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42 Possible Causes for Acute Sinusitis, Facial Numbness, Nasal Discharge

  • Sinusitis

    Symptoms of invasive fungal sinusitis People with invasive fungal sinusitis usually are very ill, and may have some of the following symptoms: Fever Facial pain or numbness[] Bloody nasal discharge with sinusitis is alarming but not usually serious.[] Home 2015 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Codes Diseases Of The Respiratory System 460-519 Acute Respiratory Infections 460-466 Acute sinusitis 461- 461 Acute sinusitis 461.0 Acute maxillary[]

  • Mucormycosis

    The first patient had unilateral facial numbness of the affected left side while the second had right-sided facial numbness, ear pain, and proptosis.[] Facts : Fungal infection of the sinuses, brains, lungs MCC is Rhizopus History / PE : Low grade fever Bloody nasal discharge Necrotic turbinates Diagnosis : CT / MRI imaging[] sinusitis, swelling of eyes, reddening of skin, edema, difficulty breathing, coughing, coughing up blood, nausea, vomiting.[]

  • Migraine

    A 45-year-old woman with a 20-year history of migrainous headaches presented with complaints of rightsided facial and hand numbness and paraesthesia.[] The IHS diagnostic criteria for acute sinus headache, or diagnosis code 11.5.1, include (1) purulent nasal discharge; (2) pathological sinus findings in tests including radiography[] […] conjunctival injection) Eyelid swelling (edema) Forehead and facial sweating Tearing (lacrimation) Abnormal small size of the pupil (miosis) Nasal congestion Runny nose (rhinorrhea[]

  • Rhinocerebral Mucormycosis

    CT scan of the paranasal sinuses showed acute sinusitis. Rhinoscopy demonstrated black necrotic tissue in the nasal septum.[] Rhinocerebral disease may manifest as unilateral, retro-orbital headache, facial pain, numbness, fever, hyposmia, and nasal stuffiness, which progresses to black discharge[] An 85-year-old male with a 6-month history of purulent and odorous nasal discharge, and sporadic episodes of epistaxis and anosmia, presented to the outpatient department[]

  • Sphenoid Sinusitis

    A 46-year-old man with high fever and neck rigidity developed progressive visual loss and ophthalmoplegia on both sides, and ptosis, mydriasis and facial numbness on the right[] Viral sinusitis occurs more commonly with muscle pain, sore throat, fever and a clear nasal discharge.[] Isolated oculomotor nerve palsy due to acute sphenoid sinusitis is very rare, with only few cases reported in literature.[]

  • Cluster Headache

    Her initial symptoms were left-sided headache with ipsilateral lacrimation and nasal congestion associated with ipsilateral facial numbness.[] There may be nasal discharge or congestion and tearing of the eye during an attack, which occur on the same side as the pain.[] Unfortunately, unlike oxygen therapy, this treatment is associated with adverse effects including damage to the ears, sinuses and lungs.[]

  • Nasal Fracture

    Double vision, vision changes, difficulty fully opening the mouth, facial numbness, or severe bruising of the eyes may indicate severe injury requiring further radiologic[] Presentation This may present with [ 10 , 11 ] : A nasal whistling sound. Discharge from the nose. Nasal congestion. Infection - eg, cellulitis, fever, discharge.[] – consider LeFort fractures Facial numbness? – consider maxillary or orbital fracture Double vision or change in vision? – consider orbital fracture Dental occlusion?[]

  • Mucocele of the Sphenoid Sinus

    Medications are usually effective in opposition to acute sinusitis.[] The patient was a 63-year-old man who complained of right visual disorder and facial numbness for approximately 3 years prior to his admission.[] He also complained of severe bilateral nasal obstruction, nasal stuffiness, and a mucoid nasal discharge.[]

  • Nasal Septum Ulceration

    Excludes: acute sinusitis ( J01.- ) J32.0 Chronic maxillary sinusitis Antritis (chronic) Maxillary sinusitis NOS J32.1 Chronic frontal sinusitis Frontal sinusitis NOS J32.2[] Other cancer symptoms include sinus pressure, nosebleeds, runny nose, facial numbing, facial tingling, and ear pain or pressure.[] […] conditions such as; simple nosebleeds, nasal congestion, increase in nasal discharge (rhinorrhea), sinus infection, and common allergy symptoms.[]

  • Chronic Granulomatous Rhinitis

    Other symptoms at the time of presentation include severe nasal congestion/obstruction, sinus pain/pressure, headaches and facial numbness.[] Symptoms initially include some nasal congestion and thin nasal discharge, often with a scratchy or sore throat.[] Suffering from an acute sinusitis which does not resolve prior to clinical onset or aggravation Acute sinusitis may be caused by, but is not limited to: viral infections of[]

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