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70 Possible Causes for Acute Cholecystitis, Bacterial Meningitis, Congenital Fractures

  • Diabetes Mellitus

    […] malformations, macrosomia (and later childhood/adolescent overweight), shoulder dystocia, nerve palsy, bone fracture, jaundice, and infant death. 26, 28 – 30 The ADA advises[] […] malformations, macrosomia (and later childhood/adolescent overweight), shoulder dystocia, nerve palsy, bone fracture, jaundice, and infant death. 26 , 28 – 30 The ADA advises[] - to fourfold increased risk of infant malformations. 26, 27 The goal of screening is to reduce maternal and fetal complications such as preeclampsia, cesarean delivery, congenital[]

  • Viral Pleurisy

    […] pulpitis 【細菌性食中毒】*bacterial food poisoning 【細菌性髄膜炎】*bacterial meningitis 【細菌性脊椎炎】*bacterial spondylitis 化膿性脊椎炎、感染性脊椎炎 【細菌性赤痢】*bacillary dysentery 【細菌性膣症】*bacterial vaginosis[] […] syphilis 【先天性貧毛[症]】*hypotrichosis congenita[L] 【先天性風疹症候群】*congenital rubella syndrome (略 CRS) (剪) 【剪端骨折】*shearing fracture (疝) 【疝痛】*colic 【疝痛麻痺】*colicoplegia (尖) 【尖頭合指症】*[] […] anteroseptal myocardial infarction 【急性大動脈解離】*acute aortic dissection (略 AD) 【急性胆嚢炎】*acute cholecystitis 【急性虫垂炎】*acute appendicitis 【急性中毒性表皮剥離(剥脱)】*epidermolysis acuta toxica[]

  • Meningoencephalitis

    […] in parallel with worsening of the bacterial meningitis or meningoencephalitis headache has significantly improved in parallel with improvement in the bacterial meningitis[] , or infections of the nasopharynx or the nasal sinuses that have formed a tract with the subarachnoid space (see above); occasionally, congenital defects of the dura mater[] Rocky Mountain spotted fever mimicking acute cholecystitis. Arch Intern Med 1985;145:2194–6. CrossRef PubMed Walker DH, Blanton LS.[]

  • Mollaret's Meningitis

    During the first three episodes, the patient was treated with anti-tuberculous drugs and antibiotics for bacterial meningitis; however for the last episode, once the diagnosis[] Examples: Congenital middle ear abnormalities Persistent dermal sinus along the spinal column Basilar skull fractures Sinusitis, Mastoiditis, Deep Space Abscess Immunodeficiencies[] Viral Hepatitis 299 43 Chronic Hepatitis 309 Cholecystitis and Cholangitis 321 45 Pyogenic Liver Abscess 327 46 Infectious Complications of Acute Pancreatitis 331 47 Esophageal[]

  • Diffuse Serous Labyrinthitis

    Conclusion MRI can visualize the involvement of inner ear structures in bacterial meningitis.[] Murphy's sign (tenderness and inspiratory arrest with palpation in the right upper quadrant of the abdomen) may be elicited in acute cholecystitis.[] […] erosion - presence of a congenital dehiscence (eg: dehiscent facial canal) or a preformed pathway (eg: skull base fracture) - obstruction of drainage eg: by a polyp - low[]

  • Spinal Cord Infarction

    A literature search was conducted to identify previously reported cases of pediatric spinal cord infarction associated with acute bacterial meningitis, anatomic brain anomalies[] The atlas may be fractured on the posterior arch, ring, or anterior arch.[] cholecystitis, esophagitis, or splenic rupture may mimic MI.[]

  • Cerebral Palsy

    A small number of children have CP as the result of brain damage in the first few months or years of life, brain infections such as bacterial meningitis or viral encephalitis[] Mutations in subunits of the activating signal cointegrator 1 complex are associated with prenatal spinal muscular atrophy and congenital bone fractures.[] Children with SNI are also at increased risk of GERD, gastric ulcer, acute pancreatitis (associated with valproic acid and hypothermia), cholecystitis (associated with tube[]

  • Palmar Abscess

    […] food poisoning【細菌性食中毒】 *bacterial infection【細菌性感染】 *bacterial meningitis【細菌性髄膜炎】 *bacterial pneumonia【細菌性肺炎】 *bacterial pulpitis【細菌性歯髄炎】 *bacterial vaginosis【細菌性膣症】 *bad[] 圧迫骨折 computed tomography (CT) コンピュータ断層撮影[法] condyle顆(か) congenital dislocation of the hip (CDH)先天性股関節脱臼、先天股脱 congenital muscular torticollis先天性筋性斜頚 contracture拘縮 contrast[] Tumors invading the GI tract, active peptic ulcer disease, inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis, cholecystitis, symptomatic cholangitis or appendicitis, acute pancreatitis[]

  • Severe Idiopathic Pneumococcemia

    Serious bacterial infectious syndromes that occur in children 3 to 36 months of age include meningitis, pneumonia, and cellulitis.[] , vertebra, by site, with spinal cord injury fracture, vertebra - see Fracture, vertebra, by site, with spinal cord injury ataxic - see Degeneration, combined, spinal cord[] Generally, 1-2.9 of children meeting these criteria will develop a serious bacterial infection, 0.7 bacteremia, 0.14 meningitis. 28 Infants 1 to 3 months Rochester Criteria[]

  • Adrenal Infarction

    Pseudomonas aeruginosa can also cause WFS. [3] WFS can also be caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae infections, a common bacterial pathogen typically associated with meningitis[] Hypothalamic-related : Congenital. Corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) deficiency. Trauma - eg, fracture of the skull base. Radiotherapy. Surgery.[] Compared with abdominal CT scans done 10 days prior for acute cholecystitis, these findings were new and highly suggestive of acute bilateral adrenal hemorrhage.[]