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213 Possible Causes for Acute Bronchitis, Dark Urine

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  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Patients with glomerulonephritis may have loss of appetite, lethargy, dull back pain, and dark urine. Blood pressure may be elevated, and edema may occur.[] In onset of hypersomnia, significant correlations existed among "acute upper respiratory infections" (r 0.446*), "acute bronchitis and bronchiolitis" (r 0.462*), and "pharyngitis[] Changes in the post-CPG period included (1) The diagnosis of URI was used less frequently whereas the diagnosis of common cold, pharyngitis and acute bronchitis were used[]

  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    Patients with glomerulonephritis may have loss of appetite, lethargy, dull back pain, and dark urine. Blood pressure may be elevated, and edema may occur.[] Viruses are responsible for more than 90 percent of acute bronchitis infections.[] Final diagnoses were: 49 patients with CAP, 30 COPD patients with acute exacerbations, and 30 patients with acute bronchitis.[]

  • Influenza

    If your urine is dark, you need to drink more. Try to drink a glass of fluids, such as water, every hour while you are awake.[]

  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection

    Contact your health care provider immediately or call 9-1-1 if any of the following symptoms develop: Dehydration (dry mouth, inability to produce tears, dark urine, dry skin[] […] bronchiolitis H00401 Respiratory syncytial virus infection CA42 Acute bronchitis H00401 Respiratory syncytial virus infection Pathogen Human respiratory syncytial virus [[] Human diseases in ICD-11 classification [BR: br08403 ] 12 Diseases of the respiratory system Lung infections CA40 Pneumonia H00401 Respiratory syncytial virus infection CA41 Acute[]

  • Rhabdomyolysis

    As no erythrocytes in the microscopic examination of the urine and hemoglobinuria were present, myoglobinuria due to rhabdomyolysis was the most probable cause of dark urine[] The patient was taking a variety of heart medications including simvastatin and had recently been treated with azithromycin to combat acute bronchitis.[] Symptoms of rhabdomyolysis include dark urine, muscle weakness and fatigue. Statins are the most commonly used drugs for prevention and management of dyslipidemia.[]

  • Pseudoephedrine

    Later symptoms may include pain in your upper stomach, dark urine, and yellowing of your skin or the whites of your eyes.[] Picture of Bronchitis Acute bronchitis usually comes on quickly and gets better after several weeks. See a picture of Acute Bronchitis and learn more...[] Tell your pharmacist or doctor if you have or have had any of the following medical conditions: a respiratory condition (such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis or acute or[]

  • Emphysematous Cystitis

    A 65-year-old female presented to the Emergency Department with altered mental status, weakness, dark urine, dysuria and fever. She was febrile and lethargic.[] We report a case of emphysematous cystitis in a diabetic male who was admitted under the impressions of hypoglycemia, acute bronchitis, and chronic renal failure.[]

  • Cefotaxime

    ), signs of liver problems (such as nausea / vomiting that doesn't stop, loss of appetite, stomach / abdominal pain , yellowing eyes / skin , dark urine).[] Bacterial infections of the lungs and airways (respiratory tract), eg acute bronchitis , chronic bronchitis , pneumonia , lung abscess, chest infections following surgery.[] Signs of liver problems like dark urine, feeling tired, not hungry, upset stomach or stomach pain, light-colored stools, throwing up, or yellow skin or eyes.[]

  • Encephalitis

    Some other common symptoms include: Fatigue Dark urine Vomiting Weight loss Grey stools Joint pain In rare cases, liver disease and death The symptoms may not appear until[] ‘Rarely, flu can develop into a high fever, acute bronchitis, encephalitis and pneumonia.’[]

  • Viral Disease

    Typical symptoms of Hep A can include: fever fatigue lack of appetite nausea, vomiting dark urine clay-colored stools jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes).[] What is acute bronchitis? What is bronchitis? Dr Sarah Jarvis MBE Acute bronchitis is an infection of the the bronchi - the large airways.[] Examples of illnesses that are caused by viruses: Most sore throats Most coughs, colds and runny noses Acute sinusitis Acute bronchitis Some eye or ear infections Respiratory[]

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