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33 Possible Causes for Acute Pancreatitis, Midline Defects, Periumbilical Pain

  • Small Bowel Obstruction

    pancreatitis This appearance is not diagnostic of intra-abdominal inflammation, but rather an occasional associated feature « Previous Top Next » Last reviewed : February[] The patient was taken to the operating room for a midline laparotomy, and RPTH with incarcerated small bowel was diagnosed.[] Evaluate pain . Crampy abdominal pain, an early sign, may be centered in the periumbilical area.[]

  • Postoperative Pancreatitis

    […] of acute pancreatitis [ 41 ].[] The name paraumbilical hernia applies when this defect is adjacent to the umbilicus, while the term epiplocele or ventral hernia is used to describe more craniad defects.[] Only at 4 of them postoperative pancreatitis, at 1 — a combination of an acute appendicitis and acute pancreatitis is diagnosed.[]

  • Cardiac Diverticulum

    […] ectopic pregnancy ischemic gut Central/ periumbilical pain without abdominal signs acute small bowel ischemia acute appendicitis acute small bowel obstruction acute pancreatitis[] In over 70% of cases, this lesion is associated with midline thoracoabdominal defects or other congenital malformations of the heart.[] , and a midline supraumbilical abdominal wall defect with omphalocele.[]

  • Retractile Mesenteritis

    An exception is serum lipase, which strongly suggests a diagnosis of acute pancreatitis.[] Click here to view Midline exploratory incision revealed a mass in the mesentery of the small bowel (ileum) with no evidence of hematoma or infarction ( [Figure 2] ).[] Clinical examination revealed dehydration, apoorly healed midline scar with a 3 cm x 3 cm defect near theumbilicus and a distended abdomen with exaggerated bowelsounds.[]

  • Orbital Burkitt's Lymphoma

    Burkitt lymphoma mimicking acute pancreatitis. Autopsy and Case Reports, 2 (3).[] […] syndrome Lethal Kniest-like dysplasia Lethal Larsen-like syndrome Lethal left ventricular non-compaction-seizures-hypotonia-cataract-developmental delay syndrome Lethal midline[] […] jelly stools and drawing up legs during crying) and appendicitis (periumbilical abdominal pain which later radiates to the right iliac fossa, nausea and vomiting) can be[]

  • Omental Volvulus

    Incarcerated Bochdalek hernia presenting as acute pancreatitis. Br J Surg. 1981; 68 : 669. 10. Oliver MJ, Wilson AR, Kapila L.[] A midline laparotomy showed a large congenital defect of the left hemidiaphragm. The left hemithorax contained the stomach, spleen, left lobe of the liver and omentum.[] Upon transfer to our institution, he had persistent bilious emesis with periumbilical abdominal pain.[]

  • Bezoar

    A pseudocyst can result from an episode of acute pancreatitis, exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis, or trauma.[] The bowel loop distal to the filling defect has collapsed (arrow).[] The patient had had persistent nausea, early satiety and periumbilical abdominal pain lasting for 2 weeks.[]

  • Chest Wall Disorder

    One example: acute pancreatitis -- the sudden inflammation of the pancreas, which is located just behind the stomach.[] Through a midline incision over the defect, excision of all deformed cartilage from the perichondrium, division of the xiphoid from the sternum, division of the intercostals[] […] joint arthralgia ( M26.62- ) Periumbilical pain Abdominal pain, periumbilical (around navel) ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code R10.33 Periumbilical pain 2016 2017 2018 2019 Billable[]

  • Spigelian Hernia

    Acute 369 Panic Disorder 370 Papilledema 371 Paraneoplastic Neurologic Syndromes 372 Paranoid Personality Disorder 373 Paraplegia 374 Parkinsons Disease 375 Paroxysmal Cold[] Hernia, Ventral (腹壁ヘルニア) () Scope Note: A hernia caused by weakness of the anterior ABDOMINAL WALL due to midline defects, previous incisions, or increased intra-abdominal[] It was often applied in patients with weak aponeurosis or big defects. Laparotomy Patients underwent general anesthesia and a midline abdominal incision.[]

  • Sigmoid Volvulus

    (39), imperforate anus (22), ureteric calculi (18), paralytic ileus (11), acute pancreatitis (7), colorectal carcinoma (6), ileosigmoid knotting (6), jejunoileal volvulus[] We changed our gowns and redraped the abdomen and then turned to closing the midline fascia defect with 0 PDS in a running fashion.[] We present a rare clinical case of acute abdomen due to torsion of wandering spleen and volvulus of sigmoid in a 14-year-old girl presented with painful periumbilical mass[]

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