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25 Possible Causes for Acquired Wrist Drop

  • Multifocal Motor Neuropathy

    Clinically, it is characterized by slowly progressive asymmetrical predominantly distal weakness; unilateral wrist drop, grip weakness, and foot drop are the commonest initial[] ABSTRACT Multifocal motor demyelinating neuropathy is an acquired immune-mediated neuropathy with distinctive clinical and electrophysiologic manifestations, and response[] Power was 1/5 on wrist extension and finger abduction, and there was bilateral wrist drop (see image).[]

  • Tick Paralysis

    Tick paralysis syndrome (TPS) is an uncommon cause of ascending paralysis in children. Familiarity with its clinical features is important, since prompt diagnosis and removal of the tick is curative. We report the case of a 5-year-old girl with TPS manifested as lower extremity ataxia and paralysis and briefly discuss[…][]

  • Radial Nerve Palsy

    We analyzed rest and postural hand tremors in a Parkinson's disease patient who developed and recovered from a right radial nerve palsy at the spiral groove, and found that, despite complete paralysis of all extensors below the elbow, tremor frequencies remained unchanged while tremor amplitudes actually[…][]

  • Peripheral Motor Neuropathy

    Using exome sequencing, we identified a de novo mutation (c.2971A G; T991A) in SLC12A6, the gene encoding the K( )-Cl(-) cotransporter KCC3, in a patient with an early-onset, progressive, and severe peripheral neuropathy primarily affecting motor neurons. Normally, the WNK kinase-dependent phosphorylation of T(991)[…][]

  • Radial Tunnel Syndrome

    Radial Tunnel Syndrome is caused by increased pressure on the radial nerve as it travels from the upper arm (the brachial plexus ) to the hand and wrist. Cause [ edit ] The theory is that the radial nerve becomes irritated and/or inflamed from friction caused by compression by muscles in the forearm . [1] Some[…][]

  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome

    A 55year old woman in New York City presented in May 2016 with progressive weakness, ataxia, paresthesia, and areflexia, shortly after returning from the Dominican Republic. Lumbar puncture revealed cytoalbuminological dissociation. Due to her recent travel, Zika-associated Guillain Barré syndrome (GBS) was suspected[…][]

  • Leprosy

    Diffuse multibacillary leprosy of Lucio and Latapí is mainly reported in Mexico and Central America. We report a case in a 65-year-old man in Peru. He also had Lucio's phenomenon, characterized by vascular thrombosis and invasion of blood vessel walls by leprosy bacilli, causing extensive skin ulcers.[]

  • Acquired Wrist Drop

    acquired wrist drop Chinese meaning, acquired wrist drop的中文 , acquired wrist drop的中文 , acquired wrist drop的中文 ,translation, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are[] acquired wrist drop 解釋 後天性腕下垂 acquired : adj. 1. 已得到的,已獲得的。2. 已成習慣的。3. 【生物學】習得的,後天的 (opp. natural)。 wrist : n. 1. 腕;(衣袖等的)腕部;【解剖學】腕關節;【機械工程】肘節;肘桿;軸;樞軸;耳軸;銷軸。2.[] Code Information Diagnosis Code: 736.05 Short Description: Wrist drop Long Description: Wrist drop (acquired) Code Classification: Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and[]

  • Pes Planus

    […] or foot drop (acquired) M21.33 Wrist drop (acquired) M21.331 Wrist drop, right wrist M21.332 Wrist drop, left wrist M21.339 Wrist drop, unspecified wrist M21.37 Foot drop[] drop, right wrist M21.332 Wrist drop, left wrist M21.339 Wrist drop, unspecified wrist M21.37 Foot drop (acquired) M21.371 Foot drop, right foot M21.379 Foot drop, unspecified[] (acquired) M21.371 Foot drop, right foot M21.379 Foot drop, unspecified foot M21.4 Flat foot [pes planus] (acquired) M21.40 …… unspecified foot M21.5 Acquired clawhand, clubhand[]

  • Brachial Plexus Neuropathy

    Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection has been associated with a variety of neurologic complications involving the central nervous system, the peripheral nervous system and muscle. We present a patient who developed a previously unreported complication: mononeuritis multiplex. This consisted of a severe brachial plexus[…][]

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