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3,543 Possible Causes for Acute Low Back Pain, Myoglobinuria after Exertion, Proteinuria

  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1

    […] muscle fatigue, myalgia, muscle cramps, muscle swelling; myoglobinuria due to rhabdomyolysis may occur after exercise; severe myoglobinuria may lead to acute renal failure[] No difference was observed for microalbuminuria and proteinuria between the two groups of patients.[] Myoglobinuria may occur after exercise[ 163 ].[]

  • Acute Pyelonephritis

    Fractional excretion of sodium is high, and nephrotic proteinuria may occur without glomerular abnormalities.[] Proteinuria. Initial management Clinical support and thorax X-ray Figure 1 - Thorax X-ray. extensive pleural effusion on left side (arrow).[] […] clinical picture of acute pyelonephritis, the analysis of the urine is expected to produce the following results to confirm an infection: Considerable pyuria: 5-10 WBCs per hpf Proteinuria[]

    Missing: Myoglobinuria after Exertion
  • Multiple Myeloma

    Abstract Preeclampsia is the most common cause of proteinuria with hypertension during pregnancy.[] Treatment of MM decreased proteinuria and improved renal function. CONCLUSIONS There is an association between FSGS and MM through an unclear mechanism.[] Bortezomib and dexamethasone therapy significantly reduced proteinuria and elevated serum albumin level.[]

    Missing: Myoglobinuria after Exertion
  • Renal Infarction

    If patient is suffering from acute renal infarction posse’s low back pain, flank and many more problems, in this stage, clinical treatment is not sufficient but it includes[] In our Asian patients, the most common clinical characteristics were abdominal pain/tenderness, flank pain/tenderness, elevated serum LDH and proteinuria.[] Acute renal infarction as a cause of low-back pain. South Med J. 2003;96(5):497-9. 2. Dursun B, Yagci B, Batmazoglu M, Demiray G.[]

    Missing: Myoglobinuria after Exertion
  • Kidney Disease

    Urinalysis revealed mild proteinuria and hyperβ2microglobulinuria, and blood tests showed hyperglobulinemia with an IgG level of 3243 mg/dL and an IgG4 level of 621 mg/dL.[] Kidney diseases manifest as pain in flank or lower abdomen, abnormal urine output, hematuria, proteinuria, edema, fever, and urinary incontinence.[] Proteinuria or haematuria, and/or a reduction in the GFR for more than 3 months' duration. The most common causes are diabetes mellitus (DM) and hypertension (HTN).[]

    Missing: Myoglobinuria after Exertion
  • Rhabdomyolysis

    The development of an acute exertional rhabdomyolysis was confirmed by the increased serum enzyme levels and myoglobinuria.[] Burn and trauma associated proteinuria: the role of lipid peroxidation, renin and myoglobin. Ann Clin Biochem 1988 ; 25 Pt 1 : 53 -59.[] Myoglobinemia and myoglobinuria and a mild elevation of creatine phosphokinase (CK) may occur after strenuous physical exertion [ 26 ].[]

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    The symptoms of dysuria, urgency, hesitancy, polyuria, and incomplete voids may be accompanied by urinary incontinence, gross hematuria, and suprapubic or low back pain.[] […] state, including confusion If your urinary tract infection symptoms worsen or do not improve in 3 days of therapy Read More About: Kidney Problems Nephrotoxicity Azotemia Proteinuria[] […] hemocytometer chamber; more than 10 white blood cells (WBCs)/mL is abnormal Other findings are as follows: Microscopic hematuria is found in about half of cystitis cases Low-grade proteinuria[]

    Missing: Myoglobinuria after Exertion
  • Myoglobinuria

    Effects of conditioning on exertional rhabdomyolysis and serum creatine kinase after severe exercise . Enzyme 26 : 177 – 181 .[] R80.0 Isolated proteinuria R80.1 Persistent proteinuria, unspecified R80.2 Orthostatic proteinuria, unspecified R80.3 Bence Jones proteinuria R80.8 Other proteinuria R80.9[] […] hypertension, dysmorphic red blood cells : glomerular disorders preceded 1-3 weeks by group A β-hemolytic streptococcal pharyngitis or impetigo and presenting with dark urine, proteinuria[]

  • Vertebral Compression Fracture

    Prevalence of and Screening for Serious Spinal Pathology in Patients Presenting to Primary Care Settings With Acute Low Back Pain .[] Cancer or multiple myeloma should be considered in patients who also have hypercalcemia, otherwise unexplained anemia, weight loss or proteinuria.[] Therefore, compression fracture should be suspected in any patient older than 50 years with acute onset of sudden low back pain.[]

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  • Nephrolithiasis

    Mostly, patients with kidney stones have sudden onset of acute cramping pain in low back or the sides, groins, or in the abdominal area not relieved by position changes.[] These include: Swelling in body parts like your legs, ankles, or around your eyes (edema) Large amounts of protein in your urine (proteinuria) Loss of protein in your blood[] Hematuria often begins in childhood and mild proteinuria may be present. Progression to renal failure is slow, with death by the third to fifth decade.[]

    Missing: Myoglobinuria after Exertion

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