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32 Possible Causes for Acute Pancreatitis, Pelvic Hematoma, Retroperitoneal Abscess

  • Retroperitoneal Abscess

    Perforated bowel or diseases of the retroperitoneal organs may be complicated by retroperitoneal abscess formation.[] Article Access Statistics Viewed 5926 Printed 104 Emailed 3 PDF Downloaded 17 Comments 2 Scrotal swelling and normal lipase, a rare presentation of acute pancreatitis: a literature[] Extension of fluid collections Pelvic Extension By the infrarenal retroperitoneal space 27. Retroperitoneal Hematomas 28.[]

  • Retroperitoneal Hematoma

    This case illustrates the diagnostic problems encountered in a patient with posttraumatic retroperitoneal abscess caused by perforation of the posterior wall of the cecum,[] One complication of femoral artery catheterization is postprocedure pelvic hematoma. These hematomas can be difficult to differentiate from adnexal masses.[] Causes include: anticoagulation [1] a ruptured aortic aneurysm a ruptured renal aneurysm [2] acute pancreatitis malignancy [3] Iatrogenic (e.g. when cannulating the common[]

  • Retroperitoneal Hemorrhage

    abscess K68.11 Postprocedural retroperitoneal abscess K68.12 Psoas muscle abscess K68.19 Other retroperitoneal abscess K68.9 Other disorders of retroperitoneum K70 Alcoholic[] Causes include: anticoagulation [1] a ruptured aortic aneurysm a ruptured renal aneurysm [2] acute pancreatitis malignancy [3] Iatrogenic (e.g. when cannulating the common[] Contrast computed tomography (CT) revealed an extensive abdominal-pelvic, retroperitoneal hematoma extending approximately 15 cm in length from above L5 cephalad to below[]

  • Retrocecal Appendicitis

    A retroperitoneal abscess was diagnosed 5 days later, by computed tomography.[] ACUTE PANCREATITIS The basis of disease of pancreas is degenerative-inflammatory processes which are considered to be acute pancreatitis, the so called autolysis tissue by[] Ureteric stone Primary peritonitis Henoch-Schonlein purpura Yersiniosis Diseases of the Male: Testicular torsion Epididymitis Seminal vesciculitis Gynecologic disorders: Pelvic[]

  • Postoperative Pancreatitis

    When a type 2 excludes note appears under a code it is acceptable to use both the code ( K91.89 ) and the excluded code together. postprocedural retroperitoneal abscess ([] […] of acute pancreatitis [ 41 ].[] In female patients, vaginal and bimanual examination may lead to the differential diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease. A complete physical examination is important.[]

  • Psoas Abscess

    A retroperitoneal abscess is a collection of pus in this retroperitoneal space.[] Pancreatitis (see Acute Pancreatitis, [[Acute Pancreatitis]]) Appendicitis (see Appendicitis, [[Appendicitis]]) Colon Cancer (see Colon Cancer, [[Colon Cancer]]) Diverticulitis[] […] inflammatory disease, hematoma, tumor, and inflammation of the iliopsoas compartment Diagnostic Tests & Interpretation Initial Tests (lab, imaging) Labs: WBC ( 10,000/mL)[]

  • Pancreatic Injury

    Pancreatic fistula Pseudocyst Pancreatitis Ductal stricture (after stenting) Peripancreatic / parenchymal abscess Hemorrhage secondary to infected retroperitoneal autodigestion[] Length of stay was significantly longer in the acute pancreatitis group.[] First this patient is at risk for arterial injury with pelvic hematoma, rectal, vaginal injury and bladder injury.[]

  • Duodenal Hematoma

    Retroperitoneal abscess • Intraperitoneal process with retroperitoneal extension • Associated vascular or adjacent organ injury: -Pancreaticoduodenal injury -Abdominal[] […] edema representing acute pancreatitis (Fig. 3 ).[] — 10% — CT guided drainage in the first instance — retroperitoneal or transperitoneal open drainage is occassionally required · Pseudocyst — uncommon — usually related to[]

  • Leaking Aortic Aneurysm

    The differential diagnosis is of peritonitis from perforation, for example, of the appendix or duodenum or acute pancreatitis with peritonitis.[]

  • Intraperitoneal Abscess in the Right Lower Quadrant

    Indeed, many retroperitoneal abscesses arise from disorders of the abdominal viscera; more than two thirds of patients with retroperitoneal abscesses also have underlying[] Pancreatic abscess Acute Pancreatitis Diffusely enlarged pancreas with air pockets. Arrow points to body of pancreas. Abscess is in tail of pancreas.[] […] and ureter – nephrolithiasis (ureteric colic) In females (gynecologic) – Right ovary – ovarian cyst rupture, ovarian torsion, endometriosis Right fallopian tube – acute pelvic[]

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