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3,203 Possible Causes for Acute Cholecystitis, Congenital Fractures, Leukocytes Increased

  • Ascending Cholangitis

    […] diaphragmatic hernias Congenital immunodeficiency disorders Congenital neck masses Congenital TORCH infections Congenital visceral malformations Congestive heart failure[] acute cholecystitis: stone in cystic duct/this is inflammation and not infection/ RUQ pain/ fever if there will we low grade/ no jaundice since its not obstructing CBD/ murphys[] What is acute cholecystitis and what complications may it cause? S & Sx of acute cholecystitis. Describe the Ix used to confirm a Dx of gallstones.[]

  • Acute Myocardial Infarction

    Gastrointestinal: oesophageal spasm , gastro-oesophageal reflux disease , acute gastritis, cholecystitis , acute pancreatitis . Musculoskeletal chest pain.[] Increased secretion of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interferon-gamma by mononuclear leukocytes in patients with ischemic heart disease.[] Gastrointestinal: oesophageal spasm, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, acute gastritis, cholecystitis, acute pancreatitis. Musculoskeletal chest pain.[]

    Missing: Congenital Fractures
  • Choledocholithiasis

    Introduction: The prevalence of choledocholithiasis among patients with acute cholecystitis is estimated to be between 9 and 16.5%.[] However, elevated alanine aminotransferase, concurrent acute cholecystitis, and CBD diameter were identified as key factors that may affect the accuracy of the diagnosis.[] Ultrasound scan showed acute cholecystitis with stones in the bile duct. After 2-week-long antibiotic therapy the acute cholecystitis and hepatic impairment resolved.[]

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  • Appendicitis

    These include patients operated on for acute appendicitis , acute cholecystitis, hernia or non-toxic goitre.[] Doctors try to establish whether a patient may have appendicitis by measuring the number of white blood cells (leukocytes), which often increase from the normal count of between[] cholecystitis, perforated peptic ulcer, mesenteric adenitis, Meckel's diverticulitis, Crohn's disease, diverticulitis, pancreatitis, rectus sheath haematoma, gastroenteritis[]

    Missing: Congenital Fractures
  • Acute Pancreatitis

    Ruptured left gastric artery aneurysm and left hepatic artery aneurysm with intraperitoneal hemorrhage associated with acute pancreatitis and cholecystitis.[] The expression levels of IL-6 and TNF-α mRNAs and proteins were significantly increased in leukocytes from AEP and ANP rats, compared with the levels in the control animals[] Gluud, Infection increases mortality in necrotizing pancreatitis: A systematic review and meta-analysis, Pancreatology, 16, 5, (698), (2016).[]

    Missing: Congenital Fractures
  • Subphrenic Abscess

    cholecystitis.[] Know that pts will usually have an increase in leukocytes post-op; physiologic. Infections complications include suphrenic abscess and OPSI.[] . 3- Acute cholecystitis. 4- Post operative infected haematoma. 5- Generalized peritonitis localized to suphrenic space. mClinical picture: "Fever of unknown etiology" "hectic[]

    Missing: Congenital Fractures
  • Hereditary Spherocytosis

    Pigmented gallstones (calcium bilirubinate) Elevated reticulocyte count, indirect bilirubin, serum LDH Treatment : Folic acid supplementation Splenectomy Complications : Acute[] cholecystitis (from bilirubin gallstones) Notes : Post splenectomy, patients require anti-pneumococcal, Haemophilius, and menigococcal vaccines Additionally, daily oral penicillin[]

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  • Liver Abscess

    Emphysematous cholecystitis is a rare variant of acute cholecystitis with a high mortality rate.[] The size of abscess was correlated with leukocytes increase, albumin decrease, and time duration for body temperature normalization (all p p  0.022).[] Infection is one of the most serious complications of ERCP and these include ascending cholangitis, liver abscess, acute cholecystitis, infected pancreatic pseudocyst, peritonitis[]

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  • Acute Emphysematous Cholecystitis

    The authors report a rare case of acute emphysematous cholecystitis with pneumoperitoneum. Emphysematous cholecystitis is an uncommon variant of acute cholecystitis.[] […] capillary permeability, cardiotoxicity, and leukocyte dysfunction.[] BACKGROUND/AIMS: Our aim is to present our experience with acute emphysematous cholecystitis (AEC), a severe variety of acute cholecystitis characterized by early gangrene[]

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  • Acute Cholecystitis

    Patients with acute cholecystitis are usually more acutely ill-looking than those with biliary colic.[] Treatment of Acute Cholecystitis Concerning infectious diseases of the gallbladder, acute cholecystitis is most common.[] We conducted a systematic review by including randomized trials of early laparoscopic cholecystectomy for acute cholecystitis.[]

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