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98 Possible Causes for Acute Laryngitis, Pleurisy

  • Psittacosis

    A patient developed signs of a progressive pericardial effusion over a period of eight days. Diagnostic and therapeutic pericardiocentesis was performed. Viral titres to psittacosis rose from less than 1:8 to greater than 1:256 indicating recent infection.[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    […] for adults with acute laryngitis.[] […] separate leaflets about other infections of the respiratory tract and related structures, called Bronchiolitis, Pneumonia, Tonsillitis, Sore Throat, Acute Sinusitis and Pleurisy[] […] separate leaflets about other infections of the respiratory tract and related structures, called Bronchiolitis , Pneumonia , Tonsillitis , Sore Throat , Acute Sinusitis and Pleurisy[]

  • Spasmodic Croup

    To the Editor: —Among the remedies for acute laryngitis suggested in a recent and elaborate contribution to the Journal , I am surprised that no mention is made of the oleoresin[] […] membrane muscular nature nerves nervous system neuralgia observed occur opium organic pain paralysis paroxysm patient percussion period phenomena phthisis physical signs pleura pleurisy[] Other causes are those which induce acute laryngitis, especially sudden exposure to cold air.[]

  • Mycoplasma Pneumonia

    They are usually asymptomatic, although immune deficiencies can cause acute symptoms.[] ICD-10-CM J15.7 is grouped within Diagnostic Related Group(s) (MS-DRG v 36.0): 193 Simple pneumonia and pleurisy with mcc 194 Simple pneumonia and pleurisy with cc 195 Simple[] Rarely, complications such as sinusitis, pleurisy, polyneuritis, myocarditis, or Stevens-Johnson syndrome may follow the pneumonia.[]

  • Acute Laryngitis and/or Tracheitis

    Code Information Diagnosis Code: J04 Short Description: Acute laryngitis and tracheitis Long Description: Acute laryngitis and tracheitis The code J04 is NOT VALID for claim[] The patient will rapidly become febrile, with a temperature of up to 39.5’C, along with pleuritic pain and a dry cough.[] J04 Acute laryngitis and tracheitis NON-BILLABLE BILLABLE J04.0 Acute laryngitis J04.1 Acute tracheitis NON-BILLABLE BILLABLE J04.2 Acute laryngotracheitis J04.3 Supraglottitis[]

  • Aspiration Pneumonia

    In such cases, it is likely that secretions in the pyriform sinuses enter the laryngeal inlet.[] […] increased fluids (3l/day), thin up mucous, increased RR, and to replace insensible losses, antipyretics, fever, analgesics (chest pain), antiemtic (gerd,proton pump inhibitor) -Pleurisy[] Hereby we report a patient hospitalized due to aspiration pneumonia who developed pleurisy and pneumothorax after drinking paint thinner.[]

  • Hemopneumothorax

    · vocal folds : Vocal fold nodule · epiglottis : Epiglottitis trachea : Tracheitis · Tracheal stenosis Lower RT / lung disease (including LRTIs ) Bronchial / obstructive acute[] Viral infection is the most common cause of pleurisy. The most common cause of pleural effusion is congestive heart failure.[] 2015/16 ICD-10-CM J94.2 Hemothorax Or: 2015/16 ICD-10-CM J94.8 Other specified pleural conditions Approximate Synonyms Clotted hemothorax Congenital chylothorax Encysted pleurisy[]

  • Laryngeal Obstruction

    A boy with junctional epidermolysis bullosa died from acute laryngeal obstruction at the age of 29 months, having been hoarse since early infancy.[] […] obstruction - place patient in LLQ or perform chin lift to re position tongue an abnormal breath sound caused by blood or mucus or vomit in posterior oropharynx - sound of pleurisy[] OBJECTIVES: To determine the clinical presentations and management of patients with acute laryngeal obstruction.[]

  • Laryngeal Tuberculosis

    laryngitis (acute) Suppurative laryngitis (acute) Ulcerative laryngitis (acute) Type 1 Excludes acute obstructive laryngitis ( J05.0 ) Type 2 Excludes chronic laryngitis[] Tuberculosis pleurisy generally resolves without treatment; however, two-thirds of patients with tuberculosis pleurisy develop active pulmonary TB within 5 years.[] Acute and chronic laryngitis. In: Kerr AG, editor. Scott Brown’s Otolarygology. Sixth edn.[]

  • Epidemic Pleurodynia

    […] and Chronic Bronchitis 197 29 Croup Supraglottitis and Laryngitis 205 30 Atypical Pneumonia 211 31 CommunityAcquired Pneumonia 221 32 Nosocomial Pneumonia 229 33 Aspiration[] From Wikidata Jump to navigation Jump to search Human disease Bamble disease Epidemic pleurisy Epidemic, myositis devil's grip epidemic myalgia Bornholm disease edit English[] Viral infection is the most common cause of pleurisy. The most common cause of pleural effusion is congestive heart failure.[]

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