Medium Chain Acyl CoA Dehydrogenase Deficiency

    Some children who experience severe symptoms from untreated medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency (MCAD) may have developmental delays.[] If you think that your baby is not meeting his or her developmental milestones, ask your baby’s doctor about the next steps in accessing a developmental evaluation and care[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers

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