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33 Possible Causes for Acute Abdomen, Midline Defects, Periumbilical Pain

  • Small Bowel Obstruction

    The patient was taken to the operating room for a midline laparotomy, and RPTH with incarcerated small bowel was diagnosed.[] The interest of these cases lies in this exceptional form of presentation, such as a surgical acute abdomen.[] Evaluate pain . Crampy abdominal pain, an early sign, may be centered in the periumbilical area.[]

  • Littre Hernia

    Midline Defects Midline defects include umbilical, epigastric, and hypogastric hernias.[] We present the unique case of an elderly woman with acute abdomen secondary to the coexistence of both these conditions.[] pain  Recurrent episodes of intestinal obstruction  Physical examination  May reveal palpable mass of herniated bowel loops with localized tenderness  Diagnostic studies[]

  • Umbilical Hernia

    […] supraumbilical incision including the umbilical hernia defect.[] They are usually diagnosed as an incidental laparotomy finding in adults but in childhood, they may present with acute abdomen.[] We report a case of a painful periumbilical mass ultimately diagnosed as an infected urachal cyst.[]

  • Ventral Hernia

    A hernia caused by weakness of the anterior ABDOMINAL WALL due to midline defects, previous incisions, or increased intra-abdominal pressure.[] There were no signs of acute abdomen. We induced stool, and the mesh came out with it. His further course was uneventful.[] Clinical Information A hernia caused by weakness of the anterior abdominal wall due to midline defects, previous incisions, or increased intra-abdominal pressure.[]

  • Cecal Volvulus

    The midline structural defects with nonfixation of the cecum and ascending colon, chronic constipation, and previous abdominal surgery might have been the predisposing factors[] We review the safety and utility of medical diagnostic imaging in the assessment of the acute abdomen in pregnancy.[] Condition Presentation Diagnosis Management Appendicitis [14] Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, fever Periumbilical pain, migrates to RLQ Clinical (history & physical exam[]

  • Sigmoid Volvulus

    We changed our gowns and redraped the abdomen and then turned to closing the midline fascia defect with 0 PDS in a running fashion.[] We present a rare clinical case of acute abdomen due to torsion of wandering spleen and volvulus of sigmoid in a 14-year-old girl presented with painful periumbilical mass[] Clinical Features Abdominal pain Crampy and intermittent type of pain. It may be periumbilical or diffuse.[]

  • Abdominal Hernia

    An emergency midline laparotomy was performed, and the defect was corrected.[] Usually such hernias are diagnosed only during surgical exploration for an acute abdomen or intestinal obstruction.[] Symptoms of abdominal herniations may be absent or non-specific, consisting of mild abdominal discomfort alternating with episodes of intense periumbilical pain and nausea[]

  • Volvulus of the Small Intestine

    A small bowel contrast imaging study revealed a duodenal rotation defect, with the whole small intestine (jejunum and ileum) on the right side of the midline and a vertical[] Our patient displayed an acute abdomen with widespread abdominal defense.[] , nausea and vomiting are nonspecific. 4 The most important clue is a recent history of intermittent, recurring abdominal pain that is usually periumbilical or epigastric[]

  • Omental Volvulus

    A midline laparotomy showed a large congenital defect of the left hemidiaphragm. The left hemithorax contained the stomach, spleen, left lobe of the liver and omentum.[] Keywords Omental torsion Acute abdomen Surgical resection Background Omental torsion and infarction are rare and unusual causes of acute abdominal pain.[] Upon transfer to our institution, he had persistent bilious emesis with periumbilical abdominal pain.[]

  • Retractile Mesenteritis

    Click here to view Midline exploratory incision revealed a mass in the mesentery of the small bowel (ileum) with no evidence of hematoma or infarction ( [Figure 2] ).[] Acute abdomen; Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis; SBP; Cirrhosis - spontaneous peritonitis Kuemmerle JF.[] Midgut structures (small bowel, proximal colon, and appendix) cause periumbilical pain. Hindgut structures (distal colon and GU tract) cause lower abdominal pain.[]