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1,403 Possible Causes for Action Tremor, Autistic Disorder, Facial Grimacing

  • Parkinson's Disease

    On examination, moderate rigidity, asymmetric bradykinesia, and bilateral action tremor were present. He was started on levodopa with significant improvement.[] We'll pay attention to the development of a distinction made between action tremor and rest tremor.[] RESULTS: We report a 74-years-old man with sporadic PD who developed tremor in his right hand and slowness.[]

    Missing: Facial Grimacing
  • Chorea Gravidarum

    grimaces.[] The appearance of facial grimaces slurred speech and impaired coordination may accompany this movement disorder.[] […] chorea which presents with involuntary abnormal movement, characterized by abrupt, brief, nonrhythmic, nonrepetitive movement of any limb, often associated with nonpatterned facial[]

    Missing: Autistic Disorder
  • Tourette Syndrome

    Although there are numerous reports attributing Mozart's peculiar personality and behaviour to a spectrum of neurobehavioural disorders such as Tourette's syndrome, autistic[] Some of the more common tics include: eye blinking and other vision irregularities, facial grimacing, shoulder shrugging, and head or shoulder jerking.[] Tic Categories Two categories of TS tics and some common examples are: Simple: Motor - Eye blinking, head jerking, shoulder shrugging and facial grimacing; Vocal - Throat[]

    Missing: Action Tremor
  • Senile Chorea

    Cerebellar Tremor (Intention Tremor) Slow action tremor that most commonly occurs with purposeful movement (such as in doing finger to nose test ) Usually associated with[] The symptoms vary in severity--from mild cases in which there is restlessness, facial grimacing, and a slight degree of incoordination of movements, to severe cases involving[] In some cases, senile chorea accompanied by generalized hyperkinesis, exciting all the facial muscles, the muscles of the limbs and body.[]

    Missing: Autistic Disorder
  • Huntington's Disease

    grimaces.[] Typical features include a bizarre, puppet-like gait, facial grimacing, inability to intentionally move the eyes quickly without blinking or head thrusting (oculomotor apraxia[] […] manifest HD, even as far as 15 years before the disease onset. [ 7 ] Early signs may be personality change, self-neglect, apathy with clumsiness, fidgeting with fleeting facial[]

    Missing: Autistic Disorder
  • Rheumatic Chorea

    The symptoms vary in severity, from mild cases in which there is facial grimacing, restlessness and slight incoordination to severe cases where involuntary movements make[] grimacing.[] In milder cases of Sydenham's, the patient may have only facial grimacing and some difficulty putting on clothes or doing other tasks that require fine coordination.[]

    Missing: Autistic Disorder
  • Cerebral Palsy

    Actions when such features are noted: Routine comfort measures: reposition, check diaper, etc Remove ankle foot orthotics Vibrating mat or pulmonary vest (when features persist[] grimacing, and inarticulate speech (dysarthria)—all of which increase under stress or excitement.[] They may also experience involuntary facial grimaces and drooling. Sitting straight or walking are difficult.[]

  • Orofacial Dyskinesia

    Safety and tolerability of aripiprazole for irritability in pediatric patients with autistic disorder: a 52-week, open-label, multicenter study.[] Tremors can occur with action, at rest, and with holding a position or posture. The tremor can be so rapid it is often described as a "flicker of light."[] On day 4 of treatment, she experienced involuntary, rhythmic facial grimacing accompanied by periodic cervical muscular contractures.[]

  • Anxiety Disorder

    We expand the phenotypic spectrum associated with this recurrent deletion performing the clinical description of a 9-year-old female patient with autistic disorder, total[] We have characterized a de novo complex rearrangement of the long arm of chromosome 7 in a female patient with moderate mental retardation (MR), anxiety disorder, and autistic[] Anxiety disorders in children and adolescents with autistic spectrum disorders: A meta-analysis. Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review, 14, 302-317.[]

    Missing: Facial Grimacing
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

    METHODS: Parents of 29 autistic disorder (AD), 28 pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) and 29 ADHD children were recruited into the study, and[] Some people with Tourette syndrome have nervous tics and repetitive mannerisms, such as eye blinks, facial twitches, or grimacing.[] People with Tourette syndrome have various nervous tics and repetitive mannerisms, such as eye blinks, facial twitches, or grimacing.[]

    Missing: Action Tremor

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