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18 Possible Causes for Acute Liver Failure, Liver Biopsy Abnormal, Liver Biopsy showing Periportal Necrosis

  • Massive Hepatic Necrosis

    A, intraoperative (POD 0) wedge biopsy of the native liver showed massive hepatic necrosis and periportal ductular structure (HE, 200 ).[] Wilson's disease (hereditary copper accumulation) may infrequently present with acute liver failure.[] Nevertheless, he had a history of more than 15 years of large amounts of alcohol intake and a liver biopsy confirm alcoholic cirrhosis (Laennec's Cirrhosis). 48.[]

  • Hepatitis B

    liver failure.[] As most liver diseases affect the entire organ uniformly, the small sample obtained by biopsy, generally performed under a local anesthetic, will show any abnormalities.[] Other procedures used to diagnose hepatitis B: Diagnostic Tests Liver Biopsy Diagnostic Tests A blood test will be ordered to look for abnormal levels of certain enzymes in[]

  • Hepatitis A

    Hepatitis A related acute liver failure is rare, but is associated with a poor prognosis.[] Therefore, he was diagnosed with severe acute liver failure with acute renal failure (ARF) caused by HAV infection.[] Late-onset hepatic failure, the least of the fulminant hepatic failures, has not occurred in patients with hepatitis A virus-related acute liver failure.[]

  • Aflatoxicosis

    OBJECTIVES: During January-June 2004, an aflatoxicosis outbreak in eastern Kenya resulted in 317 cases and 125 deaths. We conducted a case-control study to identify risk factors for contamination of implicated maize and, for the first time, quantitated biomarkers associated with acute aflatoxicosis. DESIGN: We[…][]

  • Viral Hepatitis

    Parvovirus B19 may be the causative agent in some adult cases of acute non-A-E viral hepatitis and acute liver failure.[] This can be a useful test in determining the cause of your abnormal liver function.[] The clinical spectrum of acute hepatitis A is wide, ranging from mild case without any noticeable symptoms to severe case with acute liver failure leading to mortality.[]

  • Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

    Finally, although unusual, PSC can present as acute liver failure.[] Liver function tests then reveal more abnormalities.[] At 26 years of age, he was found to have eosinophilia and abnormal liver function parameters, for which prednisolone therapy was started.[]

  • Isoniazid Hepatitis

    Supportive care for acute liver failure and even liver transplantation may be required.[] Three of these patients died with fulminant hepatic failure, and 8 of the 11 surviving patients had bridging or multilobular necrosis, or both, on liver biopsy.[] In general, persistence of biochemical abnormalities lowers the threshold for liver biopsy.[]

  • Autoimmune Hepatitis

    In more severe cases, biopsy typically shows periportal necrosis with mononuclear cell infiltrates (piecemeal necrosis) accompanied by variable periportal fibrosis and bile[] Acute liver failure is a rare syndrome with high mortality and is often diagnosed late.[] A 61-year-old male was referred to our hospital because of abnormal liver enzyme levels after initial diagnosis of CAEBV had been made by laboratory tests and liver biopsy[]

  • Drug-induced Cholestatic Hepatitis

    Liver biopsy showed prominent spotty necrosis and focal confluent necrosis. Portal and mild periportal lymphomononuclear inflammation.[] The clinical presentation of a patient with DILI can vary from an asymptomatic rise in liver enzymes to acute liver failure.[] Repeat liver biopsies were offered to patients with abnormal liver tests.[]

  • Chronic Active Hepatitis

    In more severe cases, biopsy typically shows periportal necrosis with mononuclear cell infiltrates (piecemeal necrosis) accompanied by variable periportal fibrosis and bile[] Corticosteroid agents have not proved of benefit in other liver diseases, including alcoholic hepatitis and acute liver failure, and a beneficial effect in primary biliary[] […] of the liver biopsies.[]

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