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33 Possible Causes for Acoustic Neuroma, Ear Fullness, Pulsatile Tinnitus

  • Acoustic Neuroma

    This hearing loss is often accompanied by two other symptoms: tinnitus (i.e. ringing in the ear) and pressure in the ear or fullness.[] The typical presentation is with adult-onset sensorineural hearing loss or non-pulsatile tinnitus .[] The post-surgical recurrence rate of acoustic neuroma is less than 5%.[]

  • Otitis Externa

    In children with comorbid conditions or speech delay, earlier tube placement may be appropriate. 7 Don’t order imaging studies in patients with non-pulsatile bilateral tinnitus[] Symptoms include fullness, itching, swelling and marked discomfort in the ear and ear drainage[] The first sign of otitis externa is that the ear feels full and may itch.[]

  • Tinnitus

    Unilateral hearing loss plus tinnitus should increase suspicion for acoustic neuroma.[] […] and pulsatile tinnitus.[] PATIENTS: A 41-year-old man presented with tinnitus, ear fullness, and hearing loss in the left ear on mouth opening.[]

  • Acoustic Neuritis

    Acoustic neuroma, also known as a vestibular schwannoma, is a noncancerous tumor of the vestibulocochlear nerve.[] H93.92 Unspecified disorder of left ear H93.93 Unspecified disorder of ear, bilateral H93.A1 Pulsatile tinnitus, right ear H93.A2 Pulsatile tinnitus, left ear H93.A3 Pulsatile[] I also have constant ear-fullness. Do you?[]

  • Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence

    Other symptoms include hyperacusis ear fullness in the affected ear, pulsatile tinnitus, brain fog, fatigue, and headache/migraine [8] .[] Pulsatile tinnitus and autophony are now absent in the operated ears. Chronic disequilibrium is subjectively improved.[] Gaze-evoked tinnitus following acoustic neuroma resection: a de-afferentation plasticity phenomenon? Clin Otolaryngol 2002 ; 27 : 338 –43.[]

  • Glomus Jugulare Tumor

    However, a patient with an acoustic neuroma arising in the same ear afflicted with a glomus jugulare tumor removed 5 years earlier prompted a retrospective review of 999 acoustic[] A 33-year-old woman presented a chronic headache and sore throat on the right side of her body, continuous pulsatile tinnitus with decreasing hearing in the right ear, and[] Other aural signs and symptoms are ear fullness, otorrhea, hemorrhage, bruit, and the presence of a middle ear mass. Significant ear pain is uncommon.[]

  • Vestibulocochlear Nerve Disease

    Acoustic Neuroma Symptoms The early symptoms of an acoustic neuroma are often subtle.[] For pulsatile tinnitus and typewriter tinnitus, the contact is at the peripheral nervous system segment.[] Kids might also have bothersome, distracting ear problems like ear pain, pressure or "fullness"in the ears, and tinnitus (ringing or other sounds like whirring, humming, or[]

  • Labyrinthine Fistula

    During change in pressure recording of eye movement is conducted for presence of nystagmus MRI - gadolinium enhance to exclude acoustic neuroma or structural lesions of the[] H93.A1 - H93.A9 Pulsatile tinnitus R26.89 Other abnormalities of gait and mobility [imbalance] R42 Dizziness and giddiness ICD-10 codes not covered for indications listed[] With over 160 full colour images, illustrations and information tables, Otology & Middle Ear Surgery is an essential resource for otolaryngologists, ENT surgeons and residents[]

  • Central Positional Vertigo

    neuroma aminoglycoside toxicity semicircular canal dehiscence syndrome perilymphatic fistula herpes zoster oticus (Ramsay Hunt syndrome) Central vertigo describes vertigo[] Pulsatile tinnitus, a feeling of fullness in the affected ear, and headache are common.[] fullness Ear ringing Imbalance Light-headedness Motion sensitivity Nausea Oscillopsia (visual blurring) Double vision Queasiness Recurrent falls Vertigo (feeling that you[]

  • Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease

    In any patient with presumed AIED, it is essential to rule out other causes of progressive sensorineural hearing loss, such as acoustic neuroma, neurosyphilis, and Meniere[] Characteristically, patients presenting with glomus tumors are women 40 to 50 years of age who report pulsatile tinnitus and hearing loss.[] ear ossicles Ear feels full of water Ear fullness Ear lesion Ear smelly Equilibration disorder, vestibular nerve Left autoimmune inner ear disease Left ear lesion Left sided[]

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