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102 Possible Causes for Acrocyanosis, Disorder of Digit, Narrow Hands

  • Raynaud Phenomenon

    BACKGROUND: Raynaud phenomenon (RP) is a vasospastic disorder of the digital arteries. Severe forms are found in patients with connective tissue diseases.[] Raynaud's (say "ray-NOHZ") phenomenon is a problem when the blood vessels in the hands and feet are extra sensitive and become more narrow than normal.[] Occasionally, an alternate explanation is revealed such as acrocyanosis.[]

  • Raynaud's Disease

    Abstract Raynaud's disease is a common vasospastic disorder affecting the digits of both hands. Women are most commonly affected.[] When you are cold or stressed, the arteries in your extremities (fingers, hands, feet, toes) narrow, or constrict.[] Acrocyanosis affects both men and women, and the age at onset is usually between 20 and 45 years.[]

  • Acrocyanosis

    Considered a vasospastic disorder, it affects the arteries supplying blood to the skin of the hands and feet.[] digits on exposure to cold, that occurs in episodic attacks.[] The precise mechanism of acrocyanosis is not known.[]

  • Diffuse Scleroderma

    One of our missions is to increase recognition of this disorder. Manifestions often occur here first![] Symptoms of scleroderma include Calcium deposits in connective tissues Raynaud's phenomenon, a narrowing of blood vessels in the hands or feet Swelling of the esophagus, the[] Use cautiously with Raynaud's disease, chilblains, acrocyanosis, erythrocyanosis, or impaired temperature sensitivity, such as neuropathy.[]

  • Thromboangiitis Obliterans

    The blood vessels then narrow or get blocked by blood clots (thrombosis). Blood vessels of the hands and feet are mostly affected. Arteries are more affected than veins.[] A 25-year-old woman with progressive Raynaud's phenomenon and digital necrosis is presented.[] The authors present the case of a 34-year-old male, with ulcers in the fingertips with progressive worsening: acrocyanosis, slow healing, necrosis and finally loss of substance[]

  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

    Primary Thrombosis Hypercoagulable disorder with spontaneous thrombosis at multiple sites or times; defined by laboratory coagulation studies; treatment with anticoagulant[] It is caused by trauma, repetitive movements, exertion, anatomic narrowing of the muscles or congenital conditions.[] The repeated compression can lead to a permanent narrowing in the artery, causing clots to form and travel down the arm toward the hand.[]

  • Bullous Dystrophy Type Macular

    […] anomalies-intellectual disability-short stature syndrome Digitotalar dysmorphism Disorder of sex development-intellectual disability syndrome Disorders of vitamin D metabolism[] Fine hair Laryngomalacia Hyperkeratosis Diplopia Wide nasal bridge Syndactyly Gait ataxia Toe syndactyly Dysmetria Generalized-onset seizure Narrow forehead Cerebral visual[] Acrocyanosis MedGen UID: 65138 • Concept ID: C0221347 • Finding Persistent, symmetric, and painless blue discoloration of the extremities.[]

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    […] at night, signs of the disorder upon examination, and especially if the patient responds to a steroid shot.[] The carpal tunnel is a narrow, rigid passageway of ligament and bones at the base of the hand that houses the median nerve and the tendons that bend the fingers.[] […] binary logistic regression, surgical indication of CTS was significantly correlated to diabetes (p 0.017), other musculoskeletal disorders (p 0.02), functional signs of CTS (acrocyanosis[]

  • Erythromelalgia

    Secondary EM is related to various disorders, viz., thrombocythemia, myeloproliferative disorders, arterial hypertension, vasculitis, and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE[] Evidence suggests that it results from abnormalities in the normal narrowing and widening of certain blood vessels, leading to abnormalities in blood flow to the hands and[] Between the pain episodes, the affected skin areas are usually asymptomatic, but there are patients with typical features of acrocyanosis and/or Raynaud's phenomenon preceding[]

  • Lumbar Sympathectomy

    […] occlusion, vasospastic disorders with digital ulcerations not responding to medical treatment, Buerger disease, and frostbite. 1, 10, 21 – 23 There is a beneficial effect[] MRI on the other hand better visualizes the degree of discal degradation.[] Acrocyanosis Acrocyanosis, crurum puellarum frigidum4, may be confused with Raynaud’s disease, but it is painless and is not paroxysmal.[]

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