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2,008 Possible Causes for Absent Pulp Chambers, Delayed Speech Development, Hyperextensible Joints

  • SHORT Syndrome

    Another related syndrome "familial otodentodysplasia" is characterized by the posterior teeth with abnormal morphology, large pulp chambers, short root length compared to[] The facial appearance and some of the features resemble the SHORT syndrome, the name being an acronym for Short stature, Hyperextensible joints, Ocular depression, Rieger[] We describe a boy with the manifestations of the SHORT syndrome: lipoatrophy, delayed speech development, minor facial anomalies, clinodactyly, and short stature.[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis

    It is marked by shortness and hyperextension of the neck causing the head to appear as if it were resting directly on the shoulders, short trunk, long extremities with excessive[] […] in speech development may occur in conjunction with cognitive decline in severely affected children, and many patients never learn to speak in full sentences. 9,14 Patients[] Careful positioning and avoidance of hyperextension of the neck are necessary.[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Down Syndrome

    hyperextensibility or hyperflexibility Neuromuscular hypotonia Diastasis recti Dry skin Premature aging Congenital heart defects Complications of Down syndrome can involve[] , particularly those with the greatest delays in speech and language development.[] Most children and adults with Down syndrome continue to develop good social skills and appropriate social behaviour, though a significant minority may develop difficult behaviours[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Mental Retardation

    This checklist included positive family history of mental retardation, long jaw or high forehead, large and/or protuberant ears, hyperextensible joints, soft and velvety palmar[] In addition to eye abnormalities, affected individuals may also have neurological abnormalities including diminished muscle tone (hypotonia), delays in speech development,[] Joint hyperextensibility and pectus excavatum might be present. Secondary sexual development and testicular size is normal.[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Dubowitz Syndrome

    Microcephaly, short stature, leg length discrepancy, hyperextensible joints, spina bifida occulta, and absence of anterior cruciate ligaments were present.[] speech and language development Deficiency of speech development Delayed language development Delayed speech Delayed speech acquisition Delayed speech development Impaired[] Major clinical findings are intrauterine and postnatal growth retardation, considerable microcephaly, mild mental retardation, hyperactivity, hyperextensibility of joints,[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Mucopolysaccharidosis 4A

    […] atlantoaxial joint, requiring limited hyperextension of the neck all of which may complicate laryngoscopy and intubation [ 3 ].[] Coarse facial features, hepatomegaly, hearing difficulties and delayed speech development are common. Life expectancy in attenuated forms may be limited to Figure 4b ).[] This disease generally develops between ages two and four years, and affected children may experience speech delays, seizures that do not respond to medications, loss of muscle[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

    , joint hypermobility and skin fragility to the exceedingly critical consequences of arterial rupture and visceral perforation.[] Gross motor development milestones were delayed. He could stand without support at 2 years and started to walk at 2.5 years.[] Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) is a rare hereditary disorder that results in skin hyperextensibility, joint hypermobility, and tissue fragility.[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Pallister W Syndrome

    joints, Beals syndrome, congenital contractural arachnodactyly, other) Cooley anemia (thalassemia major, beta-thalassemia) Conjoined twins Cornelia de Lange syndrome Costello[] speech development or no speech Abnormal skin pigmentation (see photos) Repetitive behaviors (stereotypy) Difficulties with walking Feeding difficulties Impaired vision Hearing[] Hearing loss, lack of speech development Issues related to the face and skull: Sparse scalp hair, eyebrows and eyelashes Coarse facial features Large forehead Pronounced[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • 3M Syndrome Type 1

    Then, during childhood tall vertebral bodies, hip dislocation, transverse chest groove, winged scapulae and hyperextensible joints became more evident and the diagnosis of[] It is important to monitor speech and language development.[] ) of the joints.[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome

    joints • Small tilted pelvis • Excessive hairiness • Undescended testicles • Feeding difficulties • Respiratory infection • Cardiac anomalies • Vertebral abnormalities •[] […] of speech development Delayed language development Delayed speech Delayed speech acquisition Delayed speech development Impaired speech and language development Impaired[] Hyperextensible joints were noted. The patient’s thumbs were broad with recently corrected radial angulation.[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers

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