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10 Possible Causes for Acquired Wrist Drop, Foot Drop, Muscle Cramp

  • Multifocal Motor Neuropathy

    Clinically, it is characterized by slowly progressive asymmetrical predominantly distal weakness; unilateral wrist drop, grip weakness, and foot drop are the commonest initial[] Signs and symptoms of MMN include weakness in the hands and lower arms; muscle cramping; involuntary muscle contractions or twitching; and wasting of the involved muscles.[] Wrist drop and foot drop (leading to trips and falls) are common symptoms. Other effects can include gradual loss of finger extension, leading to a clawlike appearance.[]

  • Lead Poisoning

    Symptoms are a metallic taste in the mouth, vomiting, bloody or black diarrhea, and muscle cramps. Diagnosis is made by examination of the blood and urine. Treatment.[] Foot drop - due to motor peripheral neuropathy. Wrist drop - this is a late sign. Carpal tunnel syndrome. Gout.[] A 28-year-old man suffered from chronic bilateral knee pain accompanied by muscle fibrillations and night cramps.[]

  • Alcoholic Neuropathy

    Foot braces may also be helpful if you have problems with foot drop. If you have weakness in your arms, a wrist splint may be helpful.[] Alcoholic Neuropathy Symptoms Numbness in the arms and legs Abnormal sensations; “pins and needles” Painful sensations in the arms and legs Muscle weakness Muscle cramps or[] People can experience weakness of the muscles, muscle spasms, achy muscles or even muscle cramps. Impotency in men is another symptom of alcohol neuropathy.[]

  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome

    GBS symptoms may include: lower limb numbness and tingling, symmetrical leg and arm weakness, severe back pain, muscle aching and cramping, shortness of breath and bieralfacial[] […] continued foot drop in 12 of the AFO patients.[] Muscle aches, pains or cramps. Odd sensations such as vibrations, buzzing or ‘crawling’ under the skin. Blurred vision. Dizziness. Breathing problems.[]

  • Acquired Wrist Drop

    Affected patients also complain of muscle cramps and fasciculations. Tendon reflexes are reduced in affected regions. Sensory complaints are unusual.[] acquired wrist drop Chinese meaning, acquired wrist drop的中文 , acquired wrist drop的中文 , acquired wrist drop的中文 ,translation, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are[] ) M21.371 Foot drop, right foot M21.372 Foot drop, left foot M21.379 Foot drop, unspecified foot[]

  • Peripheral Motor Neuropathy

    MMN Symptoms Weakness Muscle wasting Cramping Involuntary contraction Twitching Small random dimpling of the muscle which neurologists call fasciculations How MMN is Diagnosed[] drop – difficulty lifting up the front part of your foot and toes, particularly noticeable when walking Autonomic neuropathy Damage to the autonomic nerves can result in[] Symptoms Signs Paresthesias (57% of patients) 3 Initially in fingers, followed by feet Impaired vibration sense Proprioception is spared Wrist and footdrop” 6 Neuritic pain[]

  • Acquired Amyloid Myopathy

    Stiffness and Later with Diplopia 588 Case 96 A Woman with Muscle Cramps and Fasciculations 594 Case 97 A Man with Large and Stiff Muscles 601 Case 98 A Boy with Short Stature[] MMN Multifocal Motor Neuropathy and Multifocal Conduction Blocks anti GM1 men acute onset of wrist or foot drop painless no sensory symptoms !![] In particular, a muscle biopsy is indicated in patients with suspected skeletal muscle disease who present with unexplained weakness, muscle cramps or pain, elevated CPK levels[]

  • Pes Planus

    This cramped state can leave the muscles of your feet unable to move and function properly – meaning they will weaken and fail to perform their duties, like holding up your[] […] or foot drop (acquired) M21.33 Wrist drop (acquired) M21.331 Wrist drop, right wrist M21.332 Wrist drop, left wrist M21.339 Wrist drop, unspecified wrist M21.37 Foot drop[] (acquired) M21.371 Foot drop, right foot M21.372 Foot drop, left foot M21.379 Foot drop, unspecified foot M21.4 Flat foot [pes planus] (acquired) M21.40 Flat foot [pes planus[]

  • Parastremmatic Dwarfism

    cramps, Anterior segment dysgenesis with cerebral involvement, Brain small vessel disease, Porencephaly, Retinal artery tortuosity, Schizencephaly COL4A2 Hemorrhage, intracerebral[] […] deformity, Wrist drop, Foot drop, Flat feet, Club foot, Unequal leg length, Winged scapula ) patella ( Luxating patella, Chondromalacia patellae ) Protrusio acetabuli - Hemarthrosis[] […] dysplasia congenital (SEDC), Spondyloperipheral dysplasia, Stickler syndrome type 1 COL3A1 Ehlers-Danlos syndrome COL4A1 Angiopathy, hereditary, with nephropathy, aneurysms, and muscle[]

  • Planovalgus

    , right wrist M21.332 Wrist drop, left wrist M21.339 Wrist drop, unspecified wrist M21.37 Foot drop (acquired) M21.371 Foot drop, right foot M21.379 Foot drop, unspecified[] There may be cramps in the daytime or at night. If the calf is connected to the myostatic contracture of the muscle, the heel plantar is flexing.[] Collapsing pes plano valgus results in too much dropping of the height of the midfoot with a disproportionate drop in the height on the inside of the foot.[]

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