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47 Possible Causes for Acute Pancreatitis, Jaw Pain, Oophoritis, Orchitis

  • Mumps

    Uncommon complications such as orchitis, oophoritis, deafness, pancreatitis, aseptic meningitis, and encephalitis occur more often in adults.[] […] post-vaccine orchitis.[] We present the case of a woman with acute pancreatitis caused by mumps re-infection in adulthood.[] Symptoms include fatigue, fever, swollen salivary glands, rash, and jaw pain and can last a few weeks.[]

  • Mumps Orchitis

    Initial symptoms of mumps, such as glandular swelling and pain in the jaw area, usually appear one week before orchitis symptoms.[] […] illness in up to 40% of this demographic with mumps. 4 Less common complications include meningitis (in up to 10% of patients), encephalitis, pancreatitis, arthritis and oophoritis[] A urinalysis and culture should be carried out to exclude other bacterial infections as the cause of orchitis; patients affected with mumps orchitis usually display no abnormal[] Mumps is defined as the most common cause of acute pancreatitis in childhood [2].[]

  • Mumps Virus Encephalitis

    Females could suffer from oophoritis and/or mastitis.[] The ultrasound findings are not specific for mumps-related orchitis [7], [11], [12].[] Use an ice pack or heating pad for a swollen or painful jaw. Be sure to place a light towel on the jaw to protect the skin.[] Swelling and pain in the salivary glands are specific symptoms that soon develop. The parotid glands lie in the cheeks over the lower jaw on either side of the face.[]

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

    Salpingitis, oophoritis, pelvic fat haziness, complicated ascites, and omental/mesenteric fat infiltration were significantly related with the degree of perihepatitis (all[] Managing epididymo-orchitis in general practice. The Practitioner. 2013; 257 (1760):21–25. [ PubMed ] [ Google Scholar ] 117. Škerk V., Sternak S.[] We have discussed many of these causes from acute (ex, appendicitis , intussusception , pancreatitis ) to chronic (ex, CRAP ).[] Recognition of these findings, as well as those seen with cervicitis, endometritis, acute salpingitis, oophoritis, pyosalpinx, hydrosalpinx, tubo-ovarian abscess, and pyometra[]

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  • Oophoritis

    Xanthomatous oophoritis, like other forms of infectious oophoritis, occurs as a complication of PID.[] Epididymo-orchitis is the most common extrasalivary gland manifestation of mumps in adults but is rare before puberty.[] Pancreatitis About 1 in 20 cases of mumps lead to short-term inflammation of the pancreas ( acute pancreatitis ).[] It is said that the orchitis may appear in from two to sixteen days after the parotitis, and most commonly in from four to eight days.[]

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  • Vasculitis

    This continued despite adequate antibiotic treatment of an epididymo-orchitis.[] Some patients complain of intermittent jaw pain, jaw pain associated with chewing, or pain in the tongue.[] Symptoms of this condition can include headaches, scalp tenderness, jaw pain, blurred vision, double vision, and acute (sudden) vision loss.[]

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  • Orchitis

    Rarely, mumps infection can lead to meningitis, inflammation of the testicles ( orchitis ) or ovaries (oophoritis), inflammation of the pancreas and transient or permanent[] For uncomplicated orchitis, follow up care is advised. For the management of viral orchitis, no medications are advised.[] Examination of males for orchitis/epididymo-orchitis/epididymitis should be included in investigations of flocks experiencing salpingitis/oophoritis in the hens.[] Symptoms of orchitis are similar to those of testicular torsion.[]

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  • Acute Epididymitis

    Initial symptoms of mumps, such as glandular swelling and pain in the jaw area, usually appear one week before orchitis symptoms.[] None of the 11 patients without acute epididymitis/orchitis had increased flow.[] Viral Hepatitis 299 43 Chronic Hepatitis 309 Cholecystitis and Cholangitis 321 45 Pyogenic Liver Abscess 327 46 Infectious Complications of Acute Pancreatitis 331 47 Esophageal[] Steven Tennenbaum Daniel Kim Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY Abstract Acute epididymitis and orchitis result in pain and swelling of the contents of the scrotal[]

    Missing: Oophoritis
  • Mumps Virus

    Mumps virus was isolated from the cervico-vaginal secretions of a 31-year-old woman presenting with mild signs of oophoritis accompanied by xantholeucorrhoea.[] Fourteen of them needed hospitalization because of orchitis (9 males) and meningitis (5 patients). One patient with orchitis was treated on an outpatient basis.[] Gastrointestinal Another clinical manifestation of mumps is acute pancreatitis .[] […] in the jaw prodrome low-grade fever malaise headache orchitis pain in testes Physical exam parotitis bilateral or unilateral parotid gland swelling tenderness to palpation[]

  • Mesenteric Lymphadenitis

    : Osteitis ( Spondylitis , Periostitis ) · Chondritis Urinary Nephritis ( Glomerulonephritis , Pyelonephritis ) · Ureteritis · Cystitis · Urethritis Reproductive female: Oophoritis[] Etiology Table 1 lists many causes of acute abdominal pain in children.[] Pyelonephritis ) · Ureteritis · Cystitis · Urethritis Reproductive female: Oophoritis · Salpingitis · Endometritis · Parametritis · Cervicitis · Vaginitis · Vulvitis · Mastitis male: Orchitis[] Mediterranean fever Cholecystitis Hematologic disorders Cholelithiasis Sickle cell anemia Splenic infarction Henoch-Schönlein purpura Rupture of the spleen Hemolytic uremic syndrome Pancreatitis[]

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