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12 Possible Causes for Acute Pericarditis, Mycobacterium Chelonae, Persistent Cough

  • Mycoplasma Infection

    […] avium, M. chelonae, M. chelonae absessus, M. fortuitim, Rickettsia species and Borrelia species).[] A persistent cough may linger for 6 weeks.[] Respiratory: Chronic bronchitis, congestion, coughing, persistent coughing, chest pain, breathing irregularities.[]

  • Mixed Connective Tissue Disease

    Immunosuppressive states predispose to non-tuberculous mycobaterium infection, such as Mycobacterium chelonae: AFB, non-tuberculous, fast growth of low virulence and uncommon[] A 39-year-old woman suffered from persistent cough, left back pain and appetite loss.[] Acute pericarditis and/or pericardial effusion was detected in 11 patients (29%) and mitral valve prolapse was identified in 10 patients (26%).[]

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Mycobacterium chelonae was cultured 1-month after presentation. In the mean time, his third finger had been amputated.[] […] dry cough while taking it.[] The major clinical manifestations of acute pericarditis are chest pain, pericardial friction rub, and the classic ECG changes.[]

  • Mycobacterium Avium Complex

    Rapidly Growing NTM & Aerobic Actinomycetes A microdilution MIC method is used for testing mycobacteria such as Mycobacterium abscessus ( M. abscessus), Mycobacterium chelonae[] Symptoms of disease in patients with MAC include persistent cough, fatigue, weight loss, night sweats, and occasionally shortness of breath and coughing up of blood.[] We describe the case of a 47-year-old previously healthy man with a Mycobacterium avium complex infection presenting with acute pericarditis and an atypical radiological pattern[]

  • Endocarditis

    Mycobacterium chelonae and M. lentiflavum can occur in bioprosthetic valves ( PubMed ).[] The symptoms of acute IE usually begin with fever (102 –104 F), chills, fast heart rate, fatigue, night sweats, aching joints and muscles, persistent cough or swelling in[] […] rhythm and conduction disturbances 9.6 Musculoskeletal manifestations 9.7 Acute renal failure 10.[]

  • Mediastinitis

    chelonae and Mycobacterium fortuitum) are infrequently reported.[] The Cedar Falls-native went to the doctor in 2002 for a persistent cough and thought nothing of it until she was asked to return for additional testing.[] Acute pericarditis. N Engl J Med. 2004;351(21):2195–2202. 9. Cho YS, Choi JH.[]

  • Histoplasma Meningitis

    chelonae Mycobacterium chelonae peritonitis Mycobacterium abscessu s wound infection Miliary tuberculosis West Nile encephalitis West Nile poliomyelitis syndrome Dengue fever[] Seek medical care if symptoms of the flu or pneumonia persist, especially in people with immunocompromised systems.[] Acute pericarditis can occur in as many as 5% of patients who are symptomatic. [2] The pericardial fluid is generally exudative. [12] Pleural effusions develop in 40-60% of[]

  • Candida Albicans

    An outbreak of Mycobacterium chelonae infection following liposuction. Clin. Infect. Dis. 34 : 1500 -1507. 216. Michelin, A., and D. K. Henderson. 2010.[] cough, irritable bowel syndrome, hyperactivity, memory problems, attention deficit, cold sores, eczema, hormonal fluctuations, menstrual difficulties, inability to lose weight[] […] people are unaware that it may be the cause of their arthritis, headaches, migraines, anxiety, depression, aggression, mood swings, fatigue, sore throats, gas, bloating, persistent[]

  • Lupus Vulgaris

    Mycobacterium chelonae illnesses associated with tattoo ink. N Engl J Med. 2012;367:2357. Philips RC, Hunter‑Ellul LA, Martin JE, Wilkerson MG.[] When the bacterial infection is active, a person may notice many symptoms, including: night sweats persistent cough loss of appetite unusual weight loss fever general fatigue[] , headache, rash) or severe (eg, hemolytic anemia, thrombocytopenic purpura, massive pleural and pericardial involvement, significant renal damage, acute vasculitis of the[]

  • Disseminated Tuberculosis

    […] avium / Mycobacterium intracellulare / MAP ( MAI infection ) · M. ulcerans ( Buruli ulcer ) · M. haemophilum R4 / RG : M. fortuitum · M. chelonae · M. abscessus Nocardiaceae[] […] non-productive cough for 2–3 weeks and watery diarrhea with colicky abdominal pain for about 10 days for which he was prescribed antibiotics and antitussives by his primary[] Faint clinical progress was followed by retrosternal chest pain with electrocardiographic and echocardiographic evidence of acute pericarditis with moderate pericardial effusion[]

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