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1,920 Possible Causes for Acute Abdomen

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  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    When a patient complains of abdominal pain, the various causes of an acute abdomen or referred pain should be considered.[] Abstract Introduction: Certain enteroinvasive germs which cause diarrhea, such as Salmonella, can produce acute abdomen in a small per-centage of cases.[] […] full feeling in the upper abdomen after eating Some symptoms associated with acute gastritis are also seen in other health conditions.[]

  • Appendicitis

    In conclusion, surgeons should be aware of this possibility in the diagnostic and therapeutic management of acute abdomen.[] The foreign body often mimics another cause of acute abdomen and requires an emergency surgical intervention.[] Management is exclusively surgical, since no case described in the literature was diagnosed preoperatively and the findings usually point to acute abdomen.[]

  • Polyarteritis Nodosa

    Here we report a case of a young Chinese patient who presented with an acute abdomen requiring surgery and made good recovery post operatively.[] Although in the present case, the patient complained of epigastralgia, acute abdomen was absent.[] abdomen is associated with a 50 percent mortality rate. 1 Prompt treatment with corticosteroids and cyclophosphamide improves 5- year survival to 80 percent, 5 making early[]

  • Rectal Perforation

    In this report, we present a case of child physical abuse resulting in bladder and rectal perforations, which was initially referred to our hospital as acute abdomen with[] J Pioneer Med Sci. 2014; 4(1):49-51 Case Report ABSTRACT Spontaneous perforation of the colon or rectum is a rare cause of acute abdomen in surgery.[] Abstract Spontaneous perforation of large bowel compare to small bowel is very uncommon and among them “spontaneous rectal perforation” is very rare cause of acute abdomen[]

  • Ascariasis

    We present three cases of ascariasis in pregnant or postpartum women, presenting with acute abdomen.[] abdomen.[] All but one patient presented with acute onset pain abdomen radiating to the back. One patient presented with features of acute cholecystitis.[]

  • Retroperitoneal Hemorrhage

    Acute gynecologic disorders; Evaluating the acute abdomen in the pregnant patient; MR evaluation of the acute, non-traumatic abdomen in adolescents and adults; and more![] Spontaneous retroperitoneal hemorrhage is a lethal cause of acute abdomen that is most frequently related to drugs, coagulopathy and intra-abdominal tumors.[] We present the case of a 29-year-old, pregnant woman who, at 27 weeks' gestation, suffered an acute abdomen with hypovolemic shock that led to intrauterine fetal death in[]

  • Viral Gastroenteritis

    An abdominal CT scan was performed in 4 patients with norovirus and in 1 with rotavirus for suspected acute abdomen including acute appendicitis.[] See also the separate leaflet called Acute Diarrhoea in Children . Crampy pains in the tummy (abdomen) are common.[] To evaluate computed tomography (CT) findings in pediatric patients with viral gastroenteritis who presented with clinical features of acute abdomen.[]

  • Anisakiasis

    We report a case of acute abdomen due to terminal ileum involvement.[] We report a case of acute abdomen due to Anisakis simplex infection that caused small bowel obstruction.[] We suggest that anisakiasis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of patients with acute abdomen.[]

  • Acute Arsenic Poisoning

    More severe gastrointestinal (GI) manifestations of AAP include abdominal pain, which is usually colicky, but may also appear as an acute abdomen, and passage of large volumes[]

  • Biliary Peritonitis

    We describe a case of 65-year old previously healthy man, who present with signs of acute abdomen, due to biliary peritonitis as a complication of acute acalculouscholecystitis[] Most patients present with an acute abdomen and are operated upon urgently without diagnostic iter.[] Spontaneous rupture of intrahepatic biliary ducts is a rare cause of acute abdomen due to biliary peritonitis.[]

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