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35 Possible Causes for Acute Prostatitis, Rigors and Chills, Suppurative Inflammation

  • Urinary Tract Infection

    Interestingly, acute prostatitis usually does not result in chronic prostatitis, and chronic bacterial prostatitis is usually not antedated by acute prostatitis.[] Signs of pyelonephritis may include: A high fever (over 100.4 degrees) Body chills Rigors (shivering and sweating accompanied by a rise in temperature) Nausea or vomiting[] Of men referred for prostatitis, less than 10% have either acute or chronic bacterial prostatitis.[]

  • Chronic Prostatitis

    The histologic correlate of acute prostatitis is a neutrophilic infiltration of the prostate gland.[] Acute prostatitis is associated with findings of fever, chills and rigors (shakes) and it is often curable.[] CP results from an acute inflammation of the prostate gland that did not heal. Acute prostatitis, in turn, may be caused by ascending infections with bacteria.[]

  • Acute Prostatitis

    Acute bacterial prostatitis is an acute focal or diffuse suppurative inflammation of the prostate gland.[] Acute prostatitis is a serious bacterial infection of the prostate gland. This infection is a medical emergency.[] Men with chronic bacterial prostatitis do not present with systemic symptoms of infection (fever, chills and rigors).[]

  • Acute Pyelonephritis

    Acute pyelonephritis is an acute suppurative inflammation of the kidney caused by bacterial infections ( Escherichia coli in 70 - 80 % of cases, Proteus mirabilis, Klebsiella[] Acute pyelonephritis developed in a 67-yr-old man after transrectal ultrasonographically guided biopsy of the prostate.[] Febrile patients commonly exhibit chills or rigor as well, alongside fatigue and weakness. Temperature is not expected to exceed an average of 103 F (39.4 C).[]

  • Chronic Pyelonephritis

    Pyelonephritis Pathology Pyelonephritis is a suppurative, exudative localized inflammation of the kidney.[] In men, prostatitis and prostatic hypertrophy causing urethral obstruction predispose to bacteriuria. 6 Hematogenous acute pyelonephritis occurs most often in debilitated,[] Clinical features: Fever (usually high fever with chills and rigors). Dysuria. Hematuria. Pain in the costovertibral angle on the affected side.[]

  • Septic Arthritis

    inflammation, 040021, 細菌感染症, サイキンカンセンショウ, bacterial infection(disease), 012784, bacterial infection, 関節炎, カンセツエン, arthritis, 018493, 関節疾患, カンセツシッカン, joint disease, 054500[] Elderly patients are more likely to develop gram-negative infections of the blood stream following diverticulitis, acute prostatitis, and urinary tract infections.[] Constitutional symptoms such as fever, chills, and rigors are poorly sensitive for septic arthritis.[]

  • Ascending Cholangitis

    Table 1 8. 1 Nomenclature of bone tumors Cholangitis BASIC INFORMATION DEFINITION Cholangitis refers to an inflammation and / or infection of the hepatic and common bile ducts[] Shao YH, Demissie K, Shih W, Mehta AR, Stein MN, et al. (2009) Contemporary risk profile of prostate cancer in the United States. J Natl Cancer Inst 101: 1280–1283.[] Other symptoms include the following: Jaundice Fever, chills, and rigors Abdominal pain Pruritus Acholic or hypocholic stools Malaise The patient's medical history may be[]

  • Infective Endocarditis

    Based on the results of the prostate biopsy and image inspection, he was diagnosed as having localized prostate cancer.[] Fever was high-grade intermittent, not associated with rigors and chills and subsided with analgesics.[] Then transesophageal echocardiography was performed by a cardiologist and it revealed vegetation in his left ventricle and aortic regurgitation, and finally acute cardiac[]

  • Septicemia

    prostatitis, balanitis, or prostatic abscess, among others, with dysuria, frequency, urgency, urge incontinence, cloudy urine, prostatic tenderness, and positive urine Gram[] , severe rigors, hypotension, tachycardia and vomiting.[] prostatitis/prostatic abscess, severe skin or skin structure infections (eg, necrotizing fasciitis), postsurgical infections, or systemic infections such as rickettsial infection[]

  • Acute Pelvic Cellulitis

    Definition (MSH) An acute, diffuse, and suppurative inflammation of loose connective tissue, particularly the deep subcutaneous tissues, and sometimes muscle, which is most[] […] bacterial prostatitis, acute pyelonephritis (including in pregnancy), uncomplicated lower UTI (including in pregnancy).[] Pyelonephritis: Other symptoms: high fevers that come and go along with chills / rigor.[]