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1,947 Possible Causes for Acute Sinusitis, Facial Numbness, Patient Appears Acutely Ill

  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    This article has no abstract; the first 100 words appear below. Acute pharyngitis is one of the most common illnesses for which patients visit primary care physicians.[] […] data suggest that previous history of acute sinusitis influences the composition of the NP microbiota, characterized by a depletion in relative abundance of specific taxa[] […] in adverse events by antibiotic spectrum for children diagnosed with acute sinusitis.[]

    Missing: Facial Numbness
  • Rhinocerebral Mucormycosis

    Rhinocerebral disease may manifest as unilateral, retro-orbital headache, facial pain, numbness, fever, hyposmia, and nasal stuffiness, which progresses to black discharge[] CT scan of the paranasal sinuses showed acute sinusitis. Rhinoscopy demonstrated black necrotic tissue in the nasal septum.[] , numbness, visual impairment/loss, eyelid edema, chemosis, proptosis, opthalmoplegia, multiple cranial nerve palsies, and focal neurological deficits.[]

  • Influenza

    Some patients appear acutely ill, with some weakness and respiratory findings, whereas others appear only mildly ill.[] ), acute sinusitis, acute tonsillitis, acute laryngitis and tracheitis.[] […] bronchitis, pneumonia and sinusitis.[]

    Missing: Facial Numbness
  • Viral Lower Respiratory Infection

    Acute respiratory infection is an infection that may interfere with normal breathing.[] It can affect just your upper respiratory system, which starts at your sinuses and ends at your vocal chords, or just your lower respiratory system, which starts at your vocal[]

    Missing: Facial Numbness
  • Acute Bronchitis

    Pneumonia Patients with pneumonia often have a higher fever than patients with acute bronchitis, may appear more ill, and have rales on lung examination.[] See separate leaflets called Acute Sinusitis , Tonsillitis , Sore Throat , Laryngitis , Pleurisy , Bronchiolitis , and Pneumonia for the other types of infection shown in[] Acute bronchitis often starts with a viral infection that involves the mouth, throat, nose, ears and sinuses.[]

    Missing: Facial Numbness
  • Sinusitis

    Symptoms of invasive fungal sinusitis People with invasive fungal sinusitis usually are very ill, and may have some of the following symptoms: Fever Facial pain or numbness[] Home 2015 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Codes Diseases Of The Respiratory System 460-519 Acute Respiratory Infections 460-466 Acute sinusitis 461- 461 Acute sinusitis 461.0 Acute maxillary[] […] pain or numbness, nasal bleeding.[]

    Missing: Patient Appears Acutely Ill
  • Infectious Mononucleosis

    The monocytoid cells in the sinuses mark as B cells, the reactive germinal centers are bcl-2 negative, and the immunoblasts are a mixture of T and B cells.[] Figure 6 EBV-associated acute infectious mononucleosis. There is a mixture of cell types, including plasmacytoid cells, and individual cells with prominent nucleoli.[]

    Missing: Facial Numbness
  • Cerebral Embolism

    A cerebral embolism that induces a stroke can also cause facial numbness, vision loss in one or both eyes, and difficulty speaking or understanding words.[]

    Missing: Acute Sinusitis
  • Conversion Disorder

    A' who was experiencing myriad symptoms which included tremors, facial numbness, and severe headaches.[]

    Missing: Acute Sinusitis
  • Blue-Ringed Octopus Poisoning

    The signs and symptoms of Blue-Ringed Octopus Bite may include: The presence of a tiny puncture mark on the skin (at the bite site) Dizziness, intoxication Numbing of facial[] […] and extremity paresthesia, the victim feels tingling and/or numbness on the face, tongue, lips and other body extremities.[] […] and extremity paresthesia , and the victim feels tingling and/or numbness on the face, tongue, lips and other body extremities.[]

    Missing: Acute Sinusitis