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466 Possible Causes for Acute Laryngitis, Chills, Myocarditis, Night Sweats

  • Influenza

    They may include body or muscle aches chills cough fever headache sore throat is it a cold or the flu? colds rarely cause a fever or headaches.[] Few reports exist regarding recurrent fulminant influenza myocarditis.[] ), acute sinusitis, acute tonsillitis, acute laryngitis and tracheitis.[] Signs that influenza is getting worse include fever, shaking chills, and shortness of breath.[]

    Missing: Night Sweats
  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    Common symptoms are mild throat inflammation, malaise, anorexia, and chills. Both sexes equally affected.[] Acute chest pain in myocarditis mimics acute coronary syndrome.[] Other symptoms of mono are fatigue, decreased appetite, myalgias (body aches), rash, headache, swollen tonsils, enlarged spleen, enlarged liver and even night sweats.[] The onset of illness can be abrupt, but often will appear gradually over several days, with chills, sweats and loss of appetite. How is it spread?[]

    Missing: Acute Laryngitis
  • Blastomycosis

    In cases, when it does, the following signs are evident in individuals affected with blastomycosis: Fever accompanied by chills Myalgia Cough Chest pain Joint pain Undue fatigue[] More than one-half of all patients had symptoms that included fever, cough, weight loss, night sweats, and pleuritic chest pain.[] Mucous membrane involvement - Occurs in 50% of patients with acute pulmonary infection; includes laryngeal and pharyngeal lesions Oral lesions - May be associated with nasal[] sweats, hemoptysis, and a lung mass suggesting tuberculosis or carcinoma of the lung.[]

  • Corynebacterium Diphtheriae

    The patient was a 35-year-old male drug addict who was brought to the hospital with fever, chills, and abdominal pain.[] All had myocarditis, two had asphyxia due to membrane formation in the lower respiratory tract, and one had severe polyneuritis.[] In laryngeal lesions, there is a deep layer of lymphocytes. The acute inflammatory reaction often extends into the mucous glands of the respiratory tract.[] Abstract A 54-year-old female with a prosthetic mitral valve presented with a 3-day history of dizziness, subjective fever, and chills.[]

    Missing: Night Sweats
  • Brucellosis

    The patients with this disease are typically present with chills, fever, asthenia and sweating.[] […] vol. 19 (pg. 452 - 3 ) 16 Solitary pulmonary nodule due to Brucella suis: report of a cas, Dis Chest, 1966 , vol. 49 (pg. 222 - 4 ) 17 Acute pulmonary edema in Brucella myocarditis[] The patient described fever, night sweats, widespread muscle pain and fatigue that had been going on for the last six days.[] When fever breaks, the patient may experience cold sweats and chills. After a few hours, fever spikes again. The associating symptoms may or may not persist.[]

    Missing: Acute Laryngitis
  • Tuberculosis

    […] the lungs typically include: • A bad cough lasting more than two weeks • Coughing up blood or sputum (phlegm from deep in the lungs) • Chest pain, fever, fatigue/weakness, chills[] Tuberculous myocarditis: A case report.[] Other symptoms include the following: fever, loss of appetite, weight loss, and night sweats .[] The general symptoms of TB disease include Unexplained weight loss Loss of appetite Night sweats Fever Fatigue Chills The symptoms of TB of the lungs include Coughing for[]

    Missing: Acute Laryngitis
  • Disseminated Tuberculosis

    Case Presentation: A 58 year-old man presented with a 3-month history of night sweats, chills and a 30 pound weight loss.[] I40.1 Isolated myocarditis I40.8 Other acute myocarditis I40.9 Acute myocarditis, unspecified I67.3 Progressive vascular leukoencephalopathy I67.83 Posterior reversible encephalopathy[] The most common presenting symptoms were: weight loss (100%), night sweats (85%) and fever (66.6%).[] Influenzal: acute upper respiratory infection laryngitis pharyngitis pleural effusion Influenza with other manifestations, virus not identified Encephalopathy due to influenza[]

  • Endocarditis

    PRESENTATION: A 44-year-old woman presented to the infectious department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital (Beijing) in August 2013, with a 7-week history of fevers, chills[] This may cause myocarditis or pericarditis.[] Patients with endocarditis can develop: fever , fatigue , chills , weakness aching joints and muscles, night sweats , edema (fluid collection) in the leg(s), foot ( feet )[] […] year-old female with a past history of aortic valve replacement, mitral annuloplasty and pacemaker implantation admitted to hospital due to weakening, subfebrile state and chills[]

    Missing: Acute Laryngitis
  • Acute Pericarditis

    […] lying flat, and may increase with coughing and swallowing Can feel sharp and stabbing Is often relieved by sitting up and leaning or bending forward You may have fever, chills[] We report a case of acquired toxoplasmosis in an immunocompetent healty 32-year-old man, presenting as acute pericarditis and myocarditis.[] Presentation is usually acute with high fevers, chills, night sweats, and dyspnea, but the classic findings of chest pain or friction rub are rare.[] Other symptoms suggestive of a recent or concomitant viral illness, such as fatigue, fever, chills, or respiratory or gastrointestinal symptoms, might also be present in either[]

    Missing: Acute Laryngitis
  • Vasculitis

    Abstract A previously healthy 77-year-old Japanese man presented with a 2-week history of daily fevers peaking at 38 C, chills, hearing loss, and almost 10 kg of unintentional[] Myocarditis and coronary artery aneurysm formation may result in myocardial infarction early or late in the course of the disease.[] After completion of 4 cycles of ipilimumab for the treatment of metastatic melanoma, our patient complained of increasing fatigue, drenching night sweats, and chills.[] Acute laryngeal edema can be life-threatening.[]

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