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55 Possible Causes for Acute Pancreatitis, Coffee Ground Emesis

  • Duodenal Ulcer

    Acute pancreatitis developed suddenly 6 hours after the band ligation and improved dramatically after removal of the band.[] emesis or melena.[] […] duct and parenchyma as a factor in the etiology of acute pancreatitis. duodenal stenosis occurs in young foals up to 4 months old.[]

  • Acute Gastritis

    However, acute pancreatitis in the setting of acute gastroenteritis, is a rare event.[] (Acute gastritis) Introduction Presentation Symptoms recurrent upper abdominal pain hematemesis ( coffee ground emesis ) Evaluation Endoscopy with biopsy gold standard H.[] Emerg Radiol 14:253–256 PubMed CrossRef Google Scholar Balthazar EJ (1979) Effects of acute and chronic pancreatitis on the stomach pattern of radiographic involvement.[]

  • Chronic Kidney Insufficiency

    pancreatitis.[] […] findings, internal Hypertension, heart failure, pulmonary oedema, pleural effusions, pericardial effusion, GI bleeding due to peptic ulceration, gastritis/oesophagitis/colitis, acute[]

  • Peptic Ulcer

    Abstract We report a case of primary non-Hodgkin gastric stump lymphoma, found in a 78-year-old man 30 years after a distal gastrectomy for a benign peptic ulcer. The development of lymphoma in the gastric stump is rare. In fact, to our knowledge only 37 cases, including this one, have been documented. Although[…][]

  • Nonsteroidal Antiinflammatory Drug

    Abstract Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are widely prescribed drugs that can result in gastroduodenal ulceration. Adverse effects upon the small and large intestine are now more often recognized. Small intestinal obstruction secondary to both mucosal diaphragms and broad-based stenoses is reported,[…][]

  • Hypertriglyceridemia

    Occasionally, it could lead to development of acute pancreatitis.[] FINDINGS: An 11-week-old, exclusively breastfed male presented with coffee-ground emesis, melena, xanthomas, lipemia retinalis and chylomicronemia.[] Importance: Severe hypertriglyceridemia is associated with increased risk of acute pancreatitis.[]

  • Penetrating Duodenal or Gastric Ulcer

    We ruled out an acute ethylic intoxication and biliary pancreatitis.[] A patient with a peptic ulcer is suddenly vomiting dark coffee ground emesis. On assessment of the abdomen you find bloating and an epigastric mass in the abdomen.[] Because of the postoperative complications (acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis, duodenal stump insufficiency, icterus and intraluminal postoperative bleeding) in future only the[]

  • Upper Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage

    Acute pancreatitis due to pancreatic arteriovenous malformation: 2 case reports and review of the literature. Pancreas 2006; 32:422-5. PubMed PMID: 16670626.[] Reported cases of gastrointestinal hemorrhage have been in the form of coffee ground emesis, melena, or hematochezia.[] Abstract In a two-year period from June 1981, two cases of acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding caused by pancreatitis were observed.[]

  • Bleeding Diathesis

    Abstract A patient who developed an epidural haematoma with multifactorial aetiology (bleeding diathesis, ankylosing spondylitis, chronic alcoholism and acute pancreatitis[] […] status changes, seizures, paresthesia, visual disturbance, renal dysfunction) Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (rare) Blood transfusion reaction, infection, malignancy, pancreatitis[] , pregnancy (preeclampsia, acute postpartum hemorrhage, septic abortion) Disseminated intravascular coagulation (rare) Infection Infectious diarrhea in children ( Escherichia[]

  • Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage

    […] cholecystitis , Journal of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Sciences , 25 , 11 , (518-526) , (2018) .[] […] without hematemesis or coffee ground emesis could be separated out).[] Pancreatic pseudocyst and pseudo-aneurysm. Aortoenteric fistula. Bleeding diathesis. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Pseudoxanthoma elasticum. Gastric antral vascular ectasia.[]

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