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300 Possible Causes for Acute Laryngitis, Weight Loss

  • Carcinoma of the Larynx

    Symptoms of these cancers may include: A sore throat that does not go away Constant coughing Pain when swallowing Trouble swallowing Ear pain Trouble breathing Weight loss[] SFX 70% (NS); DFS 51% vs. 37% (NS); OS 73% vs. 62% (NS) Toxicity: HFX modestly higher acute skin, mucosal, and laryngeal toxicity; high grade late effects uncommon Conclusion[] loss Fatigue If you are concerned about any changes you experience, please talk with a doctor and/or dentist, especially if they don’t go away or get worse.[]

  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

    Weight loss improved pH profiles and symptoms (evidence B). Weight loss and head of bed elevation are effective lifestyle interventions for GERD.[] CONCLUSION: The benefits of SG on weight loss, resolution of comorbidities, and QoL were maintained in the long term for most patients.[] Controlled weight loss (by diet or surgery) is effective in improving GERD symptoms.[]

  • Cough

    Fever, night sweats, and weight loss may occur with many chronic infections as well as with cancer.[] , sinusitis or whooping cough a lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) that affects your lungs or lower airways – examples are acute bronchitis or pneumonia an allergy[] Laryngeal diphtheria (very rare) History of inadequate immunization may be found. Prodrome of pharyngitis 3 days.[]

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    Signs and symptoms may include persistent sore throat, earaches, hoarseness, enlarged lymph nodes, pain when swallowing, and unexplained weight loss.[] […] for adults with acute laryngitis.[] Introduction -- Acne vulgaris -- Blisters -- Burns -- Calluses -- Contact dermatitis -- Dandruff -- Diaper rash -- Dry skin -- Folliculitis, furuncles, carbuncles -- Hair loss[]

  • Adenovirus Infection

    In this model, acute infection correlated with high mortality, weight loss, liver pathology, and expression of viral proteins in several organs.[] Symptoms and Types Typical symptoms of adenovirus infection include: Weight loss Diarrhea Weakness Depression Unfortunately, some animals may die so quickly that these clinical[]

  • Hypersensitivity

    Other symptoms include the characteristic stare of exophthalmos, weight loss and various other problems associated with high utilization of energy.[] […] asthma, laryngeal edema, diarrhea, urticaria, and shock.[] Symptoms: Malabsorption, chronic diarrhoea, steatorrhoea, abdominal distension, flatulence, weight loss or failure to thrive.[]

  • Atopy

    loss, or even that gluten can be harmful to every human being.[] […] disease, health care professionals have struggled to separate the wheat from the chaff; there are claims that eliminating gluten from the diet increases health and helps with weight[]

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    The first had been admitted with confusion and weight loss, the second with hypotension and sepsis, and the third with confusion and hypoglycaemia-induced seizures.[] Alcoholism also predisposes to both acute and chronic pancreatitis. Osteoporosis and falls leading to fractures of the hip are more common in alcoholic patients.[] OBJECTIVE: Diarrhea, weight loss and osteoporosis are prominent symptoms and clinical signs of alcoholism.[]

  • Laryngeal Tuberculosis

    This infection should be considered in patients with unexplained dysphonia and weight loss.[] laryngitis (acute) Suppurative laryngitis (acute) Ulcerative laryngitis (acute) Type 1 Excludes acute obstructive laryngitis ( J05.0 ) Type 2 Excludes chronic laryngitis[] loss.[]

  • Chronic Laryngitis

    It is also useful in natural weight loss and that too naturally without causing any side effects.[] What causes acute laryngitis? The cause of acute laryngitis is usually associated with an upper respiratory infection/viral infection. How is acute layrngitis treated?[] […] of interest in sex; sore throat muscle pain; why does wellbutrin cause weight loss Mucinex Fast-Max Cold Flu Sore Throat Maximum Strength 6 fl oz For fast fever and nasal[]

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