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905 Possible Causes for Acoustic Neuroma, Caloric Stimulation Test Abnormal, Pulsatile Tinnitus

  • Acoustic Neuroma

    The post-surgical recurrence rate of acoustic neuroma is less than 5%.[] The typical presentation is with adult-onset sensorineural hearing loss or non-pulsatile tinnitus.[] The typical presentation is with adult-onset sensorineural hearing loss or non-pulsatile tinnitus .[]

  • Acoustic Neuritis

    Looking for nystagmus and abnormal patterns.  Positional testing: checking for BPPV  Caloric testing: irrigate ears with water of calibrated temperature, which stimulates[] Acoustic neuroma, also known as a vestibular schwannoma, is a noncancerous tumor of the vestibulocochlear nerve.[] H93.92 Unspecified disorder of left ear H93.93 Unspecified disorder of ear, bilateral H93.A1 Pulsatile tinnitus, right ear H93.A2 Pulsatile tinnitus, left ear H93.A3 Pulsatile[]

  • Labyrinthine Concussion

    Acoustic Neuroma Treatment Removed surgically or with radiation.[] 2 Responses Did you tell your neurotologist about the pulsatile tinnitus?[] The focus is on patients presented with vertigo, disequilibrium, hearing loss, pulsatile and non-pulsatile tinnitus, facial nerve weakness, and complications of the otitis[]

  • Meniere's Disease

    The ES from 18 patients with acoustic neuroma were used as controls.[] Case 5 illustrates treatment of severe and frequent attacks of vertigo in an elderly patient with a medium-sized acoustic neuroma who did not want surgical extirpation of[] The results were compared with those obtained from ES biopsy material from patients with acoustic neuromas.[]

    Missing: Pulsatile Tinnitus
  • Tinnitus

    Unilateral hearing loss plus tinnitus should increase suspicion for acoustic neuroma.[] […] and pulsatile tinnitus.[] Tinnitus can be associated with hearing loss, acoustic neuromas, drug toxicity, ear diseases, and depression.[]

    Missing: Caloric Stimulation Test Abnormal
  • Glomus Jugulare Tumor

    However, a patient with an acoustic neuroma arising in the same ear afflicted with a glomus jugulare tumor removed 5 years earlier prompted a retrospective review of 999 acoustic[] A 33-year-old woman presented a chronic headache and sore throat on the right side of her body, continuous pulsatile tinnitus with decreasing hearing in the right ear, and[] Pulsatile tinnitus improved in 49 % of patients.[]

    Missing: Caloric Stimulation Test Abnormal
  • Otosclerosis

    Abnormalities of oVEMPs and cVEMPs are more frequent than for caloric testing and BC hearing thresholds.[] Pulsatile tinnitus is also known to occur. Cochlear otosclerosis represents a continuum of the fenestral otosclerotic process.[] Neuroma Ototoxicity Cochlear Implants Hearing Loss Prevention and Ear Protection Custom Fit Earplugs Communication Strategies Strategies for the Hearing Impaired Listener[]

  • Labyrinth Disorder

    Vestibular dysfunction in facial palsy is considered to be due to a retro-labyrinthine disorder such as vestibular neuronitis or acoustic neuromas.[] neuroma is a _________ tumor arising from the eighth cranial nerve in the brain and growing in the internal auditory canal Otosclerosis is the condition of __________ of[] . • Acoustic Neuroma - a benign tumor, which lies in the vestibular portion of the eighth cranial nerve.[]

    Missing: Pulsatile Tinnitus
  • Vestibular Neuronitis

    In the galvanic body sway test (GBST), 9 patients (81.8%) showed abnormal thresholds.[] Abstract A comparative study on gait analysis comprising 11 patients with vestibular neuronitis and 10 patients with large acoustic neuroma was undertaken by the use of foot[] Pulsatile tinnitus is usually not serious.[]

  • Vestibulocochlear Nerve Disease

    Acoustic Neuroma Symptoms The early symptoms of an acoustic neuroma are often subtle.[] For pulsatile tinnitus and typewriter tinnitus, the contact is at the peripheral nervous system segment.[] What is acoustic neuroma? Acoustic neuroma is a rare noncancerous tumor.[]

    Missing: Caloric Stimulation Test Abnormal

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