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1,803 Possible Causes for Absent Pulp Chambers, Dysmorphic Face, Hyperextensible Joints

  • SHORT Syndrome

    Another related syndrome "familial otodentodysplasia" is characterized by the posterior teeth with abnormal morphology, large pulp chambers, short root length compared to[] The facial appearance and some of the features resemble the SHORT syndrome, the name being an acronym for Short stature, Hyperextensible joints, Ocular depression, Rieger[] We report the two-year-four-month old female with SHORT syndrome who present growth retardation and dysmorphic features (triangular-shaped face, prominent forehead, ocular[]

  • Marfan Syndrome

    Potentially important abnormalities include hyperextensible joints (possible positioning implications), high arched palate (airway implications), pectus excavatum , and kyphoscoliosis[] Joint hyperextensibility is present in some, but not all, patients with Marfan syndrome.[] Sternum deformity—pectus carinatum (outward displacement) or pectus excavatum (inward displacement)—is common, as are joint hyperextensibility (but usually small flexion contractures[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Mucopolysaccharidosis

    It is marked by shortness and hyperextension of the neck causing the head to appear as if it were resting directly on the shoulders, short trunk, long extremities with excessive[] Careful positioning and avoidance of hyperextension of the neck are necessary.[] joint mobility, kyphosis or kyphoscoliosis, pectus carinatum, the sternum extending from clavicular junction and angling downward in midsection, spinal cord compression associated[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • 3M Syndrome Type 1

    Then, during childhood tall vertebral bodies, hip dislocation, transverse chest groove, winged scapulae and hyperextensible joints became more evident and the diagnosis of[] The significant features of this syndrome include facial dysmorphism with gloomy face and very short stature, but no radiological abnormality or hormone deficiency.[] Additionally, this syndrome is characterized by dysmorphic facial features (large head, dolichocephaly, frontal bossing, a triangular face, long philtrum and hypoplastic midface[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Down Syndrome

    hyperextensibility or hyperflexibility Neuromuscular hypotonia Diastasis recti Dry skin Premature aging Congenital heart defects Complications of Down syndrome can involve[] […] extremities Short, broad hands, with short fifth finger with hypoplasia of the middle phalanx and clinodactyly, along with single transverse palmar creases ( 60% of patients) Joint[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Fragile X Syndrome

    The symptoms are similar: developmental delays gr oss and fine motor skill delays speech and language delays learning and behavior problems hyperextensible joints anxiety[] Dysmorphic findings in persons with fragile X syndrome include an elongated face, prominent jaw, and large ears.[] Other common characteristics include hyperextensible joints, hypotonia, and heart problems including mitral valve prolapse.[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Klinefelter Syndrome

    joints Learning difficulties are more common Features of Klinefelter syndrome The phenotype is very variable and is often not fully expressed.[] joints Genitalia are hypoplastic Cryptorchidism (failure of testes to descend) is often present at birth Range of mental retardation is broad (IQ is generally 20 to 70) Speech[] joints, and underdeveloped genitalia with hypergonadotropic hypogonadism [Visootsak et al., 2007].[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Pierre Robin Syndrome

    They include syndactyly, dysplastic phalanges, polydactyly, clinodactyly, hyperextensible joints, and oligodactyly in the upper limbs.[] Because growth is altered in the mandible but may not be altered in other parts of the face, a dysmorphism of the features may progress and become more prominent with age[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Robinow Syndrome

    In a consanguineous Kuwaiti family, the index case with Robinow syndrome showed some unusual features including severe IUGR, laxity of ligaments, hyperextensible joints, redundant[] The dysmorphic face was characterized by low set ears, flat-saddle nose, hypertelorism, elevated tip of nose and fish mouth ( Figure 1 ).[] This infant with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (cutis hyperelastica) presented at birth with marked hypotonia, joint hypermobility, and hyperextensibility of the skin.[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers
  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta

    Connective tissue abnormalities leading to joint hyperextensibility may result in dislocation of joints and the head of the radius.[] Subtle dysmorphism, log face with prominent mandible and large ears, macroorchidism in postpubertal males, behavioral abnormalities, due to lack of FMR1 in areas such as the[] […] function, scoliosis, clinical signs of restrictive pulmonary disease, aortic or mitral valve murmurs, and hyperextensible joints (which occur frequently although to a lesser[]

    Missing: Absent Pulp Chambers

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