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  • Methotrexate

    Folate supplementation with either folic acid or folinic acid often mitigates side effects and reduces the incidence of systemic toxicity related to methotrexate.[] […] parental cells population Proc puromycin resistant variants sarcoma Sarma selected variants specific studies synthesis Theilen thymidine tion tissue transplantation tumor cells urethane[] Methods: This single center, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, pilot study included 64 patients with active RA.[] }pentandisäure [German] (2S)-2-{[(4-{[(2,4- diaminopteridin-6-y l)methyl](methyl)am ino}phenyl)carbonyl ]amino}pentanedioic acid 4-Amino-N10-methylf olic Acid 4-Amino-N10-[] ., Human -glutamyl hydrolase: cloning and characterization of the enzyme expressed in vitro. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.[] What are folic acid and folinic acids and why do people take them with MTX? Folic acid and folinic acid are forms of vitamin B9.[]

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  • Peptostreptococcus

    KEYWORDS: Muc2; Peptostreptococcus; indoleacrylic acid; indolepropionic acid; mucus; organoid[] The second was a large cluster of strains (n 43) that were considerably more active, all having produced at least three enzymes; the vast majority of strains (89%) produced[] […] in amino acid utilization.[] Once bound to P. micros, plasminogen activators of bacterial (streptokinase) and human (urokinase) origins were found to activate plasminogen into plasmin.[] […] resulted in amino acid utilization.[] Preliminary study showed that several amino acids, including serine, enhanced slightly the growth of P. micros.[]

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  • Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency

    The ratio of eicosatrienoic acid (20:3, n-9) to eicosatetraenoic acid (20:4, n-6) decreased to normal levels in the skin and serum with clinical improvement of the EFA deficiency[] Further studies are necessary to explore the effect of EFA deficiency on hepatic lipase activity.[] Watne First published April 17, 2017, Abstract Objective: To report 3 cases of essential fatty acid deficiency (EFAD) in patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) on the “amino[] This pattern of synthesis suggested inhibition of LTA hydrolase and was also seen in neutrophils from healthy subjects by addition of exogenous ETrA in vitro.[] Abstract Essential fatty acid deficiency is a common finding in patients nourished parenterally with hypertonic glucose and amino acids.[] Expressed in nmol.L-1.h-1, LCAT activity was higher (P 0.05) in both EFAS (mean /- SE, 92.7 /- 1.9) and EFAD (108.8 /- 3.0) patients than in control subjects (65.2 /- 0.9)[]

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  • Tropical Sprue

    Fecal free fatty acid excretion was markedly increased in sprue.[] Decreased activity of colonic sodium-potassium-ATPase may contribute to diarrhoea in some patients with tropical sprue.[] Abstract The absorption of seven amino acids from an equimolar mixture containing each of the eight essential amino acids in a concentration of 20 mM was evaluated using a[] There was no correlation between peptide absorption and the concentration of total glycly-glycine hydrolase and glycyl-L-leucine hydrolase, measured as combined brush border[] Abstract Morphometric techniques were used in the evaluation of lymphocyte morphology and activity in tropical sprue. jejunal biopsies from control subjects (8), patients[] Abstract Pteroylglutamic acid (PGA) absorption was assessed in ten untreated tropical sprue (TS) and eight control subjects utilizing a marker perfusion technique.[]

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  • Tacrolimus

    Abstract BACKGROUND This study was designed to analyze the clinical implications of mycophenolic acid trough concentration monitoring.[] Herein we show an electrospun poly(ester urethane) urea and tacrolimus elastomeric matrix (PEUU-Tac) can deliver tacrolimus trans-durally to CNS tissues.[] Key Messages: Both TAC and IFX appeared to be equally safe and effective in the short-term for patients with active UC.[] Multiparametric amino acid metabolomics is useful for biomarker identification of tacrolimus nephrotoxicity, for which specific quantitative methods are highlighted as a premise[] […] agents affecting metabolism 399 Miscellaneous 3999 Others D00107 Tacrolimus (USAN/INN); Tacrolimus hydrate (JP17) Target-based classification of drugs [BR: br08310 ] Enzymes Hydrolases[] Tacrolimus D08556 Tacrolimus (INN) Immunological Agents Immune Suppressants Tacrolimus D08556 Tacrolimus (INN) Target-based classification of drugs [BR: br08310 ] Enzymes Hydrolases[]

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  • Lactobacillus Casei

    […] of this species under acid stress.[] In an electrophysiological study, gastric vagal afferent nerve activity was monitored after intragastric administration of LcS to urethane-anesthetized rats.[] The antibacterial activity of L. casei against H. pylori was determined on all the tested H. pylori isolates including antibiotic resistant strains with different patterns[] [4,5-f]quinoline (IQ) or 2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenyl-1H-imidazo[4,5-b]pyridine (PhIP) and probiotic Lactobacillus casei DN 114 001 (Actimel).[] Acid hydrolases in monocytes from patients with inflammatory bowel disease, chronic liver disease, and rheumatoid arthritis. Lancet 1978;1:1073-5.[] To isolate the most active components, we performed column-chromatography separation of the peptidoglycan complex and tested the related fractions for their cytotoxic activity[]

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  • Non-immune Hydrops fetalis

    Levels of free amino acids were measured in amniotic fluid samples using EZ: fast kits (EZ: fast GC/FID free (physiological) amino acid kit) by gas chromatography (Focus GC[] In a second pregnancy, a normal beta-glucuronidase activity was found in extracts of chorionic villi obtained at 10 weeks of gestation.[] They were analysed by a procedure involving AF supernatant analysis (glycosaminoglycans, oligosaccharides, free sialic acid and acid hydrolase activities) and biochemical[] The diagnosis of mucopolysaccharidosis type VII was suggested after pathologic examination of the first fetus and placenta, and confirmed by deficient beta-glucuronidase activity[] The standard for quantitation was a mixture of free amino acids from Phenomenex. The levels of 21 amino acids were measured.[] CONCLUSIONS: Reference values for mucopolysaccharides and neuraminic acid depend on gestational age.[]

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  • Ovariectomy

    Hence, the present study is designed to evaluate the protective effects of vanillic acid (VA) against bilateral ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis in female Sprague-Dawley ([] OVX increased voiding frequency and decreased bladder capacity by approximately 25% in awake rats and induced irregular cystometrograms in urethane-anesthetized rats.[] Abstract Mesenteric artery endothelium expresses both small (SK3)- and intermediate (IK1)-conductance Ca(2 )-activated K( ) (KCa) channels whose activity modulates vascular[] In the present paper, we report that the natural compound GBA (gambogic acid), which is bioavailable, effective and less toxic, inhibits osteoclast formation, thereby attenuating[] Lipoxin A4 (LXA4; 5S, 6R, 15Strihydroxy- 7,9,13-trans-11-eicosatetraenoic acid) is a metabolic product of arachidonic acid under the action of lipoxidase.[] Bone mineral density, bone microarchitecture, biomechanical properties of vertebrae, and serum levels of estrogen, amino-terminal propeptide of type I collagen (PINP), and[]

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  • Campylobacter Jejuni

    Combined nucleotide and amino acid sequence analysis identified 12 human-only amino acid KPAX clusters among polyphyletic lineages within the common disease causing CC21 group[] KEYWORDS: Campylobacter jejuni; Juniperus communis L; antiadhesive activity; digital PCR; real-time PCR quantification[] It is proposed that the enzyme Cj1416 be named CTP:phosphoglutamine cytidylyltransferase and that the enzyme Cj1417 be named γ-glutamyl-CDP-amidate hydrolase.[] , Volatile/biosynthesis Fatty Acids, Volatile/genetics Fatty Acids, Volatile/metabolism* Fatty Acids, Volatile/pharmacology Gastrointestinal Microbiome/physiology* Gene Expression[] Among the chicken-derived isolates, 37 of the 38 isolates that showed resistance to ciprofloxacin and nalidixic acid had threonine to isoleucine amino acid substitution in[] The flaA mRNA is translationally repressed by CsrA, but it can also titrate CsrA activity.[]

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  • Promiscuity

    Abstract Lipopolyamines (LPAs) are cationic lipids; they interact spontaneously with nucleic acids to form lipoplexes used for gene delivery.[] KEYWORDS: Active compounds; compound activity data; data mining; polypharmacology; promiscuity; targets[] Structural analysis revealed that changes of non-aromatic amino acids in PDGFRalpha to aromatic amino acids in PDGFRbeta (I139F, P267F and N204Y) may be involved in the promiscuity[] KEYWORDS: Enzyme Catalysis; Hydrolase; Phosphatase; Protein Evolution; Structural Biology[] […] chemistry RNA, Transfer, Amino Acid-Specific/genetics RNA, Transfer, Amino Acid-Specific/metabolism* RNA, Transfer, Ser/chemistry RNA, Transfer, Ser/genetics RNA, Transfer[] KEYWORDS: NMR spectroscopy; bile salts; dynamics; fatty acids; intracellular lipid transport[]

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