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92 Possible Causes for Acholic Stool

  • Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

    Because more than two-thirds of adenocarcinomas occur in the head of the pancreas, abdominal pain, jaundice, pruritus, dark urine, and acholic stools may be presenting symptoms[] stools may be presenting symptoms as a result of obstruction within the biliary tree. 11 Nonspecific findings from cancers of the pancreatic body or tail include unexplained[] Prevalence of Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms Symptoms Patients (%) Cancer in the head of the pancreas Weight loss 92 Jaundice 82 Abdominal pain 72 Anorexia 64 Dark urine 63 Acholic[]

  • Biliary Atresia

    The stool color card has been the primary tool for identifying acholic stools in infants with biliary atresia (BA), in several countries.[] Both present with jaundice and acholic stool in neonatal period. Treatment and prognosis of both entities are very different.[] He then abruptly developed acholic stools. Nuclear medicine imaging study showed no excretion.[]

  • 3Beta-Hydroxy-Delta5-C27-Steroid Oxidoreductase Deficiency

    Affected individuals may also exhibit diarrhea, excess fats in the stools (steatorrhea), and pale or clay-colored stools due to the suppression of bile flow (acholic stools[] Liver disease often presents in early childhood with jaundice, deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins, acholic stools and hepatomegaly.[]

  • Choledochal Cyst

    Infantile choledochal cyst (CC) usually presents as jaundice, vomiting, acholic stools, and hepatomegaly, and it can resemble biliary atresia.[] Neonates and infants presented with jaundice, acholic stools and abdominal mass whereas most of the paediatric cases presented with intermittent non-specific abdominal pain[] The clinical manifestations were abdominal pain (96.3 %), abdominal distention (92.6 %), vomiting (88.9 %), jaundice (74.1 %), fever (70.4 %), acholic stool (51.8 %), abdominal[]

  • Accessory Pancreas

    In some disease states, bile does not enter the intestine, resulting in white (‘acholic’) stool with a high fat content, since virtually no fats are broken down or absorbed[] Bilirubin is eventually transformed by intestinal bacteria into stercobilin, a brown pigment that gives your stool its characteristic color![]

  • Atresia of Urethra

    In extrahepatic biliary atresia , the infant presents with prolonged neonatal jaundice , acholic stools, dark urine , and hepatomegaly .[]

  • Metabolic Liver Disease

    Affected infants have jaundice, dark urine, light or acholic stools, and hepatomegaly.[]

  • Chronic Hepatitis

    Cholestasis can produce symptoms of jaundice, acholic stools, pruritus, and steatorrhoea.[]

  • Ascending Cholangitis

    stools pancreatic or biliary malignancy History of biliary reconstruction or endoscopic biliary duct manipulation stricture/indwelling stent occlusion Evaluation: Labs: LFTs[] The patient may also report acholic (putty-coloured) stools and pruritus.[] Other symptoms include the following: Jaundice Fever, chills, and rigors Abdominal pain Pruritus Acholic or hypocholic stools Malaise The patient's medical history may be[]

  • Neonatal Hepatitis

    Prognosis was found to be poor (40% death or cirrhosis) in babies with perisitently acholic stools, but relatively good (less than 15% death or cirrhosis) in those with jaundice[] Patients usually present with cholestatic jaundice, dark urine, light or acholic stools, and hepatomegaly.[] Dark urine, light or acholic stools, hepatomegaly, and varying degrees of coagulopathy may also be seen.[]

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