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14 Possible Causes for Actinic Keratosis, Sjogren's Syndrome, Unilateral Red Eye

  • Conjunctivitis

    Individuals at particular risk of recurrent conjunctivitis include those with diminished tear production (dry eyes), such as those with scleroderma or Sjogren's syndrome.[] The following "red flags" point to other more serious diagnoses, such as keratitis ( inflammation of the cornea ), iritis, or angle closure glaucoma : Unilateral red eye Changes[] The treatment was intended for the actinic keratosis she had on the chest, and the regimen of 2 consecutive once daily applications of ingenol mebutate at 500 µg/g had been[]

  • Keratitis Bullosa

    syndrome) 710.2 not in Sjögren's syndrome 370.33 specified type NEC 370.49 tuberculous (phlyctenular) (see also Tuberculosis) 017.3 [370.31] Keratoconus 371.60 acute hydrops[] Clinical Features It usually presents with a unilateral red eye. Pain is a common feature, which may be disproportionate to the clinical signs.[] ’s syndrome 110 , 111 , 112 , 113 , 114 Relapsing polychondritis Psoriasis 137 , 138 Sarcoidosis 249 , 250 , 251 , 252 , 253 Benign mucous membrane pemphigoid 118 , 120 ,[]

  • Lacrimal Gland Disorder

    Cutaneous findings in patients with primary Sjogren's syndrome. Clin Rheumatol . 2007 Aug. 26(8):1350-2. Sjogren HS.[] Patient may present with:- In acute dacryoadenitis: – There is usually unilateral, severe pain, associated redness with pressure sensation in superotemporal region of the[] Hyperkeratotic seborrheic keratosis on right upper lid. Actinic Keratosis This flat, flaky, white, scaly lesion occurs in sun-exposed areas.[]

  • Epidemic Keratoconjunctivitis

    syndrome hyposecretive KCS and non-Sjögren syndrome hyposecretive KCS , or to an excessive evaporation of tears ( evaporative KCS ).[] Clinical Pearls Suspect HSV in cases of unilateral adult-onset red eye that is inconsistent with the symptoms (i.e., the patient seems to be in far less discomfort than the[] Cheilitis (Solar Cheilitis) premalignant, caused by sun -counterpart of actinic keratosis -can develop into SCC -thick, white discoloration of lip at border and sharp demarcation[]

  • Upper Gingival Carcinoma

    Ihrler S, Baretton GB, Menauer F, et al.: Sjögren's syndrome and MALT lymphomas of salivary glands: a DNA-cytometric and interphase-cytogenetic study.[] Color: localized redness (heat?), brown or black pigmented lesions, telangiectasia, lesions, scars. Drooping: Eyes, cheeks, lips either bilaterally or unilaterally.[] Actinic Cheilitis This form of actinic keratosis occurs most often on the lower lip, causing it to become dry, cracked, scaly and pale or white. Why the lower lip?[]

  • Orbital Metastasis

    Inflammatory These may include: Sarcoidosis Scleritis Orbital vasculitis Sjögren's syndrome Wegener's granulomatosis Dermatomyositis Systemic lupus erythematosus [ 3 ] Vascular[] The patient presented with a history of unilateral painless red eye and displayed on examination a nodule in the superior orbital rim, proptosis, and neurotrophic keratitis[] The squamous carcinoma usually appears on a precedent epithelial lesion, such as actinic keratosis, keratoacantoma or radiation dermatitis.[]

  • Circinate Balanitis of Reiter's Disease

    Previous research by mail: Sjogren's Syndrome, or crystallized and sweetened.[] Eye pain, red eye, blurry vision, photophobia, and increased lacrimation are presenting signs.[] Menu Close Presented by Cutis Past Issues Career For Authors Register or Login Full Menu Full Menu CME Diseases & Conditions Acne Actinic Keratosis Aesthetic Dermatology Atopic[]

  • Isolated Congenital Alacrima

    Sjögren’s syndrome. Lancet. 2005;366:321–331. 50.Hayashi Y, Arakaki r, Ishimaru N. The role of caspase cascade on the development of primary Sjogren’s syndrome.[] […] or bilateral) Purulent discharge Viral: Viral Commonly, a viral URTI has preceded the eye infection Acute onset of redness Mild to no pain, possibly gritty sensation or mild[] […] neuropathy, ichthyosis, and palmoplantar keratoderma syndrome Disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis (DSAP) Punctate palmoplantar keratoderma (PPKP) Acral peeling[]

  • Vertical Heterotropia

    syndrome (710.2) 370.34 Exposure keratoconjunctivitis 370.35 Neurotrophic keratoconjunctivitis 370.4 Other and unspecified keratoconjunctivitis 370.40 Keratoconjunctivitis[] The most frequent form of uveitis is acute anterior uveitis (iritis), usually unilateral and characterized by a history of pain, photophobia, and blurring of vision; a red[] […] obturans of external ear (canal) Excludes: cholesteatoma NOS (385.30-385.35) postmastoidectomy (383.32) 380.22 Other acute otitis externa Acute otitis externa: actinic chemical[]

  • Congenital Ectropion Uveae

    , conjunctivitis, contact lens problem, cranial nerve palsy, dry eye syndrome, environmental condition, meibomianitis, rheumatoid arthritis, Sjogren's syndrome, trauma.[] Red reflex examination was normal except for one case of unilateral vitreous hemorrhage and one case with congenital cataract.[] Epithelial tumours benign such as keratoacanthoma or actinic keratosis and squamous papilloma malignant such as basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma infection[]

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