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27 Possible Causes for Absent Triceps Reflex, Arm Pain

  • Brachial Plexus Neuritis

    In most cases, the pain subsides over the a few days to weeks, resulting in weakness in the upper arm.[] The only absent reflex is the triceps reflex.[] , wrist and hand muscles Sensation: numbness over lateral arm, forearm and anatomic snuffbox Reflexes: absent biceps and brachioradialis [5].[]

  • Cervical Nerve Root Compression

    The pain may be in the neck or arms(s), or both. If the pain radiates into the arms(s), it is called radiculopathy.[] In addition to this the reflexes may be depressed or absent in the appropriate tendons when your are examined Investigations MRI As the clinical problem involves compression[] Common Symptoms: Arm Pain Numbness and Tingling Burning Muscles Weakness The arm pain from a cervical herniated disc results because the herniated disc pinches or presses[]

  • Cervical Osteoarthritis

    Phlegm damp blockage in meridians-- clear Yang fails-- dizziness and vertigo sx: neck pain, arm pain, tingling fingers, weak-fist clenching, tender spots; weak and numb limbs[] The biceps and supinator reflexes (C5 and C6) may be absent, with a brisk triceps reflex (C7).[] Other common symptoms include shoulder and arm pain, tingling in your arms, hands or feet, poor coordination or difficulty walking, poor reflexes and decreased bladder control[]

  • Cervical Myelopathy

    STUDY DESIGN: A case of cervical myelopathy with a severe nape and upper arm pain caused by anomalous bilateral vertebral arteries is reported.[] For example, if the compression is at C5-C6, the biceps and supinator reflexes[c5, C6] may be absent, with a brisk triceps reflex (C7).[] CLINICAL FEATURES: A patient with arm pain and numbness was referred by a neurosurgeon for nonsurgical consult.[]

  • Brachial Plexus Neuropathy

    INTRODUCTION: Acute brachial plexus neuropathy is characterized by acute onset of shoulder girdle and arm pain, followed by weakness of the shoulder and arm muscles.[] Reflexes were absent in bilateral brachioradialis and biceps muscles but were normal in other areas. Babinski's sign was absent.[] Symptoms: Severe pain in the upper arm or shoulder. Pain usually affecting just one side of the body.[]

  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome

    GBS symptoms may include: lower limb numbness and tingling, symmetrical leg and arm weakness, severe back pain, muscle aching and cramping, shortness of breath and bieralfacial[] Deep tendonreflexes on the upper limbs were absent and diminished onthe lower limbs.[] Symptoms of Guillain-Barré syndrome Symptoms often start in your feet and hands before spreading to your arms and legs.[]

  • Polyneuropathy

    Symptoms include tingling, numbness or altered feeling which often begins in the feet and hands, weakness of the arms and legs, fatigue and aching pain in the muscles.[] Deep tendon reflexes were absent in the ankles of 47 patients (50%), the knees of 14 (15%), the biceps of 7 (8%), and the triceps of 6 (6%).[] You may also feel pain, tingling, or burning in your arm and shoulder .[]

  • Syringomyelia

    Other symptoms include having stiffness in the back, legs, shoulders, and arms, pain in the neck, arms, and back, and having bowel and bladder function problems.[] We report an adolescent with Chiari malformation type 1 with syringomyelia who presented with neuropathic pain, dysesthesia, and absent triceps (C7) reflex.[] […] midline pain over the spine, particularly the trunk area burning pain in arms, over trunk and, rarely, legs joint pain, usually in the shoulders Sphincter problems total[]

  • Cervical Cord Compression

    Abstract The authors report the case of a 59-year-old woman with progressive neck and arm pain that initially appeared in the neck and later extended to the shoulder and upper[] For example, if the compression is at C5-C6, the biceps and supinator reflexes[c5, C6] may be absent, with a brisk triceps reflex (C7).[] CLINICAL PRESENTATION: A 66-year-old woman presented with gradually worsening paroxysmal neck and arm pain.[]

  • Upper Limb Hypertrophy

    It’s well known that pain in your neck, radiating down the arm can be a result of an irritated nerve root in your neck.[] Deep tendon reflexes revealed absent left biceps, triceps and supinator reflexes. The plantars were extensor bilaterally.[] […] in limb, hand, foot, fingers and toes M79.60 Pain in limb, unspecified M79.601 Pain in right arm M79.602 Pain in left arm M79.603 Pain in arm, unspecified M79.604 Pain in[]

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